Vincent’s Betrayal

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She was always her twins shadow. The dark silhouette that hid in the background while her sister took all the attention on the front lines. She became invisible to everyone, through no fault of her own. She never wanted a mate, because she knew from the moment she met him he would never accept her. She knew her sister would be the favourite even to him, her destined soulmate. The young she-wolf didn't want him, because she knew that she would never be able to have him. Events in her past and her present force her to turn her back on the only place she's ever known and the family who never cared. She's thrown into a whole different world all alone because of her mate, Vincent's betrayal. ~🌙~ (Slow updates) More chapters posted on webnovel and Wattpad

Romance / Fantasy
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H A V E Y O U EVER sometimes wished that you would fall asleep and never wake back up again? Wanting to stay in a fantasy created by your mind which is safe, and is controlled by only you forever?

I'm no stranger to the trick of dreams. Illusions that are created in your head based on your deepest thoughts, that creep upon you in the night as you slip away from reality and dive into the world of make believe.

Of course I've had certain dreams I wish I never had, ones that made me frightened. However, I've also, had wonderful, happy dreams which have made me want to leave the real world and indulge in the scenarios that hit my brain.

Everyday I'm excited to go to sleep, not only because I love it, but because I get to slip away from the harsh reality that is my life. I've had the shit end of the stick for eighteen years.

My family, they never really notice me. I'm like a ghost in my own home, they barely speak to me. I feel more like a pest that they know is there but choose to ignore, rather than a daughter or a sister.

I've built up this sort of dislike for my family. Not for the fact I never got attention but because they made me feel like I was alone in the world. They've always preferred my sister Hayley. She's my baby sister and my twin. I've not just grown a dislike for her though, it's more like a pure hatred.

They say twins are suppose to be inseparable, joint from the hip everyday, unable to leave one another. Me and my sister, we couldn't be more far apart. Physically and mentally.

We are very different people, we also look very different too. Fraternal twins we are and thank god for that because if I was stuck with her face forever I don't think I could cope. Purely for the fact that I can't stand her, and having her face stuck to me everyday would just remind me of my distaste for her.

Hayley has dark chestnut hair that falls to just below her shoulders, with a small fringe that's neatly lined across her forehead which comes down to just above her eyebrows. She has small faded freckles that are littered across her face, making her ten times more beautiful. My sister is a stunner alright, and even though I hate her with all my might, I will never deny her beauty.

I have a mixed combination of blonde and copper coloured hair. The copper mostly hiding at the back underneath all the blonde. All totally natural. My hair is very thick and falls to the bottom of my back which I consider to be a perfect length for myself, I like having it long. My eyes are like my mother's, a deep shade of grey. I also have no freckles which I'm thankful for because those with this face in my head when I picture it just doesn't go.

I'm not one to put my appearance down a lot, but there are some things I would like to change. Firstly my height. Werewolf's are usually above average height for humans, the males usually sit at six foot four to six foot eight.Whereas the females are usually between five foot ten to six foot.

I never got the werewolf height, as my height sits at five' five which therefore makes me relatively smaller than most of my fellow wolfs.

I've never been really made fun of for my height by anyone other than my sister and other siblings. She stands at around five foot ten but just because she's taller doesn't mean she's stronger. She's very slim which adds to her weaknesses in the strength department. I may be small but I have some muscle in me which I use to my advantage when needed.

I look a lot like my mother Marnie and my oldest brother James, where as my two other brothers Chase, Cole and my sister Hayley have a small resemblance to my mother and more of my father. I sometimes wondered if that's why my father doesn't take to me as well as my siblings, or Hayley to be specific. My brother James doesn't look like my father but they get on well like a father and son should so, what's so wrong with me?

It could be the fact I don't have my wolf, he's probably embarrassed to be of beta rank and have a daughter who's more of an omega than well a betas daughter.

Being indulged in my thoughts for so long I was totally ignorant to the loud buzzing that was giving off the feeling of vibration at the back of my head. I raise my head slightly and twist my body so I can pull my phone out from under my pillow and detach the charging cable.

I lay back down on my bed and check the time to see it's ten-thirty AM, which means I have to get up and attend my online streaming lecture for school. I roll my eyes and plop my phone down next to me as I stretch my stiff body out after my long slumber.

I yawn as I get out of bed grabbing my phone as I do so and make my way to the desk and chair I have in the corner of my room by the large square window I have.

I open the window to let in some air while having a nosy glance outside at the plain white houses that sit before me. I lean my head out of the window and look over to see the pack leaders grand estate. A grey stone slabbed house which is covered on one side in green poison ivy, which just gives the house a bit more character.

The alpha and Luna live in that house, with their son Vincent. He's away on a years trip to Spain apparently visiting the Luna's brother Alpha Ryker. There was also stories about him going there to try and find his mate but no luck had come to him yet according to my gossiping sister.

I remove myself from the window and sit down to my computer, opening up Zoom which puts me through to my account instantly.

I don't go to regular school like all other pups my age, simply because when I'm older I want to work outside of the pack. I want to get a real job and make a lot of money and have my own livelihood rather than live my whole life in the place that makes me unhappy.

Of course most pack wolves decide to work within pack lands and do tasks for the Alpha and Luna. However, I couldn't see myself building new houses and centres within the pack or babysitting and teaching the younger pups the ways and laws of our culture.

I'm pretty confident in myself when it comes to my fighting skills and combat but even then, I couldn't see myself becoming a pack warrior. I don't want to follow anyone's orders like a dog. I also wouldn't be allowed to join the warriors due to my I guess you could say disability.

