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The Right Error

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When Siera receives a message from a stranger, she makes the conscious choice to respond. The message was never meant for her and yet she can't stop chatting with the man on the other side of the screen. Aden has had trouble with his health in the past but Siera is the first girl to take his mind off of his problems. Neither of them question the mistake Aden made when he contacted the wrong person for they know it was the right error.

Romance / Humor
Monica Shantel
Age Rating:

AJParker messaged you.

Hey, I wanted to ask you a question about the assignment.

What asignment? Who is this?

Our project for History class about the medieval times. I know I’m not that easy to forget, Felicia.

Felicia? Im not felicia whoever she is. I dont even go to school.

But you told me your username was WildisWild.

And this username is wildinthewild. Check again buddy bevause im not felicia.

Oh, shit, my bad. I’ll be leaving now to go find the right username. Sorry to bother you. Bye Felicia.

My name is not freaking felicia!!!

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