The Reflection Of Love

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My heart was beating fast, my mind exploding as my soul opened with different feelings. I laughed with Khloe as we danced in the crowds, our hands gripping each other’s as we swung our arms around, jumping and dancing to the pop beats of the music.

It’d been a couple more hours since we’d been here. I knew I’d already had a few too many drinks but I couldn’t help but feel so happy and excited. It’d been the best night I’d had in a while and I was so grateful that Oliver brought me.

“Well, I’m going to go,” Khloe called, letting go of my hands as I frowned and stopped dancing when she left before I felt a certain someone’s rough hands come to my waist from behind.

“Oli,” I smiled, closing my eyes as I raised my hands to the ceiling and dropped them back down behind his neck as we moved together. I only laughed a little when my feet came together and I tripped. When I fell though, he caught me, chuckling as he pulled me back up.

“How much have you drunk?” He asked as I smirked, touching his face with my hand and ran it back through his hair.

“You’re so beautiful,” I murmured as he smirked back at me. “Oliver, I’m serious.”

“Well, thank you, Babygirl,” he replied and I smiled back, tiptoeing to wrap my arms around his neck. “But I believe you beat me with that one.”

“No,” I frowned, shaking my head as it dizzied up. I closed my eyes, standing on my own before I frowned back at him and shoved his chest. “You’re hot. You’re sexy but even more so when your hair’s wet,” I told him, gripping his hair as his eyes looked up at it. “You’re beautiful and so is Liam. I have both of you, two good looking guys who love me and I’m so lucky. I love you,” I mumbled, hugging him again as I felt his muscles tense against me.

Did you say that or am I hearing things? I wondered before I waved it away and let go of him.

“I need another drink. I’ll be back,” I told him, tapping his arm as he just stared at me. I walked passed him and towards the kitchen that I’d found earlier when I’d finished all the drinks Oliver bought me. Punch and beer was there for everyone and so I helped myself to the punches. They were all so good.

I grabbed a plastic cup, the music died down since the kitchen wasn’t so crowded. It was nice to be away from the loudness and take a breather here alone as you got a drink.

I filled my cup with the tropical punch before I sipped it, ended up gulping it before I started filling it again.

Someone chuckled next to me, making me glance to the tall guy watching me with an empty cup in his hand. “That’s the way,” he smirked.

“I’m thirsty,” I shrugged, looking down again as my cup filled and I stepped out of the way so he could fill his. “Plus, it tastes amazing.”

“Thank you,” he replied, “I made it.”

“Really?!” I exclaimed and he chuckled with a nod. “Oh my god, you’re amazing.”

“I’m Ryan actually,” he smiled back as he finished filling up his cup.

“Hi,” I gleamed, “I’m Sarah.”

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded and I frowned a little because I was pretty sure I didn’t know him. But how’d he know me? “After the accident, pretty much everyone knows you.”

“Oh, yeah,” I breathed. “Are you at my school?”

“Five days a week,” he answered and sipped from his drink as I smirked at that answer.

“You’re funny,” I put in, watched him move back and follow the last few people to the doors as they walked out before he closed them.

Why’s he closing the doors?

“Really?” He tilted his head a little as I leaned back against the bench, noticing when he came back towards me. I nodded to his question and closed my eyes suddenly when my head waved. I raised my hand up to brush back my hair while I gulped down my drink, put my cup onto the bench when it was empty.

“I’m a friend of Liam’s actually.”

“Liam’s great, isn’t he?” I smiled, touching my hand down to his arm as he leaned his hand to my waist like Oliver always did. “You know Oliver too then.”

“Yeah, who doesn’t know that asshat?” He scoffed as I snorted a laugh but shrugged.

“He’s not that bad once you get to know him,” I told him, looking up at him softly before I glanced down when I felt his free hand run up my legs. I shifted on my feet, blinking when I realised how close he was to me now. “Whoa, I’m not that kind of girl sorry,” I informed, pushing his hand away.

“Sarah,” he said deeply, looking into my eyes. “It’s not even happening,” he whispered and I frowned, feeling his hand touch me again.

“It’s not?”

“No,” he shook his head, his fingers crawling up under my skirt. “Maybe I’m Liam.”

“You can’t be,” I laughed a little. “Liam’s in a coma in the hospital.”

“No, I’m right here, Sarah,” he whispered and I closed my eyes when his mouth touched to my neck. “It’s me. Liam.”

“Liam,” I murmured, touching my hand to the boy's hair, curls wrapping around my fingers like Liam’s would. I felt his hands touch me, something hard touching my legs as he pushed his body against mine. “W-What are you doing?” I asked before I winced when I felt his hands force my legs open more. “N-No!”

“Sarah!” I heard as I screamed before I gasped, catching myself on my hands and knees, staring before me as Oliver was on the guy, sending his fists down one after another.

I felt my breath harden, my eyes going wide as I sat back and curled my knees up to my chest, my hand shaking as I moved it over my mouth, my eyes pouring with tears now as I realised what was going to happen if Oliver hadn’t found me.

“Oliver!” I heard another guy yell just as I saw Khloe fall in front of me.

“Sarah? Sarah, what happened?” She asked, wiping my tears as I watched several guys pull Oliver off the boy.

“Don’t fucking touch me! Let go!” He growled, shoving them off to come to me. I cried out as he picked me up and hugged me tightly, his hand on my head as I cried into his chest and curled in against him. “Shh, it’s okay,” he whispered over and over again as everyone else stood around, working it out for themselves.

“Oli,” I sobbed, turning my head to look at the guy as he laid unconscious with people around him. I looked away again when I felt myself break even more. “He said he was Liam,” I clamped my eyes and fist shut as tight as I could before I hiccupped.

“Oh, Sare,” I heard Khloe say as she rubbed my back gently.

“Did he?” Oliver whispered, rubbing my head as I shook it and felt my head go dizzy and sore. “Sarah, did he?”

“No!” I cried, trying to push him away but he wouldn’t let me go. “No, you got him b-before,” I added, hugging him back when I said that, realising he’d saved me. “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god,” I shut my eyes again as I touched my hand to my face again.

“I’m taking her upstairs. Whatever you do, do not let him go,” Oliver told the others before he picked me up and was walking out. I leaned into him, hiding myself and the fact that I was crying from the rest of the party.

“I just want to go home.”

“I know but we can’t right now. I can’t drive and Mum’s working the night shift,” he whispered back and walked into a room, closed the door behind us and turned on the lights. “Are you hurt?”

“N-No, I don’t think so,” I whispered back, sniffing as he sat me down on the bed in the small but cosy girl’s room. “God, it was so close. Just a second late, Oli,” I whimpered and cried as he leaned down and wiped my cheeks dry.

“Khloe’s going to be here soon, okay? I’m going to go down and deal with it-.”

“No. Please stay,” I cut him off, taking hold of his hand. “I-I need you here,” I told him and watched him pause before he nodded and sat down next to me, hugging his arms around me.

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