The Reflection Of Love

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He came back with my pills and a glass of water just as I finished doing my hair in two braids. I watched as I tied the second off with my thin black hairband before I looked to the other as Oliver pulled it, taking the band with it.

“Oliver,” I complained, catching my hair before it undid itself. “Give it back.”

“Give what back?” He asked, smirking and making me groan. I looked to where he put my pills and the glass of water, on the bedside table. I reached for them, putting the tablets in my mouth before I swallowed them down with a few gulps of water. I felt his hand push my hand away from my hair and I let him take the plait because I could always redo it if he messed it up.

“Want to go out for brunch?”

“Not really,” I answered, watching as he took the three parts and crossed two over and got stuck with what to do with the third. I smiled lightly and took them from him to redo what had been undone. I took my hairband back from around his wrist, tied the braid and let go of my hair as he just stared back at me dumbly.


“You didn’t even give me a chance,” he replied as I used his shoulders to help myself get to my feet. I pierced my lips at that, shrugged.

“It’s like that these days,” I smirked, tapped under his chin to lift his face up enough so his eyes came back to mine. “It’s not the end of the world, so Oliver Frost would say.”

“Wise man he must be.”

“Pretty average actually,” I murmured, smirking again as he gave me a stunned look.


“That’s good,” I put in, shuffling away and to my wheelchair, feeling as my breath came our shaky and puffed out. To walk now was a lot of effort. I hated that it was but it was and there’s not really anything I can do about it at the moment.

I can’t walk properly and maybe I can just continue to walk to get used to it but I knew it’d be painful to do that.

“Average?” He asked again as I pulled back the breaks and pushed the wheels forward. “I’m too fucking good looking for average, Sarah.”

“Your personality evens things out,” I replied and took my hands away when he started pushing me down the hall. “What am I?”

“You? You’re the best out there. You’re hot, you’re smart, you’re cheeky, happy and funny. You’re perfect at just about everything. Every girl wants to be you.”

“No they don’t,” I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

“C’mon. When you got that tiebreaker in the finals, you were at the fucking half line.”

“It was a fluke,” I smirked, remembering back to last year’s finals for the girls under eighteens’ basketball team. We’d made it to finals and we had five seconds left and so I just threw it as hard as I could from the halfway point.

I crowds screamed when it swished through the goal, so clean. It was videoed too, the whole school saw it. It was weird going back to school to be congratulated by so many people I knew and didn’t.

“Fluke or not, you were crowned fucking queen.”

“Oliver,” I warned, his swearing unnecessary.

“Sorry but it’s true.”

“I know. I was there,” I put in, looked at him as he parked me in the kitchen by the table and walked back behind the bench. “To think back then… now I can’t even walk ten metres by myself without feeling like I’ve been punched in the stomach.”

“You’ll come right,” he shrugged, flicking on the jug and then getting two mugs from the cupboard. “We’re going out after.”

“To see Liam?” I asked, tilting my head slightly.

“Maybe after but I’m hungry and there’s nothing too good here so we’re going out for lunch.”

“Oliver, I don’t want to go out.”

“You don’t want anyone seeing you in a wheelchair, I get it but it’s what’s happening. You’ll enjoy yourself,” he said and I shook my head because he couldn’t making me go out with him. I’ll be fine here alone, reading a book if he wanted to get lunch that badly.

“It’s not because of that okay? I just don’t want to go out and be a hassle to anyone.”

“To who? Me? You’re a hassle every damn day but good thing is, I’m used to it,” he replied and the corners of my lips quirked up for a moment. He fiddled around with spoons, mugs and boiling water before he was coming to me. He put them on the table, a hot chocolate before me.

“Thanks,” I smiled to him, taking it to sip some, happy when it wasn’t too hot and just perfect to drink. It wasn’t watery either. It was chocolatey like it should be unlike some hot chocolates I get from coffee shops.

“Every Thursday before school, Liam and I meet at Baxter’s, which is a small café close to school,” I started, noticed him nod as he probably knew of it. “The tradition’s broken now.”

“We could have gone.”

“You’re not Liam.”

“So we discussed,” he sighed and looked back at me. “Every Thursday?”

“Every week,” I nodded and he have me a surprised glance before he picked up his drink to sip it. “We’d go for hot chocolates and muffins.”

“Cute,” he said, his tone blank as he kept his eyes to his mug as he drew his finger around the rim.

“It’s like you hate hearing his name now.”

“As if that’s true,” he scoffed, looking at me with a frown and I shrugged a little.

“Whenever I talk about him, you go all grumpy.”

“You don’t talk about him, Sarah. You talk about you being with him. It’s always rainbows and sunshine, I get it. I don’t need to know anymore,” he replied sharply before he sighed and finished his drink. I watched him get up and walk back to the sink to rinse out his mug.

“You and I have no shot, Oliver. We’ve already talked about this, I love Liam and it’s always going to be him.”

“Well just shut up about it!” He shouted and I sat back in the chair, my anger growing from his voice raise. “I don’t want to fucking hear any more, okay? It hurts to know that I’ll never get as lucky as him all because he’s nicer and he’s prettier. Fuck being nice, for real. I start being nice and you just throw me back into the ditch so what’s the point?”

“The point’s that you’re doing better and I appreciate that-.”

“Do you really though? What do I get in return?”

“Not my hate for you, isn’t that good enough? That we can actually stand together or that we can come close and share those small moments. Or would you rather bloodshed and arguments all day and night while I’m here?” I asked and he just shook his head, reaching for whatever he had on top of the fridge before he walked out.

I heard the back door slide open and then slide close again hard, making me sigh because now he was angry and I didn’t know how long it’d take for him to cool off.

I sighed and got my phone, moved to text Khloe.

“Kill me now.”

I put it down and took my drink to finish it before I got out of my wheelchair and slowly walked over to the sink to rinse it out, my phone buzzing in my pocket for a second.

I dried my hands and retrieved it, looked up at Oliver as he stormed back in to snatch something from on top of the fridge again before he was gone.

“Shit. What now?” Khloe asked as I leaned back against the bench.

“I was talking about Liam and I and our hot chocolate dates and now he’s pissed.”

“That’s cute. Just give him something he wants and he’ll be happy,” she said with a winking emoji.

“Like what? And don’t say sex.”

“I wasn’t. Give him, idk. Wth does he like? A hug? Kiss on the cheek? Cheese?”

“Cheese?” I questioned, laughing on the inside.

“Do whatever. You know him better than me.”

“Fine. Wish me luck.”

“Good luck,” she sent the winking emoji again, making me shake my head at her with a small smile before I put my phone back into my pocket and started slowly and carefully to the lounge.

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