The Reflection Of Love

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“So guess what!”

I jumped out of my shallow sleep, the television show I was watching still going while Oliver jumped next to me, moving his arm under my head as he chewed salt and vinegar chips loudly, his eyes on the television.

“I hate you,” I muttered, closing my eyes again after frowning at him sleepily.

“No,” he swallowed. “Alex says there’s a party cracking up this Wednesday. Want to come?” He asked and I just ignored him because that was the stupidest question he could have asked. “C’mon. You’ll be out of this shithole, laying on my couch and watching my movies. It’ll be good to get out. It’s a small party, gathering if you like. Food, drinks, other people to socialise with other than me.”

“I’m in a wheelchair, Oliver.”

“So?” He questioned and I sighed, shifting to look back at the television as the old, colourless show finally finished.

“No,” I said and he groaned a little, threw a chip into his mouth. I stared at the television, not really watching it because I was thinking too much about what my mum had told me. I’m going to be moving to New York.

Do I tell him now?

It’s not his business to know, my head replied and I agreed.

“What was your dream about before?” He asked, breaking the silence and making me look back at him softly. Then I looked away, taking a small breath. “You were crying and yelling, Sarah. What was it about?”

“Liam,” I murmured, closing my eyes. “He was okay. He was laying with me and we were both okay. But I knew it wasn’t real so I got upset,” I whispered and stopped, hesitating before I continued. “And then you came in and you laid on my other side.”

“Aww, dreaming about me?” He whispered, a cocky smirk taking his lips as I just nodded but frowned a little.

“Liam asked why you were there. Why I was dreaming of you too. I don’t know, Oliver. I don’t know,” I told him, anger in my tone as closed my eyes again. “Because it was nothing good. You started touching and kissing me and you wouldn’t stop. Then you woke me up and it was all in my head and that’s why I snapped at you.”

“Right,” he replied in a whisper, his hand frozen halfway from the bag of chips. “All that talking about my dad being a rapist made me one in your dream?”

“No-it wasn’t like that,” I growled. “You had your hand here,” I touched my own to his side, under his shirt when I felt my fingertips graze over the lump of his scar there, his skin smooth and his body thinner than I expected. “A-And you were kissing me, not on the lips.”

“Well, thank goodness,” he muttered, his brows raising for a moment before he chuckled softly. “I get it now. I know why.”

“Why?” I questioned, blinking and looking away from where I was touching him still.

“It’s as simple as drawing a dot,” he whispered, turning to face me, his face close to mine now as I frowned at him.

“Tell me,” I said, dropping my hand from his side to the bed as I met his eyes again as he hummed for a while.



“Oli does it, Babygirl,” he cut me off and I huffed, hitting his chest as he smirked. “Was Liam jealous in the dream?” He asked and I burrowed my brows for a moment, thinking about it.

“No, it was more like he was disappointed. Hurt,” I answered and looked down as I took a chip from his bag.

“Oh my god! Oliver Frost!” I heard Emma yell, making me look to her, Khloe and Alex as they came in. “Get out of her fucking bed.”

“Give me a fucking break,” he grumbled, pushing her away as she tried taking his arm to pull him off.

“Good morning,” Khloe smiled at me as the two of them fought it out but she came and hugged me, making me smile.

“Morning. I missed you guys.”

“I missed you too,” Khloe grinned, jumping over me to take Oliver’s spot as he moved away from Emma and to the other side of the room where Alex had sat himself.

“You’re worse than she ever was,” Oliver growled, pointing from me to her as I raised a brow at him and Emma.

“Of course you’d say that now. What is it, Frost? Are you in love with her? Is that why you’re acting so ridiculous?”

“In love?!” I laughed, moving to sit up as Oliver just laughed too, moved his hand over his face. “That is just raw, Emma.”

“Stop defending him.”

“I’m not,” I replied, giving Khloe a look for help because now she was angry at me. “Em, please calm down.”

