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The Reflection Of Love

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Sarah Cunningham – Smart, beautiful, popular and funny but can get angry and annoyed very quickly. The timebomb's just waiting the last few seconds to go off. She’s not interested much in guys but she’s a truelove believer. Perhaps her truelove’s the person she least expects... *** Oliver Frost – The troublemaker on almost everyone’s good list. Almost everyone. Not Sarah’s… and most possibly never but no one can know the future, not in this story anyway. He’s the opposite of shy and the opposite of good but the opposite of ugly. Charmingly, he manages to knock everyone’s socks off when he wants to… even Sarah’s but she won’t let anyone know that.

Romance / Humor
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You could tell someone they were beautiful. Or you could compliment them on their outfit. You could make them feel good. Laugh with them about their jokes and make their day.

It’s what a person like myself would do to whoever passed by. It was in my nature to be kind and point out the good in people and make them feel better than they were.

I could do so little as smile as I pass another person on the sidewalk or in the corridor, it was that easy.

But it seemed all too hard for Oliver Frost.

“Watch it, Midget,” snarled the one and only bigheaded jerk in the school, Oliver Frost. He and I have been complete enemies since seventh grade since he asked me out and I rejected him. He’s made it his life mission to deliver my hell on earth for the rest of my school years.

But last and final year. One more year and I’ll never have to put up with him again. Never have to argue, swear and wish to be dead ever again. Those things only ever happened when he was in eye and ear distance.

“Good morning to you too,” I muttered in response, crossing my arms over my chest since he came to me. He walked to me. He talked to me. He didn’t have to do that. And I’m not in his way, he just put me in his way. He can walk around me since I’m standing to the side of the corridor but he’s only here because he wants trouble.

He always asks for it when he’s in a grumpy mood. He’s always mean and hurts my feelings when I do absolutely nothing to him.

After four years though, I’ve learned to wrap my head around his words and hear them without being torn apart and left in a sobbing mess like the good old days.

“Don’t talk to me,” he growled back as my friends just laughed behind me because he was being ridiculous.

He’s a child, it’s the best way to describe him. He might be eighteen or whatever but he’s a total child. He sulks and whines when he’s sleepy. He’s angry and blames everyone but himself for his mistakes. He’s overly too happy and finds it fun to annoy people. And he’s a big mamma’s boy.

If that’s not a child, I don’t know what is.

He rolled his eyes at the girls behind me, furrowed his thick brows into a frown at me and leaned his shoulder next to my locker as if he thought I honestly would appreciate his presence so close to me.

I scrunched up my nose, his usual cologne starting to stench out my hair and outfit.

“Eww, go away, you stink,” I took a step back to close up my locker but he slid his hand in and slammed it open again. “Oliver! Leave me alone,” I snapped, my patience already wearing thin as I glared at him hard.

“I don’t stink. You stink,” he narrowed his eyes and grumbled as he stood up and walked away, tugging my hair back. I screeched and shoved him off, touching my free hand to my hair as he walked down the corridor without a look back.

I scowled and looked to my two friends as they just whispered about how hot he was and how bad he was crushing on me.

“Shut up about him,” I snapped at them, getting their eyes up and on me.

Don’t let him ruin your day… again. Don’t take it out on other people either, Sarah. I told myself, taking deep breaths with my eyes closed so I could take a few moments to calm down.

“I’m sorry,” I breathed, sighing and touching my hands to their arms as they both just chuckled lightly.

“Girl, you’re fine,” Emma smiled, returning her hand to my arm before her arms dropped and she gestured down the hall, her dark curls following and bouncing over her shoulders. “We do gotta get to class though so can we go?” Her dark eyes went wide while Khloe rolled her eyes and waved a hand, scoffing.

“On time, all the time,” I cut in when she opened her big mouth to blab about how Emma was always worrying too much. Emma and herself were the complete opposite. While Emma was organised, on time and stressed, Khloe was outgoing, messy and chill with pretty much everything. And me? I saw myself as someone in between the two.

“Exactly,” Emma turned her head to give our best friend a certain look. Khloe with her long ginger hair rolled her blue eyes again and shook her head slightly but stayed quiet for her own good.

I smiled at them and moved my arm around hers to pull her away just as Emma started down the corridor.

“You love us.”

“Indeed,” Khloe raised a brow and gave me a smirk, shrugged her shoulders softly as my smile grew and showed teeth. “There it is,” she murmured, shaking her head. “Better stop before someone new catches it.”

“I can’t,” I replied, laughing lightly because it was a real issue I had around here. Word has it I have the prettiest smile in the whole school and that’s nothing to be ashamed of but the number of guys I get just because of my looks and smile does tend to annoy me. One because I’m not too interested in dating anyone at the moment and two because I already have one too many dummies annoying me to hell and back.

“You know, Oliver’s actually decent,” she said, clicking her tongue to the roof of her mouth. I felt my happiness cool down as my face drowned and I looked at her blankly. She smirked ahead, trying to ignore my growing glare.

“He’s the ugliest guy anyone will ever see actually.”

“Only you would say that,” she rolled her eyes and I grumbled cursed words under my breath and let go of her arm to catch up to Emma.

There were no words to explain just how much I hated Oliver Frost. It was as if he was lava I was stuck in, making me burn and melt into nothing... yet it was so much worse than that. He ruins my day almost every day just about. He comes up to me, like this morning, for no reason but to annoy me and get into my personal space bubble. And half the time I can’t deal with it, most of the time I just explode and can’t control what comes out of my mouth.

He seems to enjoy those days the most. When he gets action and he can mess around and piss me off more and more.

One day, he’s going to push so hard that I’m just going to blow and I’m going to be wounded for a long time. I know, I feel it every time I reach almost maximum but I manage to find the strength to calm down enough to just let it all through.

If it wasn’t for my amazing two girlfriends then I’d for sure wouldn’t be able to survive him and what he brings to the table.

“Oliver is ugly. At least I know you agree with that,” I said as Khloe caught up and took Emma’s other side.

“She only said that to make you happy,” Khloe laughed, hitting the back of her hand lightly to Emma’s chest. Emma looked down to her white blouse and gently wiped where Khloe had touched, something she often did if anyone or anything had touched her outfit.

“Oliver is disgusting!” I argued and scowled just as I heard him call out.

“I heard my name, Cunningham!” He yelled back and I turned, gave the girls a dark look before we escaped from the corridor and into our classroom.

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