The Reflection Of Love

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“Come on, you serious? I’ve been waiting ten minutes for you to finish up on your face? You’re beautiful without that shit, you know?” Oliver butted as he came into the bathroom just as I finished packing up my makeup.

“It’s what a girl needs to do, alright?” I replied bitterly, zipping my bag up before I looked up at him from in the mirror and smirked a little when his mouth dropped and he couldn’t speak but he still managed to get his hand to his neck to rub.

“Y-You’re making trouble,” he grumbled, pointing his finger at me now as I rolled my eyes and put my toiletry bag into the draw. “Want some more clothes on too or you good?” He muttered as I passed him and flicked the lights off as he followed.

“I’m not even that bad,” I scowled, looking down at my outfit. I wore a black denim skirt with a short top of black and red buffalo checks.

“Bet Liam doesn’t let you dress like that,” he murmured, catching hold of my hips as I stopped in the dining room where I had my jacket over a chair.

“Liam doesn’t control me actually,” I replied, turning to him as I put my jacket on. “If you really want to know, he actually likes me in outfits like this. He says he likes the idea of guys seeing how hot I am yet they can’t do anything to have me,” I smiled back as he stared back blankly.

“Well, I call bullshit. Liam’s never set eyes on porn, there’s no way he lets you go out with such bare legs,” his eyes dropped as I rolled my eyes.


“Not at the moment,” he murmured back and gave me a funny, happy glance as he passed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I called, turning to grab my phone off the bench and follow him outside.

“It means,” he said, standing before me as he closed and locked the door behind me. “If anyone so much looks at you the wrong way-.”

“You’ll what? Poke their eyes out?” I butted in, crossing my arms over my chest. “Don’t be the bad guy tonight, please,” I told him, looking at him softly as I dropped my arms to touch his. “Let’s just have a good night, it doesn’t have to go bad,” I said and sighed softly as he nodded, gestured towards his car. I paused before I started, got into the passenger seat as lights flashes when it unlocked.

“How many pain killers did you take?”

“Enough,” I answered as he started the engine before I heard him chuckle when he started out of the driveway.


I looked over the lit up house, a crowd obvious in the windows and out the back as the music played loud. Oliver had parked down the street so we had to walk a bit but it was fine. He’d reminded me how the girls should be here soon too and he explained to me an emergency plan if anything bad did happen. If the cops showed up, we’d walk down to Alex’s house since his place wasn’t too far away.

“Don’t forget to call me if you’re lost, okay?” Oliver said again and I nodded along, bored and sick of him already as we walked through the door. Immediately I was consumed by hot, sweaty air that smelt like alcohol, weed and perfume.

I swallowed a little, walking through the moving crowds, my hand in Oliver’s as he lead me through.

I heard a loud whistle go off, making me smile when it was Alex, sitting with the girls and other guys in a small lounge area.

“Sarah!” Emma exclaimed with a big smile, raising her hands up with her eyes closed, her body language instantly telling me she was drunk. I chuckled softly, noticing Oliver put our bag on the floor by the couch before I made my way over to the girls.

“You look smoking,” she slurred, catching my hand as I settled between her and Khloe.

“I’ve missed you, guys,” I said loudly over the music, hugging Emma first before Khloe, staying with her a little longer since she was being unusually quiet. “You okay?”

“She’s already drunk as fuck and it’s not even eight fucking o’clock,” she muttered as I smirked a little and shrugged. “She’s going to be out by ten and the night's gonna be shit, that’s the problem.”

“Aww, you’ll still have me plus everyone else here. Go meet some guys,” I told her and she paused before she smiled a little and hugged me back.

“I missed you too. How are you feeling?” She asked and I shrugged again.

“Fine. Feeling pretty good but I’m sure it’s just the drugs,” I replied and glanced to Oliver as he stood in front of me and held me down one of my drinks. “Thanks,” I smiled, taking it before he moved away and sat with the boys with his own drink.

“What’s news with you two?” Khloe asked next and I groaned a little, shook my head at that because there was too much to tell her.

“He tried to kiss me,” I whispered, popping the lid off and taking a sip of my pineapple cruiser as she gasped and looked at me wildly. “And then he did kiss me. Just not on the lips,” I added and she smirked.


“Um,” I frowned, pausing and wondering if I should be telling her this or not. A laugh escaped when she touched me, guessing for herself. “No!” I shrieked, jerking away when she was definitely way, way off. “Just, here,” I touched my hand to her stomach before I raised it to my neck and jaw, bit my bottom lip as I drew my fingers down my jaw.

“And?” She questioned, her eyes bright and joyful.

“And I don’t know yet. It’s bad and he shouldn’t have because I’m with Liam but,” I stopped and sighed softly. “But sometimes I can’t stop him. It’s different and I-I like it,” I confessed slowly and quietly, taking a small breath as her smile widened.

“It’s true love.”

“No-No it’s not,” I closed my eyes and shook my head as she just laughed. “Liam and I, we’re true love. Oliver and I, we’re just making new issues every day,” I sighed and sipped my drink again as I glanced over to him to meet his eyes when he glanced back at me. I gave him a small smile in return of his before I looked back at Khloe when she finished her drink and put it down onto the table breaking us up from the boys.

“Some things are with a few issues though,” I whispered to her, heard her gulp as she looked back at me in shock. I groaned a little and shifted, “I really don’t know what to do now, Khlo.”

“Well, you-you get him. You have him and see what happens,” she said, turning to me again. “No one knows when Liam’s going to wake up. And that’s okay. It’s also okay for you to explore things with Oliver before you’re in New York without either of them,” she shrugged lightly and I felt my face drain at the reminder of New York.

She’s right, my head whispered. My time’s also up here and Liam’s not going to wait up for another month, Oliver said.

Stop being so fucking selfish, Sarah, I told myself next, drinking my drink and managing to finish it before I got up for another one.

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