The Reflection Of Love

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I stopped at the door, looking out to see him leaning back against the wall next to the door, his eyes closed while he raised a cigarette to his lips with two fingers.

Why am I so surprised? I asked, scared now to open the door. I didn’t like smoking at all, I hated the smell.

I’ve never smelt it on him though. I wouldn’t have even guessed that he smoked but I’ve been known to make mistakes.

I took a small breath before I opened the door and leaned my shoulder against the frame as he didn’t move to look at me.

“I didn’t know you smoked,” I whispered as he blew out a smoky cloud from his mouth.

“I didn’t. I quit before the holidays, Liam helped me.”

“Oliver,” I murmured and he looked back at me. “You do know you’re smoking now, right?” I asked and he just looked away, leaned his head back against the wall.

“He’s been out for one week now, I miss him,” he said, dropping the cigarette and watching as he stood and squished it into the concrete. I took a small breath and moved out, touching my hand to his side as I got in front of him.

“I miss him too. Like crazy.”

“Figured,” he narrowed his eyes and I rolled mine because now he was just being a jerk about this.

“Fine. I was gonna hug you but you obviously aren’t up for that,” I said, stepping away and turning to look around. It wasn’t a big space. A patio where a lounge set sat, a fire pot in the centre.

Lemon, plum and apricot trees ran along one fence as ferns and other plants sat along the other. A trampoline, old and netless was at the back, looking like it hadn’t been used for a while.

“Come on,” I heard him say quietly before he took my hand and was pulling me towards the patio just beside this concrete square in front of the door.

I walked with him, surprised at how fast he was pulling me yet I was okay with it all. Painkillers, I reminded myself when I wondered if I was getting better.

I looked up at him as he turned to pull me closer, his arms around me as we both fell onto the big square bed type thing that was at the back of the lounge set.

I frowned at him lightly before I looked down, feeling that it was hard underneath the thin mattress and bedding that was there.

“Spa,” he answered when I looked back at him. “And bed, if you want to call it a bed.”

“That’s so cool,” I whispered, surprised when he said spa. He smirked a little, his eyes lighter than they were before. “You okay?” I asked and he nodded. “You sure?”

“Yes, for goodness sake. I’m fine,” he exclaimed in response. I nodded, telling him I’d heard him as he laughed softly while he shook his head, leaning up onto his elbow.

“We can go see him today?” I asked quietly, feeling as he touched his hand to my cheek. He nodded lightly, his eyes leaving mine as he moved his hand down my arm, his fingers zigzagging down it before they dropped off my elbow and continued along my side.

“You’re place is so beautiful,” I whispered, turning onto my back, looking back towards the house. It was one story but Helen had it built only a few months ago so it was new, modern and totally my kind of house. Her style was my style, that’s why I loved it so much.

White. Dark oak and green plants. Neat and tidy, organised. Small yet just enough to make it perfect.

“It’s your place too for the time being,” he replied but so quietly, I thought I’d missed a few other things he’d said. I looked at him and groaned a little, turning away again when he moved to kiss me.

“I cannot believe you just did that.”

“Fuck’s sake,” he grumbled to himself, sitting up as I closed my eyes, my heart racing a hundred miles per hour. I felt his kiss tingle on my cheek, making me wipe it lightly.

“You’re unbelievable,” I said, sitting up and leaning back on my hands as he had one of his arms on his leg, which was bent up while the other hung over the edge of the bed. He was looking away completely, frozen still.

“I directly said no about this. How much clearer do you need to hear it?”

“I’m sorry, okay? I just had to make sure-.”

“What? You had to see if I’d kiss you back or not? Oliver! You can’t just do that, thinking you’ll win your way! You can’t always win, you know,” I shouted angrily, crossing my legs as I pulled his arm towards me so he had to turn his body. “Don’t kiss me. We can hug and talk like we were doing, that’s fine but don’t kiss me.”

I can’t waste my first kiss on you.

“Okay. I won’t,” he exclaimed and breathed out. “It’s not even a big deal.”

“Well, it is to me.”

“Fucking hell, the way you’re rolling, you’ll have your first kiss on your wedding day.”

“No. I’m just saving it,” I replied, watching as he laid down with an arm under his head as he looked at me.

“Yeah, yeah. For Liam of course.”

“Of course,” I smirked a little, watched him roll his eyes before I laid back down, my head on his shoulder. “I’m sorry but it is what it is.”

“And it’s not the end of the world, I know,” he breathed, touched his free hand to my knee. “There are other girls out there. I’ll find the next best one.”

“Good idea,” I smiled softly, running my hand over his to interlink our fingers. “You should ask Khloe out,” I said and he hummed for a moment, making me look at him because maybe he was considering it.


“Why not? We could go on double dates.”

“She’s one of those girls. Great girlfriend but too clinging, always want to know where you are and what you’re doing and when she’ll be seeing you again. And it’s always drama with her, this happened and that happened and did you know, oh did you know this. Oh my gosh, guess what?” His voice changed, making me laugh at him.

“Okay, you’re right. Khloe’s all about the gossip and drama. Alex asked Emma out.”

“Yeah, he was telling me. Poor bugga got a bloody maybe. That’s so fucking rude,” he chuckled and I rolled my eyes at my best friend.

“She always needs time to overthink things,” I sighed, turning onto my back but laying my head on his stomach, our hands still interlinked. “I don’t really know Alex. What’s he like?”

“He’s an idiot. Loud and goofy. I think he liked Khloe for a bit too until he realised she was clinging with her last, what was his name?”

“Joel. They were so cute,” I pouted a little, staring up at the blue sky. “Yeah, she was kinda clingy with him but they were always arguing and he hit her once so she got out before any more bad happened.”

“Shit,” he murmured and I nodded lightly, knowing Khloe would be fine with me telling whoever. She wanted people to know that she was the smart one and left before she got hurt again.

“She loves the attention too,” I put in, making me laugh at that.

“Yes she does,” he replied, making me chuckle with him at how he said it. “But she’s pretty cool and fun.”

“Yeah. She’s a great friend,” I smiled, thinking back to before. Cheese? “What do you think about cheese?”


“Cheese,” I answered, looking to him as he frowned at me weirdly.

“Um, I don’t know. I like it but there can’t be heaps in the one mouthful. Thin slices or just a small sprinkle from the shredded bags. Why?”

“I was just wondering,” I shrugged. “Khloe said something about cheese before and it was just random so I was just asking what you thought about it?”

“Oh. Weird but okay,” he said, smirking a little as I rolled my eyes. “How about pizza?”


“For lunch,” he added, sitting up and looking down at me as my head fell into his lap. “I know a good woodfire pizza place.”

“I want to try to stay away from bad foods though.”

“We’ll go to a bloody salad bar if you want tomorrow. I’m up for pizza today,” he said, pushing me off him so he could get up before he turned around and picked me up, obviously in a rush for some pizza now.

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