The Reflection Of Love

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Later that night, I woke up from my hand throbbing, my body hot and sweaty. I whimpered softly from the pain under the cast and how uncomfortable I felt being here, in this room, in this bed and in this situation.

I took deep breaths and shifted slightly, slowly and carefully to get more comfortable and cool. I needed the sheets off but I couldn’t because it hurt.

“Can’t sleep too?”

“Can you help me?” I whispered as Oliver appeared from behind the curtains and came in.

“Yeah, of course,” he looked at me softly as I bit my tongue.

“I’m hot. And uncomfortable. Please take the covers off me,” I said, sounding demanding and then cursing myself for sounding like that because I didn’t mean to but it was just natural now with him.

He nodded softly, coming closer and pulling the sheets out from under my sore hand first before he threw them off and down to my feet.

“Liam’s doing okay. Still asleep but he’s not any worse than he was before,” he whispered, shifting and sitting down on the bed, turning to face me and lean back on the board at the end of the bed. He laid his legs beside mine but kept his feet off and away from my face thank goodness.

“How’s Danielle and Mike?”

“Worried. Like any parents I guess,” he stopped and looked at me with a cocky look. I rolled my eyes at him, pulling up the middle finger at him. He gasped, touched his chest.

“They’re sleeping over so it kind of felt weird if I slept in the same room too.”

“So you thought I’d want you here instead?”

“Better than nobody, right?”

“No,” I shook my head as he smirked. “I could be asleep again if it wasn’t for you.”

“No, you’d be crying about how you were hot and uncomfortable,” he raised a brow but smiled when I rolled my eyes because he was right.

“Well, you only did half the job. I’m still uncomfortable and in pain,” I replied, putting my head back and closing my eyes, ready to get some more sleep. It was late and dark, I was exhausted and sore. The best thing to do in this time was to sleep. Not pull an all-nighter with my enemy.

“Sorry, your highness. Want me to puff your pillow?”

“If you want,” I grumbled, moving my good arm over my chest. I looked down as I lightly touched my sore shoulder, spread my fingers around it to hold it gently.

“Well, don’t mind if I do.”

I looked back at him as he came forward and pulled out one of my pillows. I gasped at the fall before I bit my bottom lip hard when my shoulder ached.

“You’re such an ass,” I glared at him as he put the pillow down, shuffled up and laid down going head and tails with me.

“You’ll live,” he whispered, turning to his side while I relaxed back and closed my eyes, wondering if I’d be able to get to sleep soon or not.



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