“𝑓𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑑 𝑡𝑜 𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑑 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑝𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑛“

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Chapter 4. I don’t think we met before

I spent the day looking for my classes, constantly running and hurting the hell out of my legs. Oh and did I mention I was wearing these stupid flats my mom bought me. It was a size 5, and for a girl like me, my feet were sore and almost to the point of bleeding. I made it out of my classes safe and sound, but my last “subject”, was lunch. Not bad actually, I can relax my feet. I just followed where everyone else was heading, right after French class. The hall ways filled with students ready to leave the building, but it seemed like most of the kids enjoyed today. Friendgroups swarmed tables. Oh yeah..I forgot. Lunch tables, shit.

The cafeteria was big, there was a lot of plants and vines that swarmed the bright building. The line at lunch was actually pretty long, so I decided to just find a table. It’s the safest solution, and plus, I wasn’t as hungry. After sitting near a kid in 3rd period, and seeing him throw up…I don’t think I can see food anytime today. So I sat at the first empty table that I first laid eyes on, and then there was William…

“HEY! New kidd, remember me! The next door neighborhood, we met at the beach yesterday night!” William yelled in my ears.

“oh yeahh, I remember. I don’t have bad memory or anything haha, it was yesterday.” I stated

I could see William smile. Then there came more people. The people I recognized were only Gene,Vivi, and Evelina. Leo was sitting at another table, and then another girl sat down. Could it get any worse..it was the girl who I had followed and bumped into in the morning. Shit, I didn’t know this was her friendgroup!

“Hey newbie! No lunch?” Evelina asked me.

“Heh, well no, the line seems to be long today.” I answered awkwardly.

“Reasonable, I just pack my lunch. My mom said she doesn’t trust international school lunches.” Said Vivi.

“Oh Diane! You left early yesterday at the beach, did something happen?” Gene yelled across the table to the girl I had bumped into.

Wait..that’s diane? She’s so pretty, what the hell. No no, I didn’t just make a person in my new friendgroup hate me right off the bat. SHITT MALLORY!!

“Heh, it was nothing Gene. Sorry, you guys down for the beach again?” Diane asked smiling.

“Yeah of course!” Said Gene

Everyone looked at Gene and his quick reply.

“Heh..oh Mallory, that’s Diane. There’s one more person thats in our friendgroup, but you’ll probably meet him tonight!” William had said to me.

“Nice to meet you Mallory, I didn’t realize you were new. Don’t I have Health class with you?” Diane said whiling placing her hand on my hand.

Is she serious? She had to have remembered me, it was only this morning! I moved my hand away.

“Heh, nice to meet you too Diane, and I’m not sure. I didn’t see anyone I recognized in my classes heh.” I said whiling looking down.

“Haha, no biggie. We’ll be great friends!” Diane said.

I looked around. Maybe she didn’t want to leave a bad impression? It was quite smart of her actually. It was more professional and better for the friendgroup to not start any drama. Plus, I was sorda just walking into this friendgroup. She already claimed her spot to be here..i think.

“Hey has anyone seen Gilbert? He hasn’t came to the beach in two weeks.” Evelina asked.

Gilbert? What a familiar but unfamiliar name..hm.

“Nope, but I did see him in school. He’s in my Algebra class. He’s always busy, but I can try to invite him today to the beach.” William had answered.

“ eh, it’s whatever guys. I’ll catch him near the lockers, and I’ll ask from there. “ said Vivi.

*Bell rings*

“There’s my Q guys. I’ll go find him, you guys go on ahead! Oh and how about someone buys pizza before they head onto the beach! NOT IT!!” Vivi yelled before running out the cafeteria.

“NOT IT” I yelled after.

Everyone looked at me chuckling.

“No worries Mallory, Diane usually buys stuff like this for Vivi.” William said.

“Oh right.” I embarrassingly said.

Everyone walked out, but I went to find my locker to get a few try’s of my combination before I headed out to the beach. Even though there was a hundred of hallways, the shiny golden plat on every hallway helped me find my locker. The view of the hallway from afar was beautiful. Sun shines through the huge windows made the hallway feel safe. but i wasn't alone. As i walked closer towards my locker, i could see Vivi. it was obvious it was her, she had bright pink highlights under her normal black hair. i admired it. she must be talking to that kid, Gilbert. I saw the side of him but not his face. His locker had blocked it, and plus Vivi was hanging onto the locker. I walked closer to listen in.

