The Reflection Of Love

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I stared at the ceiling for a good twenty minutes before Oliver woke up, groaning and squeezing me into him as if he was cold, cuddling his blankets tightly for warmth.

“Oliver,” I freed my arm which was wedged against him and turned away from him, bothered that he wasn’t letting me go. “You stink,” I put in, heard him groan again like a baby. I rolled my eyes and touched my hand over his, wondering if he’d fallen asleep when I did but the smell told me otherwise. I didn’t remember him leaving or coming back though. “What happened after I fell asleep?” I asked, staring ahead of me as his breath pushed at the back of my neck.

“I don’t know. I can’t remember,” he replied and I growled a little, turning around to look at him.

“Can’t remember or you don’t want to tell me?” I questioned, saw his eyes roll under his shut lids as he took his arm off me and ran his hand through his hair. “Oliver, what happened?” I asked again, sitting up and waiting for him to answer.

“Nothing you need to worry about,” he shrugged, hanging his arms over his eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” I murmured, laying back down with my head on his chest, looking up at the ceiling again as he moved his free arm over my stomach. “How are you feeling?”

“Shit,” he answered, which was what I was expecting. “I’m sorry if I woke you up before. I could hardly walk on all fours,” he muttered, making me chuckle softly as I turned onto my front.

“You didn’t wake me. I was pretty deep in sleep,” I replied and he moved his arm off his eyes and ran his hand down my head as he gave me a small smile. “I’m hungry, let’s get up and find food,” I said, getting up as he groaned. I smirked back, taking his hands and pulling him up.

“Hold up,” he raised his hands to his eyes as he sat back down on the bed, making me roll my eyes.

“You need water, food and meds. Come on,” I told him, pulling him forward again. He helped me with him and got up but I had to pull him to walk out and downstairs, finding Khloe and a few guys in the kitchen with egg and bacon muffins.

“Finally, you’re awake!” Khloe exclaimed with a full mouth. I smiled at her as she got up and hugged me while she took another bite of her breakfast.

“And starving,” I put in, moaning softly as I followed Oliver to the bench and sat next to him, grabbing a paper plate and piling it with eggs and bacon.

“How are you guys feeling after last night?” Khloe asked, sitting on my other side as she touched her hand to my back.

“Fine. What happened, happened. There’s nothing we can do about it now,” I sighed and bit some of my bacon as I grabbed a random cup and the bottle of orange juice and poured myself a cup after Oliver.

“You sure you’re okay?” Khloe whispered to me and I nodded, feeling my heart spike up a little. Was I okay about it? No, I would never be okay about it but what I okay? Yes, I was fine. I wasn’t harmed and it’s all alright. I’m just grateful everyone turned up when they did, especially Oliver.

“What ever happened to him?” I asked, looking towards Alex as he leaned forward against the bench opposite us.

“He-ah…” he stopped and glanced towards Oliver for a second, making me look towards the idiot next to me.

“Don’t worry, Babygirl, didn’t even get a scratch on me,” he gave me a cocky smirk, telling me enough. I looked over him for a while, now focusing on any obvious injuries if there were any. “He on the other hand,” he looked at me happily like beating up last night’s douche was the best thing he’d done for a while.

“It’s actually not funny,” I replied, looking away and continuing to eat the food I had in front of me.

“It was pretty entertaining though,” Alex grinned back to Oliver as I rolled my eyes and looked to Khloe as she shrugged back.

“I didn’t see it. I was assisting Emma to the bathroom,” she replied to my unasked question as I frowned and glanced around. “Her brother came and picked her up earlier,” she told me, making me nod as I continued to eat, filling up my hungry stomach.


“Hey, kids, how was your night?” Helen asked as Oliver and I walked through the door to the smell of warm baked choc chip cookies as she pulled the tray out of the oven.

“Alright,” Oliver shrugged, throwing his wallet and keys onto the bench as I sat straight down at the table, my still healing wounds aching from all the moving around I’d done today and last night.

“What happened?” Helen asked, putting her hands on her hips. “Sarah, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, thanks,” I smiled back at her, the topic of last night already discussed between Oliver, the others and I. I didn’t want it to go out. It happened and there’s nothing to tell.

“And nothing really happened. Nothing serious anyway unless you count Sarah getting completely drunk,” Oliver said, giving me a cocky smirk and wild look to his mum as he opened the fridge and got the orange juice out.

“Yeah,” I murmured when she glanced at me in surprise but then chuckled.

“Well, I’m glad you guys had a good night. You both deserved it,” she replied as she made her way out to continue vacuuming in the loungeroom as I looked at Oliver. He filled two glasses up with juice, his eyes down as he focused on not overfilling them.

I didn’t bother to say anything because I knew he wouldn’t be able to hear me with the noise Helen was making but I knew I said a few things last night while we were dancing. I was an idiot of course saying them aloud but I remember how he looked at me and there was no way he wasn’t or hadn’t over thought it. We had to talk about it but I didn’t know what to say.

Mostly because it was real and I’d just sound stupid if I tried defending myself because he damn well knew the truth too and I know he has for a while, just hearing me say it was another level.

He’s charming. Stubbornly handsome.

He looks even better with wet hair and he’s a jackass but he’s a loveable jackass because I think I love him.

“Thanks,” I smiled kindly as he came over and sat down with me, putting my glass in front of me so I could pick it up and sip out of it, swallowing down the bad but happy feeling inside me.

What about Liam?

I felt the bad feeling grow deeper inside, big enough that my chest began to ache as I looked down and away from Oliver, the glass cool to the touch as I ran my fingers down it to the base.

Khloe might be right about this one, my head replied to the negative thoughts racing around in my head, the guilt picking up quickly. Liam possibly won’t be awake by the time you’re gone. Oliver may be your only chance to experience last time wonders before you’re stuck in New York… I trailed off as my mind clouded with arguments and thoughts.

“You okay?”

I picked my eyes up and looked at Oliver as he stared back lightly, his hand coming over my wrist and palm. His thumb caressed my skin softly there as I watched him back for a moment before I reheard what he’d said.

“Yeah,” I breathed, nodding lightly but he didn’t look too convinced. “I’m just tired,” I added, turning my hand to take hold of his, looked down at our hands when he squeezed mine gently.

“I know when something’s wrong with you,” he replied and I just rolled my eyes at that because his tone was becoming too serious. “Sare.”

“Oliver,” I responded, giving him a blank look before I took another gulp of my juice, the background noise coming to an end.

“Oli, come clean your room please so I can vacuum!” Helen yelled from the other end of the house. Oliver sighed and grabbed his glass to finish his drink before he put it down and got up, squeezing my hand gently again before he let it go and walked away.

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