The Reflection Of Love

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The girls were with me for hours. I finally had some help by Emma to change into some of my clothes. I went with my extra-large grey shirt I always wear to bed and my pyjama pants which were pink, purple, blue and white stripes. Wearing my own clothes instantly made me that more comfortable, it was relieving.

A few of the other girls came in at midday with lunch for us all from the local Thai place. I love curry, love was an understatement actually so it was amazing to have them all come in with my favourite meal.

Later in the day, they had to go for their own personal reasons which I was fine with. I got a few hours of sleep, slept through dinner so when I woke up again at eleven, I was starving.

I waddled my way out quietly. It was quiet and not so busy which was new but it was nice. Not so many lights were on so people could sleep. It was darker but I could easily see the night shift nurses talking together by the reception desk for this level.

I made my way over slowly, watched as one of the ladies came over while I leaned my arms on the counter.

“Hey, I slept through dinner and I was wondering if I could get anything to eat,” I said softly as she smiled.

“Of course you can, Darl. I’ll show you to the public kitchen, you’re welcome any time. There’s coffee, tea and food for anyone who wishes.”

“Really?” I raised my eyebrows in surprise as she smiled again and gestured for me to follow her. I did and just down the hall, to the right, we were in a small kitchen with yellow walls and bronze benchtops.

I thanked the lady, smiling as she informed me that there should be two minute noodles, muesli bars and other things in the pantry. Milk, cold water and the left over moose were in the fridge.

“What’s your name, Darl?”

Darl, she’d called me that twice now, I thought as my mind registered how that was Liam’s name for me. I was his Darling, Darl for short.

“Um, Sarah,” I answered, narrowing my eyes at her nametag. “Thanks so much, Mandy,” I smiled.

“You’re very welcome. Need anything else, you know where we are,” she waved a hand and made her way out just as I smiled again lightly and put on the jug to boil some water for a hot chocolate.

I got a mug from the cupboard she’d showed me, found a teaspoon and took one of the hot chocolate sachets. I shook it a little and glanced up at the sound of footsteps.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” I smirked, amused by Oliver’s messy hair and tired eyes.

“What are you smiling about?” He questioned, coming by me, facing my side closely as he stared at me. “The fact I can’t sleep or eat because my best friend’s fucked up? I’m not smiling, Sarah.”

“Way to ruin my night,” I looked towards him, feeling my body cool and shiver.

“Fuck you. Fuck your night. I can’t believe you’re actually okay while he’s-.”

“Shut up, Oliver,” I snapped and his eyes glared at me, his jaw clenching. “I’m hurt. I’m not okay.”

“You’re hurt? You’re hurt? Well, he’s hurt pretty damn bad too-.”

“That’s not what I meant,” I whispered, dropping my eyes to my drink but now I wasn’t up for it. I pushed back the mug and put the sachet back before I stepped away and leaned down on the round table. “It hurts to know what’s happened and what’s happening. I’m hurting, Oliver, because I don’t know what going to happen. Will he be okay? Will something new come up? Will we have troubles? When will he wake up? When can I know that he’s okay for good?” I said quietly, looking down as I felt my eyes water just thinking over this. “I’m hurt and I’m scared.”

“He’s not dead. At least that,” Oliver replied, pouring water into the mug I’d just pushed away so I figured he’d taken it for his own. “And no matter how long it takes, I’ll be by his side when his eyes open.”

“And I won’t?”

“I don’t know. Will you?” He asked, looking towards me as I stood up on my own feet again, wincing when a pain jabbed at my ankle. “Take a damn seat, Sarah.”

“Why do you care?” I growled, shifting back to pull out a chair and sit down.

“Because Liam cares and if I can’t look after you, then what’s the point of me looking after him?”

“I never asked for a babysitter,” I replied bitterly and he shrugged.

“I don’t care what you want. I don’t care what u think or say. I only care about Liam and he cares for you. I don’t want him getting upset when he wakes up if you so happen to have killed yourself in the process of healing.”

“You’re too kind,” I said sarcastically, leaning back against the chair as one of the nurses came in.

“Playing nice, I hope,” she said, moving to the cupboards.

“You wish,” I scoffed, looked at Oliver as he looked over me for a while.

“I want to be nice but she’s feral, Ms.”

“You want to be nice?” I questioned, looking at him a way that said, ‘what the hell?’

“Snapping at me like that when I’m not even talking to her,” he shook his head and glanced to the nurse as she chuckled lowly.

“If you two can’t be in the same room, may I advise that one of you leave?”

“Wonderful idea! Sarah, scat. You heard her,” Oliver jerked his thumb and I scowled, glared at him.

“I was here first,” I said softly, tired already from fighting with him. I was upset, my night’s been ruined because of him and I don’t have any more energy to argue or get up and walk back to my room. “I’d appreciate it if I could just stay here for a bit longer. You can stay if you must but be quiet please,” I told him quietly, putting my head into my arms onto the table.

