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Some sample chapters form a book I want to write. If you like them comment and I’ll write the rest of it! Thanks.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

You know I think alot of people think that the villains live in caves and all that fun stuff. And we do, sometimes. I mean at the moment I live in a sewer, but we really don’t need to talk about that, do we? No. The answers no. Villains are portrayed as evil, mean, and heartless. I consider myself all those things, and even more, because I’m the ultimate villain. I’m the most feared person in the world, but people don’t know who I am, no one has ever seen my face. I’ve been portrayed as a man, a woman, 65, 16, long hair, bald, tall, short. Nobody can tell who I am, all they know is that I am the villain. It gets lonely sometimes, but for what it’s worth, I can deal with it.
At the moment, I’m hiding in a boys closet, waiting for the po-pos to move so I can get back to my place. I typically don’t hide in closets, or almost get caught. But, I needed to make a scene, get my “face” back onto the news. So, I broke into the the White House, but I really didn’t mean to get caught. That wasn’t part of the plan, but who needs a plan? Why not wing it when you have nothing to lose. In my defense the food was really good, I mean who leaves a buffet laying around? Being a villain, doesn’t always mean you eat. So I stuffed myself and took a few samples, which apparently, is a no, no.
I hear the police run from building to building, and they seem to be gone, so I slowly creak open the closet door, and tiptoe to the window sill. I look around the room, it’s dark except for the moon light shining through the window. The boy in the bed is maybe my age, 17, with brown hair. He’s kinda cute. I shake my head and turn rewords the window to jump out, but then I feel eyes on the back of my head. I slowly turn on the balls of my feet back towards the boy. I have a cloak, and a mask on but even still I’m afraid he will recognize me. That he will some bow piece together all those wanted pictures into one face, my face. But in reality, that’s impossible. Not a soul int he world has ever been able to do that. I panic in my head, and my hands shake. I hide them from his view.
“ Who are you?” It’s maybe the most basic question anyone could ask, and I don’t answer. I mean who in their right mind would? Not me.
“ I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone in the middle of the night on my window sill.” I raised an eyebrow at his statement. I’ve been in many window sills, but for some reason this was getting to me.
“ Do you not talk much? Guess if I was sneaking around in window sills I wouldn’t talk very much either.” He was pretty much talking to himself at this point, since I wasn’t answering. I relized I hadn’t breathed in a while and slowly inhaled. The boy stretched his arms and yawned, I looked out the window. The cops might come back soon. The boy had climbed out of bed now, and he was slowly approaching. I didn’t know what to do, so you know I grabbed him around the waist and jumped out the window. I mean, he saw me, he would have told someone, he was untrustworthy. You probably would have done the same, right? As a villain, it wasn’t a hard, but as many bad things as I have done, this was the weirdest and yeah, never agian will I do it. Kid napping wasn’t my thing. So as I landed on the ground with the boy, I set him down, but still held on to his wrist. I could hear the cops yelling, and the voices where getting closer. The boys eyes got big, like a lightbulb in his head came on.
“ You’re, you’re…” I slapped my hand across his mouth to shut him up, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I put my finger to my lips, warning him with my eyes to keep quite. His eyes where blue, like a deep ocean.
“ Shut your mouth, and you might live.” It was a hollow threat, but he didn’t know that. I would never kill someone. Maybe I thought about it but I’ve never follow through with it. I grabbed the boys hand and we started to run.

“ You know, nobody is going to I’m notice I’m gone.” I looked at him, did he ever shut up? I guess he took my glare as a question because he kept talking. I mean it wasn’t that annoying, his voice was raspy and sweet at the same time.
“ You took me from an orphanage, I was going to leave Tuesday.” This was a surprise to me, but it didn’t matter. All I had to do was get rid of him. I can’t feed myself, let alone a teenage boy who eats ten times more then me.
“ Do you ever talk? There’s no one here.” The boy scooted closer to me in the damp sewer. The blanket that I was sitting on crinkled.
“ I only talk when I have something to say. So shut up and go away.” I rolled my eyes and flipped my hair over my shoulder. Except it didn’t really work and I got it in my mouth. He smirked, and I could feel my face turn red. I slapped him across the cheek, his head whipping to the left. I bounced onto my feet and walked to the other side of the sewer. I watched him put his hand to his face, grimacing in pain, but also trying to hide it. I felt bad, but I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms. He finally looked up and in the dim light I could see his bright blue eyes. They didn’t look angry.
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