The Reflection Of Love

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Oliver pushed me through the hospital, taking the lifts and ramps because of the wheelchair. When we got to our level, we managed to have two minutes of being unnoticed before Mandy caught sight of us.

“You two,” she came out from behind the reception desk, hands on her hips as I tried not to laugh too much. I figured if I laughed just a little, she’d see that I was fine and we wouldn’t get into much trouble.

“She’s fine, you’re fine, I’m fine, it’s all fine and nothing went wrong. She’s back, let her see Liam for a few minutes, then she’s all yours for shower time,” Oliver said, passing her as she shook her head lightly, looking over me simply to see if she could see any new injuries.

She didn’t stop us or say anything else so Oliver pushed me to Liam’s room, where we found Liam’s parents and Helen sitting and talking softly among themselves.

“Well, well, well,” Helen cut Mike off, getting to her feet to fold her arms over her chest. “You sure made some mayhem, mister. Want to explain where you two have been?”

“We went out and got lunch. Not a big deal,” he said while he put the brakes on to keep me in place next to Liam.

He looked better after these few days but he still didn’t look too good. The cuts and bruises on his face were healing but they were still visible, just as mine were. His leg was still up in the sling, plastered and all and his eyes were still closed.

“It’s a big deal when you’ve got half the hospital looking for you both and coming to us thinking we have an idea,” I heard her snap back before she pulled him away and started whispering things I couldn’t hear.

“I miss you,” I whispered, leaning forward enough to feel the pain but I pushed through it to lay my head on his side gently, holding his hand with mine. “Please wake up soon, let me know you’re okay.”

“He’s okay, Sarah!” I heard Oliver yell behind me.

“Enough. Go calm down outside,” Helen snapped at him.

“Don’t tell me what to do. Sarah, don’t say shit like that to him. He’s okay, he’s alive and he’s alright.”

“Why are you so mad at me now?” I growled, sitting up to look back at him as he pushed passed his mother. “Piss off, jerk. Let me be with him for a bit.”

“Just don’t say that stuff. He’s fine, okay? He’s coming back,” he said, his eyes wide and deadly, staring into mine as I looked at him sadly.

We’d been getting on so good. What clicked?

“Everyone’s okay,” he stated but it was more like he was telling that to himself. “She’s okay,” he pointed at me and looked to the adults. “He’s okay. You’re all okay. I’m okay. It’s all okay!”

“Okay,” I nodded along, glancing down as I reached out to hold his hand so he could stop acting like a child. “Stop throwing a tantrum, you’re eighteen.”

“You’re all acting like everything’s wrong and it’s all bad but it’s all okay.”

“So you said,” I muttered and looked at him hard when he squeezed my hand for a moment. “Oliver, calm down and stop acting like a child. It’s okay,” I said on purpose, smirking on the inside as he rolled his eyes and then looked down at Liam.

“We’ll leave you kids alone for bit,” Danielle said and I glanced back to watch her and Mike make their way out, Helen following but walking backwards, her eyes narrowed.

“Oliver, behave.”

“Mum,” he growled back, waving her off with the hand he still had around mine. He grunted at me next as I tried taking my hand from his, suddenly realising I’d been touching him for too long.

“Oliver! This is disgusting,” I snapped when I struggled because his grip was tighter than I expected.

“You’re disgusting,” he replied, pulling his hand from mine quickly. “I can’t believe you actually took my hand to hold.”

“And then I told you off as if I was your mother,” I fake gagged and then laughed at the look he had on his face, telling me he was very much disgusted about where I took the conversation.

“You will never be my mother. Don’t even say-think like that!”

“Eww, Oliver!” I laughed a little, shaking my head slightly as he pointed at me. “You’re such an idiot.”

“You’re the one who said it, dumbass,” he poked my head, making me groan when that was enough to push me back. My stomach stretched out again, hurting slightly and making me whine softly as I put my head back.

“What did I tell you?” He asked and I winced as I brought my head up again to look at him. “Stop hurting yourself.”

“It’s not like I want to. I’m just in pain and I seem to make it all worse.”

“Well, stop it,” he told me and I groaned a little, looked towards Liam as he laid silently, possibly listening to us gobble about this like a couple of geese. I shifted in the chair to sit up better only to wince when my stomach hurt again.

“Sarah,” Oliver growled, making me growl back because who was he to tell me off.


“I’m serious. Stop it or I’ll have to tell someone you’re committing self-harm.”

