The Reflection Of Love

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I stayed beside Oliver as he ordered a small Meatlovers with cheesy crust and extra bacon. He got himself a bottle of coke too while I still decided what I wanted.

“Okay. What do you want?” He asked me and I shrugged lightly.

“I don’t know. Nothing too much,” I replied and he rolled his eyes and looked back to the guy serving us.

“Thin crust Hawaiian.”

“No pineapple,” I put in quickly and Oliver gave me a look that said something like, “do not talk.”

“Fine. Cheese and ham, thin crust and a water, thanks,” he smiled genially to the guy as he nodded along, tapping the screen in front of him. He repeated the order and Oliver paid and I took our drinks to a table outside since it was nice weather. Oliver followed closely behind me and I could feel his hand touch my back now and then so I figured he didn’t trust me on my own to walk by myself.

“We’ll go see Liam after this?” I questioned, sitting down in the metal chair.

He told me that it’d be better if I had my wheelchair but that was too much of an issue for everyone so I argued and won.

“Why do you keep asking?”

“Because you’re you and you could have changed your mind,” I shrugged and he rolled his eyes lightly.

“Yes. We’re going to see Liam after this. No need to ask again.”

“I just might,” I replied, putting my elbows down onto the table, putting my chin on my palm. I smiled a little as he just shook his head and looked down as he pulled his phone from his pocket.

I stayed quiet and looked away, towards the pedestrians, vehicles and birds passing by. Nothing out of the ordinary apart from that I was sitting outside of a pizza restaurant.

“I’ve never ever been out for pizza.”

“Have you ever eaten it before?” He replied, scoffing a laugh and easily believing me.

“Of course,” I gave him a look as he smirked. “I just haven’t done this. Sat at a restaurant, waiting for pizza.”

“Well, you are now,” he shrugged, opening his can and taking a sip from it. “What’s up with all the healthy eating and water though? Are you trying for a diet?”

“No. I’m just not as active as I usually am and I’d like to stay away from the bad stuff while I can’t work it off,” I replied, which made sense to me. “I’m not like Khloe. I can’t eat a whole cow and not gain anything. I actually have to work out to keep the body I have, used to have.”

“Chill. It’s only been a week, you’re fine,” he rolled his eyes again, chuckling lowly to himself. “I hardly workout and I eat whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want. I gain a shit load but it doesn’t show.”

“I don’t know,” I narrowed my eyes a little, touching my fingers along my own jaw. “Your jaw’s a bit loose.”

“Shut up,” he grumbled, touching his chin and jaw while I smirked a little. “At least I got no giraffe neck,” he gave me obvious eyes while I frowned back at him, lowing my hand to my neck.

“Am I seeing a double chin?” I replied, raising a brow as he sighed and sat back.

“Not on me, that’s for sure,” he poked his tongue out for a moment as I smiled and put my chin back onto my palm. “I’ll list you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused as he put his elbow to the table and showed a fist.

“Golden hair, who wants that?” He asked, sticking out his thumb. “Beastie eyes that get what they want,” he put a second finger up as I rolled my eyes. “Giraffe neck that I could probably strangle with one hand-.”

“Why would you want to do that?” I laughed and he shrugged.

“Thought about it more than once, you know,” he grinned back, putting out another finger.

“First off,” I waved a hand for him to stop. “I like my hair very much. I like my eyes too, they’re rare. My green, from my grandma. And my neck, I don’t even know why we’re talking about my neck but it’s better than other’s I’ve seen, isn’t it?”

“True,” he replied and fluttered his fingers in front of my face, making me blink, thinking he was going to touch me. “Even with it all, you’re still beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I smiled and observed him for a moment, fluttered my fingers in front of his face like he’d done to me. “And even with your shitty, messy hair and flattering eyes, you’re still average.”

“Average,” he muttered and gave me a dark look as I smiled back. “No average guy’s gonna get into the Navy. He’s not gonna be sitting here with the prettiest girl. He ain’t up here,” he raised his hand and held it up, his hand flat as I felt my smile widen.

“Above average.”

“That’s more like it,” he smirked, dropping his hand to drop it over mine, taking it to hold lightly. I couldn’t feel his hand because of the cast but his fingers still intertwined with mine and it was nice to know he was comfortable like this here, in public.

I knew it wasn’t anything and it shouldn’t be anything but deep down it was something.

Something that couldn’t go on and something that should be kept a secret or rumours will spread and more than one person will get hurt.

“What happens when Liam wakes up?” I whispered to him, watched as he looked from the road to me again. “Do we just pretend this never happened between us? Do we tell him the truth?”

“I don’t know,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders lightly as I dropped my eyes and pulled my hand from his. “We’ll figure it out when we have to.”

“Okay,” I nodded, leaning back against my chair and getting my phone to focus on my notifications and not him as much.

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