The Reflection Of Love

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Sarah’s POV

The shower was twenty minutes of crying, ten minutes of washing and five minutes of silent thinking with my eyes closed and the hot water raining down onto me.

After my shower, I sat in the kitchen alone with a bowl of coco-pops. I hadn’t seen or heard from Oliver since before my shower and I hadn’t been able to find him either so I figured he went out. Helen was around, cleaning and vacuuming.

After I ate, I made myself a hot chocolate with two marshmallows only to hear Oliver crash inside and yell out that he was home again before he was in kitchen too, coming next to me with a glass to fill it up with water from the tap.

I glanced at him, wondering why he was all wet and smelly before I realised he’d just come back from a run and that was why he was so sweaty.

“I didn’t know you ran.”

“I don’t unless I absolutely have to and did I? Not really but it was good still,” he replied in a rush before he gulped down his glass and I put my spoon into the sink.

I watched him breath hard as he finished and then filled the glass up again to gulp down.

“Easy tiger, don’t want to get hiccups,” I warned him, taking my drink away to sit at the bench as he cackled and dumped half the glass down in the sink, settled his glass down on the side.

“Alex’s invited us to a party tonight,” he said and I scrunched my face up and sipped my hot chocolate as he leaned towards me over the bench opposite me. “I reckon I’ll go and it’s your decision if you’ll come with or not. Of course, I’d like it if you came too,” he said and I looked at him for a while, looking over his sweaty red face, dark damp hair and his hazel eyes before I sighed.

“Fine,” I sipped my drink again, getting one of the marshmallows in my mouthful.

“Fine as in you’re fine with me going or fine as in you’re coming too?” He questioned, sitting up straight with a surprised expression as I rolled my eyes and swallowed.

“Fine, I’ll tag along,” I replied and cursed his smirk as I raised my hand, “but the first bad thing and we come home.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he nodded and smiled as he tapped the bench. “What drinks do you want me to get?”

“I don’t think I should drink,” I hesitated then before he rolled his eyes and shook his head. I groaned a little because he was going to get me drinks anyway. “Fine. Cruisers please or ciders.”

“Alright,” he smirked back and ran his hand back through his hair, his eyes down on his phone as he texted with his other hand. I stared at him softly, a small smile crawling over as I took him in. He looked way better with wet hair, when it was less fluffy and draping down on either side of his face. What was even better was when he ran his hand through it, his jaw becoming visible as his biceps shined in sight.

Get a hold of yourself, I thought, feeling my cheeks warm as I forced myself to look down again while I brought my mug up to hide my blush.

I’ve only ever blushed for Liam. This was Oliver, the boy who I’ve hated for years and now he has me in a position where I am blushing and finding him attractive? Um, what the fuck?

“Who’s going?” I asked, swallowing my mouthful and keeping my eyes off him as he put his phone down onto the bench.

“Pretty much everyone. I think Khloe’s going with Emma and Alex,” he answered, moving around to get himself food from the fridge. “Everyone also meaning people who aren’t my biggest fans. It’ll be chaotic,” he said, pausing for a second as he put ham, cheese, butter, bread and mayo on the bench. “There’ll be fights but I don’t want you worrying or jumping in because I usually win.”

“Why the hell are we going then? I don’t want to do if it’s going to be like that.”

“Sure you do, it’s drama and entertainment,” he smirked back, getting two slices of bread from the loaf. “There might not even be any action, we could get lucky. Just have a good night, okay? Drink your heart out, dance and sing like it’s the last day of your life and you’ll love it.”

“Not in the morning I’m sure,” I muttered, watching him layer on mayo, cheese and ham onto his sandwich before he put the top slice on and picked it up.

“I’m still going but again, up to you if you come or not.”

“Well, you’re not going alone,” I protested and he smirked, took a bit.

“Great, it’s sorted then,” he nodded with a full mouth as I rolled my eyes and sighed, looked down into my empty cup and saw where the chocolate mix hadn’t been mixed properly.

You’re going to regret this, I told myself, knowing full well that tonight couldn’t end with a happy ending. Someone was going to get hurt, I could feel it and I wasn’t yet prepared for it but I knew I couldn’t do anything to stop this stubborn jerk so of course I had to go and look out for him.

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