The Reflection Of Love

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Oliver’s POV

How could she even manage to worm her way into him like that?

“She fucking spelled him,” I muttered, catching the football Alex threw to me. He lounged back on the couch in my basement, while I stood, pacing because Liam was now avoiding me. “I bet you.”

“Okay. A hundred,” Alex chuckled, tapping his fingers together as I pulled my arm back and threw the ball back to him. He grunted as he caught it, the strong throw pushing the ball into his stomach.

“Dude, you’re supposed to be my friend.”

“Isn’t Liam supposed to be that too? Where is he now?” He questioned and I groaned, turned away from him as I started pacing again.

It wasn’t fair how he suddenly spent so much time with her. I wasn’t prepared for it.

He was always here. Always by my side and now there are days I go without seeing him at all and I miss him.

“This only gets worse,” I said and turned just in time to catch the ball. “Next thing we know, they’re moving in together and she’ll be trapping him inside with her all day every day!”

“At least we won’t be seeing her,” he pointed, raised a brow and smirked as I thought through that.

“Sure but I’d rather see her if it meant I saw Liam. I can deal with her just fine,” I folded my arms over my chest, the ball in my hand still. “I just don’t like her,” I shrugged and he nodded along, his eyes glancing away as he agreed with me.

“Anymore,” he added and laughed when I gave him a stern look.

No I don’t. Not now. Never again.

Perhaps I liked her before but I was foolish and young wanting the pretty girl.

It was years ago and I’m so over her and the harsh pain she put me through all because she said yes and then no and then completely avoided me until I put myself in front of her and made it obvious that I was a person too and she couldn’t just avoid me.

She still tries to avoid me but these games have been playing for years and it’s all just natural for me to end up in the same room or place as her and start a fight. It’s just how we worked now.

No lovie dovie situations. Just bloodshed, game on ’till death.

“You’re just jealous, Oli. She said no to you but yes to Liam,” Alex continued, chuckling on as he got to his feet and I growled at him, throwing the ball. He grunted when it hit his shoulder and fell to the ground.

“Do not accuse me of such treachery again!” I shouted as he walked off. I heard him laughing while I rolled my eyes and watched him head upstairs for probably some food or the bathroom.

“Alex, hi,” I heard Mum say from the door as I sat down on the ground, getting my phone from my pocket.

“Ms Frost.”

“Hang on, mister. Is Oliver down there?”

“Yup!” I called and looked back and up when I heard her start down the stairs. I narrowed my eyes at her, wondering what I’d done now because everyone knew it was just ‘Oli’. Unless you’re a little blondie with mild anger issues.

Her hand held the landline telephone tightly as she breathed heavy, her eyes wide and scared.

“Shit,” I muttered, looking away before I sighed and got up.

How’d she know? I only told Liam.


“It’s Liam-.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I grumbled. “Look, I’m sorry okay,” I told her while she shook her head, coming down the stairs.

“I don’t know what you’re apologising for this time but that doesn’t matter now.”

“It doesn’t?” I questioned, glancing up at Alex as he watched us by the door. “Mum,” I said sternly as she touched her hands to my cheeks, her eyes tearing up.

“Baby, it’s Liam and Sarah. They were in an accident, Danielle just called me-.”

“What?” I cut her off, blinking while tears fell from her eyes and she touched my cheeks again softly. I swallowed, looked back up at Alex as he came down a few steps. “A-Are they okay?”

“No, Oli. Not really. They’re in the hospital-. Oli,” she gripped my shirt as I passed her, making me come back to her.

I took a breath, closing my eyes tightly as she hugged me.

“Mum, I gotta go.”

“I’ll take you both,” she replied, rubbing my back for a moment. “I don’t want you driving. They’re being looked after and helped. They’ll still be there when we get there so there’s no reason to rush.”

“Okay, can we just go?” I said before she opened her mouth again and kept us waiting. I backed away and started up the stairs, looked at Alex as he touched his hand to my shoulder.

“Want me to call the other guys?”

“They should know,” I nodded, glancing back to my mum as she got her wallet, keys and mobile from the kitchen bench.

I swallowed, turning away from them both and closing my eyes tight. My heart was racing the fastest I’d ever felt it beat. My eyes stung because no matter how hard I tried, they so badly wanted to pour. The stress, the worry and fear clawing at my soul and pushing pain at my chest.

“Ready to go?” Mum asked, stopping by my side to rub my back softly. I nodded slightly and looked to her, my sight blurring almost immediately. I looked away, taking a breath while she leaned in and hugged me again. I embraced her in return, her body small compared at mine, short and petite. Like Sarah…

“How’s Sarah?” I whispered and looked at her again, wiping my eyes with my palm.

“I think she was doing better,” she murmured back, brushing down my shirt unconsciously and then touching my cheek again. “We don’t have to go-.”

“We have to go,” I cut her off, giving her a look because how could she say that? Liam’s my best friend, nothing and no body overtakes him in my heart apart from her. They’re all the family I have and I can’t lose one or the other or the last few pieces holding me together will shatter completely.

I swallowed hard and let her go, moving to Alex to tap his back and direct him out.

“Tony and Kevin will meet us there. I couldn’t reach the others,” he told me and I nodded but I didn’t really hear him because my mind was going over how just an hour ago, we were coming back from Liam’s house. We’d dropped off Ted and we’d said g’day to his mum.

Then the traffic was crazy slow on the way here, we’d watched the police and ambulance fly pass… was it them?

“Alex. We passed the crash,” I whispered, feeling my eyes water up again as he stopped talking and looked at me.

“I know. The police have it on their page. Side on with a delivery truck,” he murmured and I felt my breath suddenly leave my lungs. I raised my hand through my hair, gasping as my chest ached with agony.

“A-And I didn’t even recognise Liam’s car? I-I should have seen it,” I shook my head and looked to my mum as she came out, putting her phone into her bag and unlocking the small black Suzuki she had.

“Oli, take deep breaths, honey. That was Danielle. Liam’s out of surgery and Sarah’s close to waking up they think. They’re going to be okay. There’s no need to be worrying now,” she touched my arm as I nodded gently but I was still worried.

Of course I was worried.

“Many people get into accidents, it’s life and the doctors know what they’re doing,” she continued and gestured to the car. I took a breath, wiping my eyes again and getting into the car as the other two did.

I knew lots of people got into accidents but some people die in them too. I can’t just breath calmly and sit still, knowing Liam could be hurt. He might be okay but he could still be hurt and I need to be there for him.

Best friend to best friend. We’re always and forever and I will not let anything, no cute blonde, no accident or no zombie apocalypse take him away from me.

Hold onto the thread, I thought, looking down as my hands shook in my lap. I held them together and looked out of the window as Mum started down the road.

I’m coming.

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