“𝑓𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑑 𝑡𝑜 𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑑 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑝𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑛“

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Chapter 6, what a weird kid


Ahh, im finally done my homework and assignments. 2 hours just to finish everything? It’s definitely a win win. I then went to open my window, it was definitely getting a little steamy in my house. Maybe my mother had cooked something down stairs? Something had caught my eye just like from last night, Evelina was walking somewhere, I’m guessing she was going to asterin’s shore..but with a guy? Maybe a new friend! The sun was still up so I decided to run out and just follow her towards the beach and meet up with everyone. before I went, I had packed the bandage wrap to just wrap on the bus and brought some of my mom’s leftover cookies. She must had made some for the guest, but she wouldn’t mind if I steal 3 or 4.

I reached the neighborhood gate, to see that evelina was no wear to be seen…she and her friend must have walked quick. I walked 3-5 blocks and decided I wanted to walk to the bridge. The bus stops were filled with tourists so i went to walk before the sun had set. I had reached the middle of the town where shops lit up the whole town and people lined up to buy flowers from the huge gardens, that stormed Victorian Canada. My feet felt so hot, and I could feel the hair on my arms start to go up. It was a really cold night, and I had forgotten to bring a jacket. I walked across a large bridge connected with the town. I saw a huge garden on the other side, with 2-5 street lights near the sidewalk. I needed to sit there for a few minutes before I start walking again. Once I reached the park, it was beautiful up close..the flowers were pink, yellow, some even bright red. I sat down on a bench and looked at the water. You know, I’m pretty lucky to had move to Canada…even though my dad-

“What are you doing here alone? You okay?” A similar voice approached me.

I looked to see Gilbert, his eyes were a light red..I forgot to bring him the allergy pills..shit.

“..and your feet..still swollen? did you not wrap it?” He asked me.

“no no, I was going to..but I saw Evelina going to the beach with someone and I was assuming everyone was going to be there..so I was in a rush..” I stuttered.

He had looked at me confused, then sat down on the bench.

“Um, so do you want me to help you walk to the beach? I don’t think you would want to be late..” he asked

I had realized he changed the topic..

“Oh did you see them there already? Yeah, I must be late heh. But why are you here…did you follow-“ I said before I got cut off.

“Um, I was just passing by.. but um no I didn’t see them at the beach actually. Um, it caught me off guard when you said Evelina was going with someone..especially when most of the group agreed to stay home today..” he had stated.

Everyone agreed to stay home today? Evelina must have misunderstood.. I felt so bad. I’m assuming she was excited to invite someone new.

“ I’m guessing you wanna go home now heh, I’ll walk you back, I’m going back anyway.. come on” Gilbert got up and told me.

“ oh yeah” I said..

I try to get up quickly, but my foot felt so uneasy, and I didn’t want wrap it before we went. I looked up to see Gilbert, had eye contact with me for a few seconds before walking ahead of me. Weird kid..

“So..Mallory.. tell me about yourself-“ Gilbert asked turning back to me.

I looked up at him. I kinda know where this is going..

(9:00 Saturday morning)


I brushed off my eyes to see my mom shaking me to wake up, my eyes widen a little more to see she was dressed up..

“Wake up Mallory! We have to set up everything before the party, get dressed in something pretty.” My mom shouted before leaving my room.

I woke up..fully this time.. my eyes felt swollen..for the past days, that I hadn’t wrote down was just stupid school..but every morning I had woke up..I remember.. The night gilbert asked me about myself..it was the night I realized he wasn’t the quiet guy everyone says he is..he’s actually pretty cool. Since that night, I hadn’t seen him though.. not at school..not at the beach..or on the bus..

I got out of my bed and washed up, i could smell all the food my mom was cooking from downstairs.. she was really trying this hard just for a stupid house party..heh..wait can my house even hold so much people? I forgot about it and just went to put on actual nice clothes. I put on a red floral ruched dress.. then just tucked one side of my hair behind my ear. I cleaned my room and placed most of my stuff to the side


I ran downstairs to see trays of food lined up on the kitchen tables.

“Oh woah woah woah, who are you trying to impress? You’re so dressed up, I haven’t seen you in that dress since..we were back home..” my mom told me.

“Wow, so you were just yelling at me and now you’re complimenting a dress I hadn’t wore in ages.. yeah you’re special mom…” I laughed off.

We smiles at each other and laughed.

“Okay okay, stop goofy off-“ my mom stated

“You’re the one laughing!” I laughed

“Whatever! Can you make sure the backyard is nice? I think neighborhood 6 is going to be coming over the earliest.” My mother stated.

I started to walk towards the backyard door. Each neighborhood, was technically a “block”. We live in neighborhood 2, so that meant at least 7 gated neighborhoods would be coming over..what a day..

I reached the back door..it was already open. I walked out to see hanging lights and food piled all over the tables. I’m surprised my moms did all of this! She barely even does work around the house, matter a fact, she couldn’t even unpack boxes..and she was able to set this whole place up..she really is a goddess. I walked back in the see the hallways even decorated with balloons and flowers. I then walked passed my mom’s office..there was even tables and decorations in there..

“ Oh yeah, I’m going to be letting some of the parents go in there to see my projects.. these rich parents have to see what I’m here for.” My mom had said whiling sneaking behind me.

“Jesus mom! You scared me.. and just make sure they don’t mess anything up..some of those adults can be crazy…

(5:00 pm)

*drinks clattering, crowd of people talking, little kids laughing *

*in Mallory’s room*

Viví had just walked into my room, as the group had already been here for a few minutes.