“Why are you so fucking nice?” He grumbled, lifting his hot drink and then gulping it all down as I watched him go at it. Brown drops fell from the corner of his mouth and down his chin just before he put the mug to the table and wiped his mouth, face with his hand.

“You’re a pig,” I whispered and he nodded along but then came too close to me. I squirmed, growled when he licked my cheek, making me pounce up and wipe it against my shoulder harshly.

“Eww, oh my god. Boy germs,” his tone when high as I whined because that was disgusting and the closest he’d ever been to me.

“Only you, Frost. Only you’d do that,” I shook my head, not bothering to get back at him right this second. I closed my eyes, unable to continue looking at him anymore with that stupid look he was doing. I put my head back on my arms and just waited, scared. But then I waited and waited and he didn’t touch me. He didn’t talk and he didn’t move.

He was actually being decent.

Everything was silent and peaceful. The table was pretty comfortable too but just as I felt my consciousness die down, a chair shrieked against the floor before big, warm hands touched underneath my arms.

“No,” I whined, coming back out of my sleep when I had his arms around me, holding me up against him as if I was a child. “Could have left me,” I grumbled, dropping my face into the crook of his neck, feeling just how warm he was against my nose and forehead. It was snuggly.

“Mandy asked me to. She also said to try and not wake you up but she was just being ridiculous,” he murmured, his breath flicking passed my neck. I felt my hair twitch and tickle my skin for a moment as I hummed because that’d explain it.

Oliver might be mean and dumb but he did what he was told. Apart from when it comes to me of course. I don’t think he likes to listen to me.

“Thank you,” I hesitated, turning my face away from his neck while I opened my eyes, frowned a little when I noticed Liam’s mum watching us walk down the corridor from Liam’s doorway. “Can I see Liam before I go to bed?”

“No,” Oliver answered, his tone strong just as we turned and suddenly he was putting me down on my bed. “When do you get out of here?” He asked, stepping away and pushing his hands into his pockets as I stared at him blankly.

“You carry me to bed and you can’t tuck me in?” I questioned, anger flashing through me again because he was being so nice just now. But now he’s all distant and stupid again.

I growled a little when he just stared back at me. I sat up, shuffled back and got under the covers while I registered what he’d just said.

“I don’t know. They haven’t given me an exact time but it’ll most likely be Monday.”

“You’re fine,” he scoffed. “You should be going home tomorrow. Not in five days’ time.”

“I don’t know how it all works, okay? Sorry if my presence annoys you but guess what, yours does too.”

“Wow,” he said blankly and muttered something else I couldn’t catch as he sat down in the chair at the side.

“You could leave,” I whispered and he glanced back at me, his eyes small but dark. “I should get to sleep anyway,” I shifted onto my side only to slow and close my eyes tightly when my body suddenly burned up in pain. I took a deep breath, lowered my hand to touch where my gut ached, close to my hip.

“You alright?” Oliver asked and I paused before I nodded slowly but then stopped when the pain increased.

“It hurts,” I whispered, gently moving back onto my back only to feel something knot up, making it all just burn more. “Ow, Oliver.”

“I’m not doing anything,” he growled as I cried silently, feeling my tummy twist up as the aching increased more at my gut.

“Exactly! Can you get someone instead of standing there like an idiot?” I snapped before I covered my hand over my face, my cries coming out on their own now as I heard him curse and run out.

Maybe it was a few minutes later, I wasn’t sure but it felt like hours before he was back with two of the nurses, Mandy coming to my side.

“Bear with us, Darl. We’re just going to look over your abdomen if that’s okay,” Mandy said softly, pulling back the covers and lifting up my shirt as the other lady skipped over Nia’s clipboard that was hanging on the wall near the door.

“Nia’s been checking her every three hours, all good. Broken hand, dislocated shoulder and swollen ankle. Car accident three days ago,” the other lady reported back while I swallowed hard, glancing down where Mandy forbid to touch.

Greens and purples coloured my stomach and side like it had since the crash.

“Maybe I just rolled onto the bruise and I’m over reacting?” I whispered.

“It’s okay if you did but just to be safe, we’ll check it out, okay?” Mandy replied and I nodded because I’d rather be safe than sorry. I looked away from it and touched my shaky hand over my face again as I felt her cool fingers lightly touch to my side.

“Ow. That hurts,” I said almost instantly, looking back at her just before I watched Oliver and Danielle come in.

“Everything alright?” She asked the nurses, coming to my side and touching her hand to my forehead.

“We have no authority to go through any procedure to find out what exactly is going on. I know it hurts, Sarah but we’ll make sure you’re the first seen in the morning-.”

“Can’t you get someone here now?” Oliver butted in, stepping to the end of the bed. “Call in as an emergency.”

“We can’t if it’s not an emergency,” Mandy said softly, looked to Danielle. “Four o’clock, she’ll be in. For now, we can give her medication to help with the pain.”

“If she’s feeling pain as bad as this, then surely it’s an emergency-.”

