The Reflection Of Love

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Sarah’s POV

“I know you like me,” I’d told him. “And you know I like you too,” it seemed like a good time to tell him. He’d been so good to me and I didn’t hate him as much as I used to. I liked him, more than I liked but it wasn’t anything as strong as what Liam and I have.

Liam and I were forever strong. Oliver and I would end in no time after a stupid argument about a little thing that probably didn’t even matter.

“Want to talk about it?” Khloe whispered, pulling the covers over me after she helped me to bed. She laid down next to me as I sighed.

“He basically asked me to cheat on Liam with him,” I whispered back, shaking my head in disappointment. “I never thought he had it in him to do something that cruel.”

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, taking my hand. “But you could, you know? Liam might not wake up before you go. This could be your chance to learn what love can be-.”

“Khloe. I know what love is, I have it with Liam. I’m not ready for sex, you know that so please stop trying to plan my life ahead of me.”

“Oliver really likes you, plus, he knows what he’s doing. Out of him, Liam and some rich jock in New York, the bet for the best first time’s with Oli.”

“It wouldn’t be pure-.”

“Fuck that,” she laughed and I shook my head. “Sarah, you’re so lucky. You have this amazing, handsome boy who wants you as clear as day-.”

“I already have my dream guy, okay? I don’t want two,” I whispered and she looked at me, putting her head up on her hand, leaning on her elbow.

“Oliver’s a dream guy of yours then?” She asked and I closed my eyes, feeling the exhaustion take over everything else I was feeling.

“I’m tired,” I whispered and she sighed, leaned down and kissed my cheek. “I love you, Khlo.”

“I love you too. You’re just stupid sometimes,” she said, getting up and making her way out as I opened my eyes again and watched the door swing close, darkness taking up the room.

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