“𝑓𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑑 𝑡𝑜 𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑑 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑝𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑛“

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Chapter 5. Thank you

It was 11:00, pretty late actually, and the moon shined the beach blue. I was stuffed, Diane’s cheese pizza idea wasn’t bad. Speaking I hadn’t eat dinner and lunch in two days. But before I left, Evelina gave me fresh raspberries. Her mother worked part time at a shop, downtown. It was nice of her, I genuinely loved fruit myself. I started to walk home. Why do busses have to stop running so early, but street lights were still on. Shops were still open, and tourists were all around. I loved the view really…from afar I could still see the ocean. Then something caught me off guard… two people had been following me. I looked behind to see Gilbert and William, why were they in town?

“Hey Mallory! We saw you walking into town, were you planning to buy something?” Shouted William.

They walked closer towards me.

“Heh, no sadly. I was just walking back home until the shop lights caught me off guard. We’re you guys buying something?” I asked politely.

“Nope. Well I’m not. I walked with Gilbert, his mom gave him 10$ to buy green beans..sooo now I’m here.” William had answered.

“Ohhh, wow I didn’t know it costed so much for green beans.” I chuckled.

“Yeah, But im going to start walking home. My mom is probably freaking out or something, that I’m not home yet.” William said whiling waving.

“Oh okay! Bye bye!” I exclaimed.

I waved him goodbye. Then I saw Gilbert walk right pass me towards the shop. His eyes were still red. Were his allergies that bad?

“You know.. you should run along home quickly. Your foot.” Gilbert said whiling facing his back at me.

I looked at my foot. It had turned even worse than before. It was purple, and I could see dry up blood all around my feet.

“If you wait for me, I could help you walk back home..” Gilbert said whiling walking into the store.

I kept looking at me feet then at the front store’s entrance. I couldn’t help but realize I had no time to wait. My mom was probably worried, and back at home, she would never let me out so late. I decided to run back home.

“I’m sorry Gilbert, forgive me!” I mumbled to myself.

I started to run home, as the wind hit my hair. For my first two days here, I started to feel comfortable. The people here treated me like family..well some of them. Questions still appeared from the back of my head. Like maybe why my mother Invited 7 blocks to the house on Saturday? I got the point, but why so many people?

I finally got home, and opened the door to see the house lights were still on. I looked around, then looked on the kitchen counter. A note.

“Hey Mallory, when you get back, I’ll be in my office. I made coconut soup, it’s in your room. Wash up and go to bed. Goodnight.” Stated the letter.

Besides the paper being ripped from a old notebook, I didn’t think much of the letter. I just went upstairs and took a shower. I felt calm. The cold water touched my skin, and I started to erase every thought I had. I got out and realized my feet were still purple and swollen. The water hadn’t done anything better towards it. Then I looked up at the mirror. The steam fogged it up. But for some reason, I didn’t want to look at myself. I just wrapped a towel around myself and went to my room and changed into a “ Guess Who” T-shirt and put on black shorts. The soup my mom had placed near my bed had turned cold. I realized my window was still wide open and the curtains flew. I closed every window until I reached the last window to close. Something had caught my eye. I looked up towards the sidewalk across the street. I saw Evelina walking with someone else. Even though the neighborhood lights had been turned on, I couldn’t see this persons face…but it definitely was a boy.. what other boy lives in this neighborhood that went to Asterin’s shore? It couldn’t be William..he was in a rush to go back home, and this person had more hair and broad shoulders. Does Evelina have a brother? But why would he be on the sidewalk at that time walking her back home? Hm…


I woke up so quick to my room cold as Antarctic. Well..take that back. I’ve never actually been there. But it was freezing and right across from me was an alarm clock. Dinging and shaking on the top of my mirror table. I got up to turn it off…but it wasn’t mine.. did my mom buy me an alarm clock..really?!

(currently at 7:32 am)

Once I got done getting ready I went downstairs to see my mother ready up as well. She was wearing a white dress with her hair done..where was she going?

“Morning mom, uh what are you getting all ready for?” I asked her.

“I’m having some people over, they’re gonna look at my studies and hire me into their company. I made a project from plants, well mostly from Douglas fir.” She had told me.

My mother then handed me my breakfast and lunch. Now for my Asian mother to have the time to make me lunch and breakfast before school…was amazing and scary at the same time. I looked inside to see she had also packed some of evelina’s raspberries from yesterday.

“Thanks for the raspberries yesterday mallory. I’m going to be putting some out for our guests later. OH! And here’s some money. You can head down to Quinn’s Market to buy some bandages for your foot. You can wear my sneakers for today.” My mother said whiling walking towards her office.

“The raspberries were from my friend Evelina..uh she lives across the street, but thank you mom..um, I’ll cya after school I guess.” I said whiling getting ready to walk out.

