The beast that lives within

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Bailey Holden wasn't werewolf be birth which is really rare to the new city she moves to. She's just there to get away from her past. Not fall in love with Andrew Jones. The Alpha of the Sliver Moon pack. After all that Bailey's been through, she had closed a door to her life. Will Andrew have to key to open her world back up and be the love of her life?

Romance / Fantasy
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" I'm gonna rip him until there's nothing left."

"Calm down, Laya. No one can't know what I am. We'll leave soon."

"Well, as your wolf, I say we leave now before we kill someone."

"You mean before you kill someone. You take control."

"Well, I have to. You just let him hit you. You would've been dead if I never came."

"Whatever. Where would we go anyway?"

" Somewhere that has werewolves. You'll like them," Laya said as we hear the car door close. "And he's here. I swear. If he hits you, I'm taking control and beat his ass."

"Calm down, Laya," I say walking downstairs and into the kitchen so I could make his plate of food.

When I come out with Leo's plate, he's already at the table, on his phone.

"How was your day," i ask as i sit his food in front of him.

"Same as always," he said. " Pass the salt."

"How about you get it," Laya said to him.

"What was that?"

"I said here you go," I said handing him the salt.

"Okay. Leave."

At that, I try to leave, but Laya is taking control. She doesn't move meaning that i can't move.

"I said leave."

"Oh she heard you," she said.

"She? What are you talking about? No one else is here. Now leave!"

"Let's get one thing straight. Bailey isn't in the room anymore. I took over."

"Okay. So who are you then," Leo ask standing.

"Laya. The dog that's gonna rip you into nothing."

"How are you gonna do that? You're just a girl. You can't do anything."

"Yeah I know we're just a girl, but there's just one little thing that you don't know."

"And what's that?"

" I'm a dog who's gonna return the beatings you gave to Bailey," Laya said with now glowing eyes.

Okay. Fast forward. Laya killed Leo. We moved.

So if you don't know by now, my name is Bailey Holden and Laya's my wolf. I wasn't wolf by birth. I didn't even knew that they were real, but the are. Laya came into my life to help me with the way that Leo was treating me. He would hit me, yell at me, and beat me. I never left him because he would always find me and take me back. So there wasn't anything that I could do. Laya on the other hand knew how to fight. There would be times where she would take full control over me and fight with Leo and he never knew.

Anyway, moving from L.A wasn't that hard since Laya turn us into a wolf and ran the whole way. I don't know where we were going, but since I trust her I decided that she was taking us somewhere to be safe.

"Where are we going?"

"New York. There's a pack where we could be in," she said as I smell something amazing.

"What is that?"

"I don't know but I like it." she said following it.

We run as fast as we can to see where that amazing smell is coming from. Once we're there, we see a lot of people train. Still trying to find the smell, we spot a shirtless guy that's so sexy. We just stare at him until he ends up stiffing the air.

"Everything okay, sir?" a guy ask next to him.

"There's someone here."

"I'll send men out to see who it is."

"No. I'll find them," he said as we take off.

"What was that for? Let's go back."

"No. He smelled our scent and that's not good," Laya said as she stops.

"What is it?"

"He's close. We're changing back," she said as we go behind a tree and then she gives me control.

When I had thought that we lost him, a black wolf was in the area. I tried to not make a sound, but I guess I did since he changed and looked at the tree.

"Who are you and why are you on my land?"

"Bailey and we didn't mean to come on your land. We're just trying to get to New York."

"Who's with you?"

To answer him, we step out and Laya shows off her glowing eyes.

I guess he thought that they were beautiful, because he just stood there in amazement. While that was happening, I managed to link to Laya:

"Can we leave now?"

"Yeah," she said changing back and running off.

We had a head start since this guy was behind us. We ran fast, jumping over fallen trees, but this guy kept up with us until penned us to the ground.

We tried our best not to look into his eyes, but there's was no use. We did and we were linked.

"Get off of me," Laya said.

"Who are you?"

"If i tell you, would you get off?"

"Would you run off?"


"Okay then," he said getting off.

"I'm Laya. Bailey's wolf. Who are you?"

"James. Andrew's wolf."

"Okay. Well, it was nice to meet you, but we gotta run," Laya said as my stomach growls.

"Your human sounds hungry."

"Yeah. We've been running for now a week." Laya said walking off.

"Andrew wouldn't mind if you two stayed and ate."

"Fine. But only because Bailey's hungry."

"Okay," he said as he leads us back to the others.

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