“gilbert, it’s been a while since you’ve been at asterin’s shore! You should definitely come, I promise leo won’t tease you!” Vivi said in a low but cute voice.

“You should really stop that voice, it doesn’t fit you. And about the beach.. it’s a maybe for right now. I’ve been busy..” said gilbert.

“ oh whatever! We just need the group back together. You barely talked to us anymore!” Vivi begged.

“It’s a maybe, Vivi.” Gilbert said with a strict voice.

Vivi then slammed the locker and put her hands on his shoulder. Then walked away excitedly.

“OH YEAH!! AT LEAST IT ISN’T A NO! aye, loser, have you ate?? You’re slowly becoming a stick man, you’re pale as hell!” Vivi exclaimed whiling walking him down the hallway.

“I’m fine, I’m going to walk home now Vivi. I’ll probably stop by asterin’s beach around 5 or 6. “ quietly stated gilbert whiling walking away from Vivi.

I could see Vivi chase after him. Weird kid. His hair was middle height, not too long, but definitely not short. And he was tall, and Vivi was right. His body was very slim. His uniform was wrinkly too, his tie was barely a tie. I then looked at my locker then my combination. It looked so confusing. The locker was rusty and I could barely move my handle. Dust covered most the lockers around mine.

“I guess I’ll do it tomorrow morning, or get someone to help tomorrow. But there’s no way I’m getting out of this one by myself. Shit Mallory.” I mumbled to myself.

I walked away, then walked back to my house. I barely even made it home alive. I could feel my feet aching from my flats. It was seriously hurting from the walking. Once I reached my house, I slammed the door open threw off my shoes.

“Well looks who’s home! wait hey! what the hell happened to your feet!” My mom yelled.

I looked down to see the back of my feet, I was bleeding from the stupid shoes. The line of the shoes marked onto my foot. It hurt so bad, I didn’t think I could stand anymore.

“Well what are you doing! Don’t get blood all over my floors!” My mom yelled at me.


“UGH! No, Mallory! Just hurry up and get a napkin and tape it onto your leg! You’ll be fine, just don’t get any blood on my floors!” My mother continued to yell.

I rushed to grab the napkin on the kitchen counter then grabbed the tape laying on the living floor. I taped napkins all around my feet.

“You’re always in a mess Mallory. I need my floors to be shiny clean for Saturday.” My mother stated whiling whipping dust off the ground.

“Saturday? Why satur-“ I said whiling getting cut off.

“Yes Saturday! Catch up Mal Mal, I’m throwing a house party for the neighborhood and your school to come! It’ll be nice to introduce ourselves!” My mother stated.

Introduce ourselves? Our neighbor Mrs.Kay literally bashed us for looking like hobos pulling up to a decent looking house. Where was this none sense coming from..had my mom been possessed by aliens?!

“Now now, stop staring at me. I know what your response will be, you’re gonna disagree with my idea. Just go upstairs and unpack your belongings. I placed your boxes in one of the rooms upstairs. Go decorate it however you want. Just be quick, I’m going to make dinner.” My mother said.

I struggled walking up the stairs as my foot was still bleeding through the napkins. I could see the boxes piled from the bedroom. I walked closer and moved the boxes away..my new room. It was tight but perfect for me. Back home, I never had my own room. I shared it with-…never mind. But the bed was small but I was a 5’3 girl. I didn’t need much. The sun shines from the windows, and the wind blew in, making the curtain look like a hero’s cape. Then it hit me.. it was almost 6:00! THE BEACH!

I hurried and unpacked my belongings onto shelf’s and into my closet. I put up my standing mirror and lamp. I then finishingly placed the plants my mother gave me from her study’s, around my room.

“Now what will I wear..” I asked myself.

I grabbed a white sweater and a tight plaid skirt, then tie my hair into a bun. It was a bit messy. But it was perfect.

I ran downstairs to see my mother looking at pasta boxes. Then I look at the shoes. I only had my flats.. my mother never brought anything else.