“Okay, go do that and I can have some time with Liam,” I said, scrunching my face up again as I leaned my arm and head onto Liam’s bed, taking his hand again with mine.

“Okay. I will.”

“Really?” I smirked, amused as he walked behind me.

“Really,” he called back before I heard his footsteps lighten and disappear as he walked out and I just scoffed because I knew he wouldn’t. He was just joking about all the self-harm… wasn’t he?

He’s probably getting some chips or m&ms from the vending machine.

Probably, I guessed, looking back to Liam’s face before I sighed softly and laid my head back down onto his side like I had it before.

I was alone with Liam for a while before Oliver reappeared, empty handed but he was munching on something as he came in and woke me up from my shallow sleep.

I groaned at the racket he made, clapping his hands by my head and then dragging a chair along the floor, falling into it next to me.

“Go to bed if you’re tired. You shouldn’t be sitting like that.”

“Stop telling me what to do. I can do what I want,” I murmured back, keeping my eyes closed as he patted my head a few times.

“You can’t sleep on a sleeping guy. Kinda makes the situation a lot worse,” he clicked his tongue to the top of his mouth, his arms moving under my arms to pull me back as I whined because I was so close to asleep.

“Bye, bye. Love you,” I told Liam, giving his hand a small squeeze before Oliver pushed me away. “What if this is all just a big dream?” I asked him, dropping my head back to look at him. He frowned, looking down at me. “I’m asleep and it’s all just a stupid dream.”

“Want me to punch your lights out to see?”

“No,” I swallowed and pulled my head up again. “You wouldn’t punch a girl, would you?”

“Good thing you’re not a girl,” he answered and I gulped a surprised laugh, squeal type sound.

“And what am I?”

“Annoying to start it off. A baby. Dumb. Disabled,” he laughed the last word, tugging my hair and pulling my head back. “Definitely no dreamer either.”

“But I’m still a girl.”

“You’re not a normal girl though.”

“Define normal,” I raised a brow and he rolled his eyes. “Oliver, no one’s normal. If we were all normal then we’d all be the same. We’re all different and we’re all unique. I wouldn’t want to be normal anyway,” I said, pulling my head back up as we came into my unit and passed my curtains.

“Normal can be good.”

“Maybe,” I murmured. “Maybe it’ll just make it all boring. To be normal, that is.”

“Maybe I’d like you if you were normal,” he replied, moving in front of me and bending down to put on the breaks. “Or maybe that wouldn’t be enough to cut it.”

“You like me how I am,” I whispered, raised a brow as I touched my hands to his shoulders as he hooked his arms under my legs and around my back. “You wouldn’t be here, helping me if you hated me as much as you let on.”

“I could say the same for you,” he replied without hesitation, making me blink at how I realised that was true. He’d done me a lot of good since being here. He’s been nice, charming and genuine and I’ve actually allowed him to touch me as much as he has but I haven’t had any problem with it.

He has his moments when he gets childish and annoying again but I couldn’t deny that some of the hate I had for him before had changed to something good.

“Can you keep a secret?” I whispered, looking into his hazel eyes as he sat me down on my bed.

“Depends,” he answered and I watched as he pulled the sheets over my legs and tummy before he sat down next to me, his arm up against my shoulder as he leaned back against the bedframe.

“I’ve appreciated everything you’ve done for me since I’ve been in here,” I told him without looking at him. “And I’ve enjoyed having you around, apart from the times you’ve been mean of course. It’s nice to have the company.”

“What else was I supposed to do? Watch my best friend sleep all day?” He questioned.

“You said that before but you could have gone home or you could have asked your other friends over. Instead, you chose to annoy me and put up with me.”

“Putting up with you is easy. Annoying you is easier and lot more fun but my mood changes here and there.”

“And what mood are you in now?” I asked out of curiosity, looking up as him as he sighed and shuffled down to lay down, his head next to mine.

“The mood where I’m okay to lay here and go to sleep next to you because I can’t be fucked going anywhere else.”

“Don’t swear,” I whispered and he groaned, turned his head to me to open one eye and peek at me. “It’s not necessary.”

“A lot of sh-stuff’s not necessary but we still do it. Like talking now,” he turned his head away, closed his eyes and didn’t say another word as I kept staring at him because I didn’t expect him to just shut up like that.

I left it alone though, figured he hadn’t been sleeping well like he hadn’t been eating much so I wanted him to get sleep if he could. I closed my eyes too, let my body and mind calm down so I could get some rest as well.

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