I've always been invisible, a shadow to my sister. Everyone knows her and yet no one knows me. I sometimes wonder had I been less shy and more of an outgoing person would people know me more?, and not just see me as Hayley's extremely unpopular sister.

I sigh as my head becomes dizzy with all the heavy thoughts swarming around in my mind. I rub my cheeks slightly and give myself a quick little slap. Shaking away my thoughts I focus my attention on the screen.

I see the live stream from my professor is already active so I quickly press on it and start to write down notes in my book that's next to me while he continues to go through the lesson.

I notice not many people in my course are online for the lecture as only thirteen people's names pop up on the tab next to the teachers video. Which makes me question whether or not to just scrap the lesson, I mean it is Friday anyway so to me that means since it's the weekend there's absolutely no point in doing this.

I bite my lip as I close off the online stream and shut down my laptop. I grab my phone and make my way out of my bedroom and towards the bathroom. I text my friend Maya while brushing my teeth and washing my face.

We have decided to take a trip to the nearest human town and go to the movies tonight. We don't have a cinema theatre in the pack because no one really sees the point in having one. Plus the money that will have to be spent to up keep it and rent all the movies just didn't seem worth it to the higher ranks in the pack.

Maya is my best friend. She's like my sister and well she's more of a sister to me than my own twin. She lives with only her mom because her dad died years ago as he was a pack warrior. She's still in school but skips it a lot because well she just doesn't care about it.

I dry my face off with a towel and creep my way down stairs where I see my mom in the kitchen cleaning dishes and my brother James watching television.

My mom rotates around to look at me as I make my way into the kitchen giving me a small smile. "Morning" she said.

"Morning mom" I greet her as I walk over to the fridge and pry it open to see what I can eat. It doesn't look to be filled very much so I close it over and turn to my mother.

"Hey, when was the last time dad went and got groceries" I ask and mom turns to me.

"A week ago, he should be bringing stuff home after his meeting with the alpha so if there's honestly nothing there you like you'll have to wait till he comes home" she explains as she scrubs the rest of the dishes clean.

I sigh "okayyyyyyy" I grab an apple and a banana out of the fruit bowl that's on the counter and make my way upstairs back towards my bedroom.

I spend most of my time in my room, that is unless I'm out with Maya, but we don't do very much when we're out. We mostly just go to a movie then a fast food place afterwards. There have been a few special occasions we've been out out, like drinking and clubbing, but not an awful lot.

Tonight I wasn't in the mood to party, I was more interested in having a chilled out evening with my best friend.

I suddenly got this strange feeling, I first felt it in my head, like a loud thumping, then it travelled down to my stomach giving me butterflies.

I'm not saying I have a psychic gift of being able to tell when something is going to happen, but this feeling made me uneasy. It was making me think that something was going to happen...

For most of the day I had wandered around the online world. Looking at social media, watching YouTube and Netflix. This is usually what I do every day, typical teenager stuff.

The only thing that was missing was a good old scran. As soon as I begin to think about food my stomach growls almost aggressively.

Fruit does not fill me up at all. I mean don't get me wrong I totally love fruit and all things sweet, but I'm more of a savoury person and there is nothing more I would rather have right now than a sandwich that's filled with chicken, bacon and stuffed full of crisps to give it that extra crunch.

I can feel my mouth begin to fill up with my saliva at the thought of something tasty hitting my very hungry stomach.

I hear the front door slam creating a bang which leads me to believe it's my father. Just as I suspected he has returned. With the knowledge he's here and that he may have possibly brought food with him, I rip open my bedroom door and run downstairs towards the kitchen where my whole family is.

They were all talking and laughing about something that I had no wish to know about so I didn't stop to make any sort of conversation with them. I continued my journey towards the long entrance hall where the front door was sitting.

My dad was standing in front of it, placing his bag at the bottom of the door. I studied the space around him hoping to see plastic bags but there were none.

"Didn't you go to the store?" I asked him as he turned to look at me.

"No I didn't Hadley" He said bitterly as he sighed and took off his shoes.

I wasn't taken back by his response, it wasn't unusual for him to be quite dry towards me. Why he doesn't like me I'll never understand.

"Mom said you were going shopping, so I just assumed..." I trail off and look down towards my feet. I heard him sigh once again and push past me, headed for the kitchen.

I roll my eyes and turn my back to the door walking down the hall leading me to the living room. I move quickly past Hayley and my brothers who were now relaxing on the couch watching tv.

I reach the kitchen as my mother questions my father on why he hasn't brought back any food for us.

"Look I've had a stressful day and I couldn't be bothered trekking to the store after the shitty day I've had" I could see the veins in his forehead about to pop.

I wonder what's made him so grumpy, I mean he usually is but never this bad. He's also not usually like this towards my mother, because he loves her more than anything.

My mother moved to his side, caressing his hand and whispering hushed tones into his ear in an attempt to calm him.

Ah, the power of the mate bond. A very powerful thing indeed. Of course I've never understood the mate bond since I don't have a mate yet, but I've been told it's the best thing in the world. I'll believe it when I see it happening to me.

"Mom I'm going out with maya tonight and we're gonna stay at Maya's, that okay?" My mother looks up at me and nods as she continues to calm my father.

I head back upstairs into my room, i grab my phone from my desk and call Maya.

"Helloooooo" her melodic tone echos through the phone speaker as I begin to get dressed.

"Hey I'm just getting ready, could u be at mine in like half an hour?" I asked her as I rummage through my drawers looking for a decent outfit.

"Sure but I thought we weren't meeting till like eight o'clock, it's only...mmm quarter after six" she states.

"Yeah well change of plan I need out of this house fucking ASAP!"

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