The Reflection Of Love

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Oliver got the medication and it seemed to work for a while until the pain overcame them and I was in agony again, awake and waiting until one of the doctors were here and ready for me.

I was surprised to find Oliver asleep in the armchair when I woke up. I felt bad when he woke up as well from my squirming and crying.

“I don’t like it,” I growled to myself, raising my hand to grab my hair and cry, lifting my knees and tucking them to my chest. It only made it worse but if I was going to feel anything, why did it matter if it was bad or worse?

“Sarah,” Oliver snapped, his tone angered yet slow and sleepy as he pushed himself up from the chair. “Stop fucking moving.”

“Don’t swear at me!”

“Shh,” he hushed, touching his hand to my cheek, his fingers going through my hair while I cried into my pillow, heard as someone rushed in. “How much longer does she have to wait?”

“Not much longer, I promise,” I heard Nia answer, making me feel instantly better. “Sarah, Dr Spart has just come in. He’ll be here in a few minutes and decide what he wants done from here,” she said and I took a moment to get control back and nod softly, keeping my eyes clamped shut as my head spun.

“You hear that? Just a few minutes,” Oliver whispered, kneeling down onto his knees to be at my height, his hand staying at the side of my face while I breathed through the pain.

I swallowed hard, groaned a little. “Can I get more of the meds?”

“We should wait to see what Spart says,” Nia replied just as I heard footsteps clack to the ground. Heels.


“No. Go away,” I whined, moving my arm around my head.

“Baby, it’ll be alright. Danielle called me before and I’m here. I’m right here,” Mum replied, her nails running down my arm softly, tickling me.

“Mum, I don’t want you here,” I snapped and curled in more, touching my hand to Oliver’s. It was warm. Rough. “Why are your hands so rough?” I whispered, opening my eyes to look at him as he smirked a little, leaned in.

“Because I’m a man,” he replied and I rolled my eyes, shivered harshly as the cold rushed over me, even under the covers. “You feel sick at all?”

“A little. I’m cold but my mouths hot… watering. I’m going puke,” I shifted just as he moved back and snatched a sickbag from the bedside cabinet.

“Oh honey,” Mum sighed, leaning in to take my hair back and hold it together as I held the bag, heaving into it but sitting up while my stomach and side burned in pain.

When I stopped, I stayed frozen and waited to see if I needed to continue but the smell got too bad and I held it to Oliver, who stepped back so Nia could take it.

My mouth and throat stung, the acid burning there too as Mum suddenly had a tissue to my mouth.

“Mum,” I growled, pulling my head away.

“I’m just helping you out,” she replied, taking it away as I winced when I laid back down again. I closed my eyes but then opened them again when my curtain was pulled back slightly and a tall, thin man came though. Bald head, blue clothes under a white coat and a Dr Spart on the nametag.

“Finally,” Oliver muttered. “It’s her appendix.”

“Oliver, shut up,” I touched my hand to my head, taking a breath to calm down.

“Sarah, a scale of one to-.”

“Ten,” I answered, glancing down as he touched his hands on either side of me, his thumbs pressing in lightly yet too hard. “Please don’t, it hurts,” I told him, closed my eyes tightly as Mum kept her hands on me for comfort when it was just pissing me off more.

“I’m sorry,” he replied to me softly, letting go only to run his hand up my shirt more, over my stomach, his fingers pressing into my ribs slightly. “Any pain in the ribs?”

“No. It’s just my tummy and side,” I responded, feeling the pain punch again and making me shutter, pushing my head back into the pillow as I heard him talk lowly to Nia. Within the moment she was out and then in again while he opened my eyes to shine a torch in them and blinding me.

“Deep breaths for me, Sarah. I’ll quickly go through it with you before Nia puts you to sleep. Your boyfriend was right, it’s your appendix. Immediate surgery is necessary-.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” I went to snap back but it suddenly came out soft and slow, sleepily while my eyes suddenly grew heavy.

“Honey, I’ll be right here,” I heard my mum say, her voice distant just as the room darkened and I couldn’t focus on anything anymore. The pain faded just as my conscious did and I was okay with that. It was peaceful. So quiet, dark. Just me in a sleep now. It was all I needed after the reckless night.

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