“What a party, Mal! Even my mom could not handle 2 blocks coming into her house!” Viví laughed whiling sitting down.

“Yeah bro, I didn’t even know you could fit so many people into one place..it’s super loud..” William said.

“Yeah.. it’s pretty nice to be honest, you’re dress is cute..” Diane states.

Everyone stares at Diane..seeming it was her first time complimenting me. I laughed.

“Oh well thanks Diane, it’s just an old dress from back home.” I said.

“Well it’s really nice Mallory..red suits you honestly..” William said.

“oh yeah thanks.” I smilied then turned the other way.

It was nice to hear compliments about my outfit, it honestly made me feel comfortable about myself.

“You guys won’t believe what I got!” Evelina shouted whiling walking into the room with a brown bag.

Everyone happily greeted Evelina into the room, and she close and even locked the door..shut..

“Hey um, why did you lock the door?” Gene asked.

Evelina pulled out the brown bag, what seemed to be.. alcohol?


The friendgroup all backed away as Diane and Viví looked at the bottle.

“Say..kind , smart Evelina isn’t what she seems to be..” Diane mumbled.

“YEAH! SHES THE FUCKING COOLEST! guys! This is like hella expensive wine..not even my dad buys this..” viví shouted.

Evelina smilied at vivi’s somewhat compliment. Viví began to open the wine and poor it into plastic cups near here.

“Wait..we’re actually going to drink? We’re only high schoolers..guys!” William said.

“Oh stop being a pussy-“ viví stated as she handed William a cup.

“Hey..have you guys seen Leo or..Gilbert here yet?” I asked.

“No…he’s probably with his dork friends” Gene said whiling handing a cup of wine to me and william.

I looked at everyone with a cup and then began to drink a extremely amount of wine. I just drank until I could see the light shining into the plastic cup. It was sweet..but bitter. Actually, it was the worse taste I have ever had.

“Oh come on, put more into your cup guys! It’s time to have fun!” Viví shouted.

I turned to see Evelina was drinking so much cups at once..where was this coming from..? Evelina drinking..?

“No but guys..have you seen Gilbert at all these few days?” Diane said.

“Uh no..but you shouldn’t be worried about him Diane, you still have us as friends. Gilbert would have given you a s-signal if he wanted to let you know anything..s-so don’t worry about him. “ Gene stuttered.

Everyone looked at Gene.. was he okay? He seemed cold..his face looked pale.

“Ayo, kid, stop talking and go to the bathroom or something before u puke on Mallory’s floor. No ones gonna stop your love boat with Diane.” Viví said to gene.

Everyone laughed at Diane’s disgusted face as gene walked into the bathroom.

“you guys are pathetic ” William laughed.

(10:27 pm)

Everyone of my friends had left, but I could still hear a crowd of people still downstairs. They had left to spend some time at the beach, but I had to stay and handle the party.. what a day. I felt sick, I drank at least 5 half cups of wine, so I took a mint to make sure my mouth was some what not noticeable to my mom. But where will I hide the wine bottle bags? Evelina asked me to keep it for her, but I might even get into bigger trouble than she would.

*knock knock*

I looked at the time, it was 10:30 by now, then looked at the door..who would want to see me at this time..? The door pushed open slightly to see a familiar face..

“May I come in Mal?” Gilbert asked..

I gasped to be surprised to even see him again. My eyes were blurry but his voice was recognizable.

“Oh yeah yeah, come in!” I said whiling opening the door for him then closing.

“So..I got told everyone left already..but me and my dad actually just got here..” he said.

“I mean I haven’t seen you in 3 days, take a seat on the floor or on my bed-“ I stated.

“Hey you good? You seem like you can’t even see straight? Sit down.” He said

I laughed it off and just sat down near him on the bed, and then he had grabbed my foot on his lap.

“So..I gave a wrap like 4 days ago..and you didn’t even care to ask me how to wrap your foot heh, if you needed helped just ask mal.” Gilbert said whiling rewrapping my foot.

“Oh well, it didn’t bother be as much and I didn’t even see you for some days of this week..” I said whiling laughing it off.

He finished wrapping my foot then stared at me as wind blew through my window. I cut off the eye contact by looking at my table..

“Oh! Um, Gilbert, I got you something.” I said whiling leaning over him towards the table.

“Here. I wanted to give you this the day you got me the wrap, but here’s some allergy pills and I also got you green beans. I’ll get you it on the way out.” I gave him.

He stared at the pills and looked at me. He looked like he wanted to say something, but nothing came out.

“Um..uh would you like wine?” I asked out of nowhere.

“Hm? Uh w-wine? You drink Mal?” He asked confused.

“No no, uh, I’m so sorry. Evelina bought it for the group-“ i said whiling getting cut off.

“huh?! Evelina bought it??” He asked confused.

“No wait yes yes, wait actually uh-“ I stuttered.

I went up to grab the wine bag and was planning just to show him that it wasn’t mine. I showed him it wasn’t my bag.

“I-it’s fine. I actually don’t drink,sorry.” He stated.

Before I could respond, I faded…

(5:00 am)

I woke up, I was on my bed still in my clothes from yesterday. I tried to remember everything that happen, but i couldn’t. And Gilbert was no where to be seen. I felt a sharp paper on my head and grabbed the note tapped on my forehead.

The note: hey this is Gilbert, you passed out so I went home. I threw out the wine bottle and stuff so you wouldn’t get in trouble lol, but thanks for the pills. You can keep the green beans loser. Had fun! :)

What a cheesy note..but on the other hand..his handwriting looks better than how he dresses. What a weird kid.

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