“Wait wait Mallory, where are you going? Dinner isn’t even ready!” My mother yelled.

I ignored her. I just grabbed my shoes and ran out the house, bare foot. I should have taped more napkins onto my foot but I didn’t even have time. I wanted to spend time with my friends. I ran down to the bus stations, trembling over the aching in the foot, but I was lucky enough to grab a bus. I had time to realize this bus was the right one to asterin’s shore. It was packed, and I was quite early. I sat near a boy with somewhat long hair, but definitely not short. Slim body, with pale skin. Looked like he hadn’t eaten in days, but his clothes looked decent. His face was facing towards the window as I sat down massaging my sore purple feet.

* sniff sniff*

The boy near me was sniffing his nose constantly. Weird.


The bus pushed me to touch his shoulders, I was pushing this kid against the walls. When it had calmed down, he turned towards me. His hair covered most of his eyes, but it was still visible. His eyes were red, and his nose was too. Was he crying?

“Oh shit, are you okay?? I didn’t mean to push you! It’s just the bus pushed me onto you! I’m sorry! I’ll stand up!” I said nervously.

Damn I really couldn’t believe this kid cried because I touched him. Was I really that heavy? Shit.

“No no.. i wasn’t crying because of that!” The boy stated.

“Then why we’re you crying sir..” I asked whiling starting to stand up.

“No what? Oh no! I wasn’t crying at all. Allergies. It’s spring, you know..allergies and pollen.. heh. sorry about that” He responded.

“ ohhhh! I’m sorry, well I’m Mallory. Do I know you? You look familiar.” I stated.

“ I don’t think we met before.” The boy responded.

The bus stops and I took my flats off the ground, and walked off the bus. Once I reached the sand, I could feel the feeling of someone behind me. I began to run towards my friendgroup. I saw Evelina, Gene, Vivi, Diane, William, and Leo.

“Hey guys!!” I yelled out, as someone had said it as well behind me.

I turned to see the boy from the bus. Who was he?

“HEY MALLORY AND GILBERT MADE IT!” Evelina jumped and exclaimed.

Gilbert..no wonder he looked familiar. He had been the one following me.

“Hey Gilbert! Sit by me, I bought pizza!” Diane yelled at Gilbert.

“Seriously don’t..Diane bought..cheese pizza, yuck man!” Vivi said emotionally.

“Oh whatever Vivi, at least I brought what you wanted! You’re never specific about your pizzas!” Diane yelled at Vivi.

Diane then dragged Gilbert to sit near her, as I grabbed a seat on the sand, since all the chairs were filled. William and Gene then began to play volleyball near the shore.

“So how’s your first day so far Mallory?” Asked Leo.

“Not bad, I like it here. It s a small town. It’s perfect really. I like the energy here.” I responded.

“Yeah aha, she liked it so much, her and her mom are throwing a home party. I know her mother already invited seven blocks.” Diane stated.

“Seven blocks?? I know I was invited but I didn’t know there were going to be so much people!” Stated Vivi.

“Oo, you’re so cool Mallory! I didn’t know you had that much money to buy so much food for seven blocks! I’m definitely clearing my schedule on Saturday for this!” Said Evelina.

“Aha..yeah..I didn’t even know either.” I responded.

“You didn’t know about your own party?” Gilbert bugged in.

“Well I did, I just didn’t know who she was inviting.” I responded.

“Anyways, what happened to your feet Mal? I couldn’t help but realize you literally had tape and napkins around it haha..do you need money to buy bandages?” Laughed Diane.

I hid my feet behind my back. Wow Diane, really pointing out the obvious.

“ I’m fine Diane, thank you for caring so much about me.” I smirked.

“Uh..yeah whatever.” She responded.

*evelina,vivi, and leo then began to laugh uncontrollably*

“Ohhh, Diane always worrying about other people ahaha! Just worry about your little boyfriend Gilberttt!” Leo teased Diane.

Diane went over to smack him but lightly.

“WE’RE JUST FRIENDS LOSER!” Diane said whiling blushing and smiling.

I liked these people. They made me feel safe, but always kept me smiling one way or another.


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