“Oli, they’re the nurses. They know what they’re doing,” Danielle told him softly as I closed my eyes, felt as my side thumped painfully. “Can you please call around and see if anyone authorised for this could come in sooner?” She asked the two nurses as I felt her fingers softly brush over my forehead, push back my hair where sweat started to come through my skin.

“We’ll see what we can do. For now, the meds will help out until you do go in,” Mandy informed me while the other nurse returned the clipboard to the wall.

“Okay. Thank you,” Danielle replied for me as I opened my eyes, my words going out of her mouth. I watched the ladies leave just before Oliver scoffed.

“As if they can’t get anyone in.”

“Kind of you to be so worried for me,” I murmured, noticed how Danielle cracked a small smile, her fingers still softly moving over my head nicely.

“Well, it’s ridiculous. Here you are, crying in pain and they say you have to wait, what, four hours to be seen?”

“It’s so cray, cray,” I whispered, smiling lightly before I frowned at the pain beginning again at my side.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re cray, cray,” he muttered back, sitting on the chair again with his elbows on his knees, his hands falling down between his legs.

“I think you’re both a little cray, cray,” Danielle put in, moving back a falling lock behind my ear.

“Thanks for being here,” I whispered to her, turning my head to look up at her. She was beautiful, Liam got a lot of his good looks from her and I loved her for all she did for me. She was always here for me. Always comfortable telling me whatever she wanted and I was comfortable to share some of my own secrets with her. She knew about my parents, so did Liam but she understood more since her parents were quite similar as she grew up. They’re controlling yet they don’t care and it’s all about their work apart from those little times when it’s all about you. It’s just all a bit confusing… cray, cray even.

“Of course, honey. Anything for my future daughter in-law,” she smiled and Oliver choked. I laughed inside at her teasing look to Oliver as he leaned back and covered his hands over his face.

“Oh, you didn’t know?” I questioned, wincing slightly at the pinning ache that shot at my tummy. I breathed, smiled over my pain. “Liam and I are getting married.”

“Oh are you now?” He replied, giving me a hard look as I smirked, felt Danielle brush her thumb over my cheek.

“Are you still hurting?” She asked and I nodded softly, glanced down where my shirt was still slightly up and showing the bruising.

“Not as bad as before. That was… just wow,” I breathed, shaking my head for a moment as I watched Oliver get up and come over.

“Is it supposed to be that bruised?” He asked, leaning his hands down onto the bed as he looked over what he could see.

“Well, I don’t know. I’m not the doctor. Don’t worry about me, okay?” I told him and Danielle, gave him a reassuring look when he glanced back at me, his jaw clenched but his eyes telling me it all. “I’m tough,” I smirked slightly and looked to Danielle. “And we need to focus on Liam. Not me.”

“You’re the one in pain, Sarah. Liam’s living in his dreams at the moment,” she smiled softly and touched my nose lightly. “I know you love him, we all do but he’ll be okay.”

“So will I,” I put in, widening my eyes slightly. “I’m fine. It’s just a stupid bruise.”

“Bruising there. It’s not just a bruise. It’s your appendix, bet you on it,” Oliver said, standing up straight again as I looked back at him, frowning a little.

“And how would you know?” I questioned and watched him shake his hand out for a second before he caught the hem of his shirt and lifted it up. “Dude. Nudity isn’t allowed in a hospital,” I whispered, amused as he stepped closer to me. I winced though when my inside laughter brushed down my body and shivers of aches erupted painfully.

“See,” Oliver touched his fingertips to a silver line I could see. A scar running down his stomach, stopping at his belly button almost.

“Let me guess. Your appendix?”

“Ha,” he replied blankly, dropped his shirt as I smirked slightly, keeping my head back on the pillow. I watched him move for a moment before he stayed there, looking back down to my bruise.

“What happened?” I asked quietly, noticed how Danielle moved her phone to her ear while she made her way out.

“That’s a story for another time… or never,” he replied, raising a brow for a moment and then smirking softly. “Hurts like a bitch, that’s for sure.”

“Aww and how worried you were,” I pouted a little and he shrugged.

“Believe it or not, I rather you alive,” he said and I just chuckled lowly but then stopped when my body shook and my side burned. “You been feverish?”

“Not really,” I breathed, calming down from that punch. “Nia said before that my temperature was rising but I didn’t think anything of it,” I said quickly before I turned my head into the pillow, crying into it when I felt my whole body tense up against the pain, making everything worse.

I felt his cold hand touch to my shoulder, his fingers rough against my smooth, sweaty skin at the back of my neck.

“Don’t fight it. Just relax and let it flow,” I heard him say gently and after that, I felt myself start to come right again. “I’ll go get you those meds since the other lady’s taking her time,” he touched his finger under my chin for a soft tap and walked away as I opened my eyes and watched him go.

What was that? I thought. Why was he suddenly being nice to me? Did he pity me? Or was this just an act?

I don’t know, my head whispered while I closed my eyes. I relaxed back, felt as the pain slowly faded but the thumping seemed to worse, a pulse hitting my nerves every second but it was bearable. For now at least.

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