“Great! I invited them to the party on Saturday, so that will thank them for giving us raspberries. Have a great day Hun!” My mother exclaimed.

I walked out..my mother was extremely nicer than usual..and she gave me 20$ just for bandages at the market. Did they even sell those stuff at the market? I’ll just hope, because there’s no way I’m going to live one more day with my foot looking like I stepped in a pool of grapes.

“Ah Mallory, what had to done to your mother..” I mumbled to myself.

7:57 I was at my lockers. I had practiced my combination a few times, and got the hang of it. I usually didn’t learn things on my own, since my mother usually taught me everything, so learning this made me a little proud..even if it was a little.

“Hey newbie! How’s your foot feeling?” A familiar voice shouted at me.

I turned to my left and saw Gilbert had been walking towards me with something in his hand. His uniform was still wrinkled and his toe was undone. His hair looks like it hadn’t been washed in days… weird kid. I looked down at my foot then at him.

“It’s still purple, but it’ll heal soon. I can still try to walk..oh and sorry about ditching you yesterday. I was-“ I said before I got cut off.

“No worries.. it was late, I’m sure my mom would have been worried too.” He stated.

“Would have? She wasn’t worried?” I asked.

He just slightly smiled. It was weird, he was quiet about everything and he didn’t look like he was ever planning to answer my question..

“Oh here.” Gilbert said whiling pulling something from behind his back.

He had bought me a wrap for my foot… it looked new and he even still had it in a bag.
I looked up at him, and saw he had already been starting to walk to class..

“ THANK YOU!” I yelled across the hallways towards him.

I could see people look at me shout, but honestly I didn’t think he would think about my foot to actually care, and buy me a wrap for it. I wanted to repay him..but how?

( currently 3:30 pm)

Once I had gotten out of school, I ran down the hill and saw all farmers selling their fruits and veggies. It was a nice day to do anything honestly. The beach waves echoed all across town. It was beautiful really. I had reached Quinn’s Market and went in. It was packed, so many students were here buying either food or toys. I looked for a specific aisle though.. but I couldn’t find it. I went up to a worker near the back door.

“Hello, sir. Sorry, but do you guys sell pills here?” I asked.

“This is a foods market, young lady. You can find those in the yellow shop in front of this one.” He stated.

I was embarrassed.. no wonder I couldn’t find the correct aisle. I looked across the shop and saw the yellow store. “Victorian’s Pharmacy”. I walked across and looked through aisles. This shop wasn’t packed at all actually.. I was one in three people here. But then I found what I was looking for…allergy pills. I went up to the cashier.

“Hello, I would like to buy these pills. Are these just normal family pills for allergies?” I asked.

The cashier looked the box.

“Yep! This would be 15$ please.” The cashier had asked.

I handed her my 15$ then got ready to go back home. I still had 5$ but then my foot started to get really sore. I have been running for half of the day, and I could feel my feet start to fall asleep every second. I sat down on a bench and took out the wrap Gilbert had given me. hm?

“The price tag was still on it..” I said to myself.

I looked at it..he probably was in a rush and didn’t look at what was attached on it. It was still in the bag. I then looked at the price tag.
It was 10$…but that’s all he was given yesterday from his mother. Why would he spend all his money on me? I felt so bad, he must have gotten in trouble for spending this.
I then looked at my 5$, and gathered all my stuff ignoring my swollen foot. Then I walked over to another farmers market.

“Hello ma’am, do you think I could buy a bag of green beans for 5$ please?” I had asked.

“Well sweetie, green beans are usually 10-15$. do you have an extra 5$?” She asked me.

“No..I suppose I don’t. Is there any chance I pay you back?” I asked her.

“You must be a foreigner.. I’ll give it to you for 5$. But next time please have at least 10$.” She said.

“Oh thank you thank you!” I exclaimed.

She gave me green beans in a bag, then I put the green beans into my knapsack. I’ll give it to Gilbert when I see him.. I’m not sure if they will be at Asterin’s shore today. We were caught up in playing chess at lunch, I totally forgot to ask them about tonight. I decided to just head home, it was still 4:17, and I still had time to do school work.

Once I reached my house, I went inside to see there were chatting going on in my mom’s office. The guest she had invited must still be here, so I just went upstairs and unpacked my belongings. I took out my books then the pills and green beans. I decided to put them in the drawer next to my bed.

“I think I need to finish homework, I’ll just tell Vivi and Gene that I wasn’t able to go to the asterin’s shore …even if they probably didn’t go today..” I said to myself.

I then placed all my belongings on my bed, and sat on the floor. I realized I still hadn’t wrapped my foot yet….eh, I’ll wrap it in the morning. I’m actually unsure on how to even wrap my own foot. I’ll be sitting..my foot will heal a bit as time goes by…

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