The Reflection Of Love

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I took a shaky breath, waddling over to Liam’s bed when he looked a little better but nothing would be good until he was awake and alright.

“How have you two been?” Danielle asked while I nodded lightly, taking Liam’s hand as I sat down on the chair beside him.

“Fine,” Oliver answered for us, standing at the end of the bed and looking over his best friend. “A few bumps and bruises but nothing harmful.”

“Oh, Oli,” she sighed, moving to his side and touching his arm gently, whispering something to him that I couldn’t hear. I glanced away from them and to Liam, feeling my eyes water up quickly but I was stronger enough to keep them in.

“Only if you could have come and had pizza with us,” I whispered, moving my hand up to his head, tangling my fingers in his dirty and oily hair. “Well, only if the crash never happened,” I murmured before I picked my head up when one of the machines went off, a constant sound going off as I stared at it before at Danielle and Oliver when their conversation cut.

“Hey!” Oliver yelled out first, my heart jumping to my throat as I cried out, watching as Danielle took off out of the room.

“Oliver! What’s happening?” I asked, standing when he moved to my side, hugging me to his chest while I fought back, struggling to get back to Liam when he pulled me away. “Oliver!”

“Please, let’s get her out of here,” I heard Mandy say to us as other doctors and nurses rushed passed and I felt myself panic, watching as they swarmed Liam and immediately started touching him and fiddling with the machines.

“Liam! What’s happening to him?” I demanded, cursing Oliver for ever being so strong. I cried lightly when I couldn’t get free, leaning into him now as we were out of the room and he was rocking me softly, holding my head to his chest and shushing me gently.

I felt my body shake against him, my legs falling limp just as he sat down on a chair with me on his lap.


“It’ll be okay, Sare,” he whispered back, kissing my head as I dropped my head onto his shoulder, closing my eyes and taking deep breaths to calm myself down. “They’ll help him out.”

“B-But what happened?” I asked and looked at him when he shrugged his shoulders lightly. He swallowed hard as he raised a hand and wiped my cheeks dry with his palm but only more tears fell, the fright stabbing at my heart with every beat.


The cold seemed to only chill to the bone the more the minutes passed. Daunting. Longingly. The scene was unforgettable, the way the machines all went off at the same time, Liam rocking unconsciously, shaking but silent.

I felt the goosebumps along my arms pin into me as shivers passed through, my eyes opening when something soft and light came over me, covering my shoulders.

“Sorry to wake you,” Helen whispered, tucking the blanket behind Oliver’s shoulder too since I was still on him but he had his head back, his eyes closed and his face looking peaceful.

“I wasn’t asleep, just resting,” I murmured back, glancing passed her to see the corridors mostly empty, telling me it was probably late now. “Did they find out what happened?”

“Just a little seizure, no need to worry,” she replied quietly, touching her hand to my head, pushing back a lock that had falling over my face. “They’ve tested and checked everything. Minor memory loss, nothing too serious.”

“So, he won’t remember what?” I questioned as she took her hand back and stood up straight.

“He was never going to remember the crash, we knew that. Now, we’re not too sure what he’ll remember of what or when. It’s all going to be a mystery until he wakes up,” she hugged her arms over her stomach lightly, gave me a small smile, her eyes moving from me to Oliver. “Teen love is wild, it always has been. Just be careful, Sarah. You have their hearts in your hands, you’re the one who’s going to control what happens to them and as a mother, his mother, I love him and I don’t want him to be hurt, I’m sure you don’t want that either but,” she stopped for a moment as I dropped my eyes, nodding along lightly. “But I know he’s going to get hurt playing how he is with you. I hate it but it’s also not my job to protect him from everything, he needs to take responsibilities and know how to defend for himself,” she said as I leaned back against Oliver, my head going against his chest and under his chin before I felt him pull his head up and straight, a groan escaping.

“Shit,” he grumbled and I picked my head up again to look up at him. “You’re a heffalump after a while,” he winced, holding me securely as he shifted and sat up straight again.

“Yeah, so were you,” Helen put in, sitting next to us as she touched his cheek and fixed his shirt on his shoulder. “Liam’s okay. He just had another seizure. You’re allowed back in now,” she said as I swallowed suddenly, rehearing that one word that made me look at her.


“Wait,” I whispered, frowning and sitting up to look at Oliver clearly now. “Another seizure? How many has he had?” I asked, looking from him to Helen as she looked from me to him.

“Three-four now,” Oliver breathed, pulling his arm out from the blanket to run his hand through his hair. I felt my stomach drop, my eyes watering as I shifted uneasily.

“And you never told me?”

“You would have thought the worst,” he replied and then groaned when I got up and threw my side of the blanket back at him. I walked away and towards Liam’s room again when the doors were open but I stopped in the doorway when I heard Danielle crying softly to her husband, saw how they were wrapped in an embrace beside where Liam laid.

I stared at them sadly, feeling my emotions built up too fast for me to control. I only felt weaker when Oliver took me in his hold, hugging me tightly as I started crying as well.

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