The Reflection Of Love

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I took my assigned seat next to Liam, who was, unfortunately, a close friend of Oliver but he was pretty close to me too and he definitely wasn’t Oliver. He was nicer, quieter and a hell of a lot smarter.

I knew they had been best friends ever since primary school so there was no doubting that he’d choose Oliver over me anytime. I respected that because everyone, including a certain dickhead, needs a friend by their side.

And a friend like Liam is definitely something.

“Morning, Muncher,” I smiled as I took my seat, put my bag down next to my feet as he sat back, looking like his usual happy and cheery self.

One word to describe him?


He’s too good and hot to live in a world like ours. Dirty blonde hair, cut undercut. Big and bright blue eyes that took your soul with this one specific sexy look he does when he’s just trying to be polite. He’s a big flirt but he doesn’t know it, it’s just how he is and most times others will pick up and be like ‘dude, stop flirting, she’s not in for ya.’

I hate it when they say that because I know he doesn’t mean it.

“Cunningham,” he replied casually but moving forward to touch his arms to the desk. A lot of people in the friendship circle I’m tangled with go by last names. I don’t know why but it’s always been a thing with the boys, and me and some other girls just played along.

Muncher though, Muncher wasn’t his last name. It was Muech, spoken like ‘Mooch’. I call him Muncher because he always has baby carrots or cucumber sticks in his lunch, had ever since I'd first met him in high school and he can be a loud eater at times.

“How was your night?” He asked, watching while I organised myself and my things.

“Good thanks. I’m buggered though,” I sighed softly, shaking my head as I put it to my palm, my elbow on the table. “What about you?”

“Usual,” he shrugged, putting his face on his palm like I had mine. “Went for a run. Took Ted to the dog beach. Came home for dinner. Did homework and went to bed. Easy done, easy done,” he smirked slightly as I hummed for a second.

“And you didn’t think to invite me?” I raised a brow because when it came to his three month old puppy, he was not to go anywhere without me.

“You can tag along this arvo if you want,” he shrugged, still smiling. Just looking at it was making me smile even more. He was honestly breathtaking and of course, if I was into relationships and wanting a boyfriend then he’d be my first. We were that close and easy going with each other, we’d talked deep about relationships.

He confessed he wasn’t interested in anyone but me but he respected that I wasn’t ready for that yet. Plus, just imagine if we did ever get together. We’d laughed about that for a full ten minutes, unable to breathe as we imagined how Oliver would kill us.

“Would love to, thanks,” I answered, my smile shrinking to a smirk as I sat up again and looked to the front, jumping almost when Oliver was right there, standing in front of our table with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Don’t mind him,” Liam said, amused and keeping his head on his palm. “He’s just jealous.”

“Damn right. He’s mine, leave him alone,” Oliver replied, giving me a hard look just as I glanced back to Liam with a small smile. “Oi,” Oliver snapped, pushing my cheek to turn my head away.

“Don’t touch me,” I snapped back, wiping my cheek, glaring at him. “I know you can’t help it but try your best to fight it,” I said, narrowing my eyes as he fake gagged, put his fist to his mouth.

“Oliver, sit down,” ordered our English teacher, Mr Mitchell. For a small fellow, he’s got a hard punch. He’s one of the strictest teachers here, especially when Oliver’s standing in front of me.

Everyone here knows how we’re fire and gasoline. We DO NOT mix well.

“I’ve got my eye on you,” Oliver pointed his fingers from his eyes to me as he walked back and took his seat at the front, to the side from us.

“Just one?” Liam called, chuckling lowly as I rolled my eyes.

“He’s stupid like that,” I muttered back before I mentally cursed when he touched his hand to mine for a gentle tap to get my attention.

“Hey,” he murmured, giving me a soft look. “He’s not stupid at all.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered back, returning an apologetic look. He gave me a nod and took a second before he shifted and looked to the front as Mr Mitchell took to the front with his laptop, calling out names for attendance.


I glanced up from my work just as Liam nudged my elbow. I looked at him but he pretended to be working again. I pierced my lips together and went back to my work again until he nudged me again.

“Can I help you?” I asked, my smile widening as he ignored me but nudged me again. “Liam,” I complained because I had work to do. So did he but he obviously had the urge to just annoy me.

What do boys see me as? Why am I the one girl they want to annoy?

“Hi,” I smiled and he glanced back, brows raised as he smirked.

“Hi. Where are you up to?” He replied, leaning in close to look over my quiz sheet. I looked down too, proud that I was close to done but the questions were pretty easy and the film we had been watching for the last two lessons was straightforward and easy to remember.

“Eighteen,” I answered, tapping my pen to the question before I took a peek at his to see that he’d just finished up. “That was quick,” I said and he smirked back at me, raised his hand to tap his head. “Big brain in the small head.”

“Yeah, yeah. Big brain in the big head,” he nudged my elbow again with his as I gasped and touched my hands to my head. “Cut it clear, Darl. You got a big head.”

“Do not,” I grumbled, lowing my hands again.

“Everything about her’s big, Mate,” Oliver butted in without turning to us. I scowled at that and the fact that he was eavesdropping. “Apart from her ass and height of course,” he glanced back to give me the irritating smirk that did nothing but nick me off.

“Yet you got the bigger ego,” Khloe put in nastily and getting Mr Mitchell’s attention.

“Oliver, turn around,” he ordered.

Oliver did as he was told, which he was pretty good at doing. I had to admit that. He was a good listener and usually did as he was told unless he wanted to make trouble.

“Honey, you got a fine ass,” Emma whispered from behind Liam, leaning forward on the table.

“Thanks,” I smiled back at her and looked at Liam as he nodded in agreement unconsciously until he watched me catch him. I just laughed with him, turned back around before I stopped and glared back at Oliver when he was looking at me hard.

“Oliver, turn around,” I growled.

“Oliver, I won’t tell you again,” Mr Mitchell snapped and I smirked back at Oliver as he snickered and turned back around. It made me happy when other people didn’t like him either. Mr Mitchell seemed to like telling Oliver off, which I was absolutely fine with.

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