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Life seemed easier to most than it did Wise. He's the nucleus of all his friends, but can he believe what they're going through? Friendships wavered, but in the trials of ups and downs, will Wise finally find a love of his own?

Romance / Adventure
Literally Lisa
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One- About Face.

He was happy his friend Teaken Willow of 86 Chestnut Street was finally coming home from the military. Wise had only seen his boyhood friend 3 times in eight years, and those times were short stays, within 24 hours. It had been some time, and Wise was anxious. Teake was one of Wise’s best, and closest friends growing up, but unlike Teake, who wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he grew up, introduced Wise to other kids when the le Cere’ bought their home, and soon, Wise, Teake, and a nice size group of boys became friends. Now even though they are all grown up, Wise was still not too keen visiting Teake.

His older sister Xi’an was still living at his parents house. One dose of her would cause Wise a form of paralysis he couldn’t help. He always wanted to fade into a wall, a painting, a picture when Xi’an had something to say. Usually her approach was of something Teake did, said, or was going to do, to at least tell Mrs. Willow. Ever since they were kids, Wise shuttered in the presence of Xi’an. If ever there were two people mostly opposite, as they’re different, it was Teake, and his sister Xi’an. Wise never wanted to say, or do any wrong in her presence, he could barely ever let out a squeak hello.

Teake, and Wise were like the brothers neither one of them ever had except, Wise had two sisters, much older, and a part of the reason why Wise had mostly anything a kid growing up could have. Until Xi’an grew into her beauty, Wise thought her too outspoken, ando even then he had to duck. Wise was a simple kid you could lead off a ship’s plank, because you could make him believe those weren’t sharks circling. He trusted everyone is why to the day, Teake Willow, Attus Evergreen, sometimes Tory, and since they are grown up, even Butch Ellerby, and Titus look after him.

Tory Revell wouldn’t look after himself if everyone on earth died. Their concerns are mostly about the women in Weis’ life. Although smarter than most, he was naive to the ways of friendship until Teake, especially Butch, and a few others taught him things like, the kids on Birch Street only played with him because he had the coolest things to play with. It was a fact Wise wouldn’t say no, or get angry. Growing up before he met Teake, Titus, Tory, Keith Terrain, Attus, or Butch since the middle school, Wise let kids bully him. He would take licks, and shrug them off. Pudgy, Wise had the best birthday parties in the world!

There was nothing Wise wouldn’t eat, or might try with his new friends just once. He was more of a scholar than athlete, but great at tackling football on the block they lived, the reason he was handpicked on a team. He didn’t know what a wet dream was, but had won many science fairs since middle school, and didn’t start looking at girls until his senior year of high school. Wise did well in college, which was a different scenario for him altogether. There. He dug into his business, economics, and accounting studies, and wanted to make the world a better place.

In college was where he earned his reputation of being a ladies man. Wise went to college, mastered in his craft, but wanted to be something better. He climbed the corporate ladder to lead major companies in all aspects of business, finance, and economics, and has done quite well. Away Ivy League, Wise learned the biggest lessons life could bring, as far as women concerned, and ended up on top. He started shaping up the summer before going away, and Teake went into the military. Attus liked Wise best. He, and his brother went to college too, but Attus was interested in business while his brother liked mechanics, and technology.

Even though he moved to Long Island with his older brother to live with their grandfather, they inherited his two body shops, their house, and all its belongings. Keith went to college as well, he, and Chance wanted to buy into Attus’ business one day, and Butch, Titus, and Tory were busy making lives for themselves. His being good looking just took time. The demeanor of most college girls was that of a high school girl with insensitivity, and materialistic dreams. It was strange for one of the most pretty, and popular girls on campus couldn’t admit she had a crush. Her, and four women later, Wise graduated.

Currently, Wise was seeing Sevyn. It seems she, and her mother had gone through a lot in life. Sevyn would do nothing without knowing her mother was cared for since his father left them years ago. Them having to tarry made them feel a certain way about life, and the men in them, but Sevyn knew she had a good guy in Wise. He flaunted Sevyn around his family, neighbors, and friends, to help show her that love, family, and tradition still exist. Even she, and Xi’an met, and say hello whenever they see each other. Wise lived diagonally from the Teake Willow, so they were very much familiar with one another.

Sevyn was always congenial, and the le’ Cere’ did like, and were used to her. Although Xi’an is one of the most good looking and attractive girls in his class, most of his peers went off to college, it hard to guess which parent decided that no matter what, not going to allow him to model. At the time, it wasn’t considered a real career. Mr. Willow agreed it could be dangerous while he was at work, only young Wise accompanying her mother, and sister. Xi’an stayed close because she hadn’t decided what she wanted to do, or who it was she was supposed to be, and waa bored since life began for an above average student.

She took a few college courses, but lacked the something that would give her a real ambition, or dream, unless in reality it would be anyone’s nightmare. Xi’an shortly found the field of his choice, challenged it expertly, and began making a living before any of her friends, or classmates. Xi’an probably has the man of his dreams imprinted in her mind. The le’Cere’ had to consider the Willow’s one of the most decent families of the street they lived. After all, almost every other house had one strange story or another. At least the Willow’s minded their own business, and no one had qualms with them.

The Willow’s were fun, honest, hard working people, and a nice family, but Wise did not know that beautiful things can turn ugly.

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