“How can you sit there and act like it’s all okay? Every time we’ve come in, you’ve been basically spooning. What next? You’re fucking each other?”

“Jesus,” I heard Oliver mutter as I just stared at nothing because that was offensive to me. Did she honestly think that? “First off, we’d lock the door-.”

“Oliver,” I snapped and he chuckled with Alex, sat down by him.

“Boys,” Khloe growled next, sitting up too and giving them hard looks. “How about you leave us to be with our best friend? You have your own best friend to watch over,” she said softly.

“It’s much more interesting in here, thanks,” Alex replied and I scowled, looked to Oliver with a look he knew too well.

“Get out.”

“Fine,” he grunted, getting to his feet and hitting Alex’s head softly for him to follow. “Anyone tell you three you’re all bitches?”

“Shut up,” Emma yelled back just as Nia showed.

“Girls, last time I’m going to tell you. This is a hospital, no yelling.”

“Sorry,” Emma looked at her sympathetically and came to sit on the end of the bed, facing Khloe and I.

“Hi, Emma. How are you?” I asked, getting Khloe to laugh softly.

“I’m sorry,” Emma sighed, coming forward and hugging me lightly. “He’s just a jerk. I didn’t realise I hated him and now I’m actually seeing him for who he is.”

“Nah, he’s fine,” Khloe smirked, winking a little. “Just fine, fine, fine.”

“Shut up,” I laughed, pushing her shoulder. “It’s been so weird. He’s being so nice and abnormal around me now. It’s good but it’s different.”

“What did we tell you?” Khloe raised a brow. “He’s always been crushing on you. Now he’s taking his chance to make you feel the same way.”

“And break Liam’s heart?” I scoffed, shaking my head only to stop when that was exactly like my dream. Oliver showed up and Liam broke. “He wouldn’t do that to Liam,” I whispered.

“Stuff him. Would you do that to Liam?” Emma asked, her eyes lightening as I looked back at her. “It goes both ways, Sare. You have to tell Oliver to back off when it gets too heated.”


“Kissy, kissy, ooh la, la,” Khloe put in, wriggling her eyebrows and making me scrunch my face up. She laughed softly as Emma just gave her a mean look.

“It won’t get to that. Right, Sarah?”

“Definitely,” I answered, my eyes wide that we were even talking about this. “Look, if anything, Oliver’s just not on my hate list anymore. He’s actually decent and I like him-as a friend,” I added quickly as Khloe gasped.

“No way,” she exclaimed and then dropped the act. “Who thought they’d see the day?”

“I know, right?” I sighed softly, leaning into her when my tummy started hurting. “He’s done a lot for me while being here.”

“Like what?” Emma questioned, frowning weirdly and not believing me.

“He got his mum to organise with my parents for me to stay with them. You know how my parents are, I was telling Oliver about how I wouldn’t get any help while being there so I’m going home with him and Helen. She’ll look after me a lot better.”

“You could have stayed with me?” Khloe put in as Emma rolled her eyes.

“Oliver just had to jump and get her before us, Khlo,” she sighed, shaking her head softly as I chuckled lowly.

“You can still come and see me. Plus, that way, I can come see Liam whenever. You guys have school-.”

“So does Oliver?”

“I don’t think he really cares about that,” I whispered to Khloe as Emma groaned a little, rubbing her eyes.

“Fine. If he’s a friend and if he’s going to be around, I can limit the rage.”

“You don’t have to. It’s quite entertaining,” Khloe smiled as I took a deep breath.

“Was I never that bad?”

“I swear you’ve been worse,” Emma murmured, frowning too as I nodded. “Maybe he’s forgiven, forgotten?”

“Perhaps,” Khloe shrugged. “Who cares? Let’s stop talking about Frost for just a few minutes, okay?” She said and Emma cackled softly, shaking her head before Khloe was talking again but not anything to do with Oliver, which was a nice change.

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