Crazy, Stupid....Not You, Just Me

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Two strangers. A fight for championship. A love hate relationship which ends in a massive disaster. Give it two years, some same circumstances and maybe some feelings could be reconsidered? ********************************************************* Dana Mendez is not your average girl-next-door. A loyal and fierce braniac, the passion for coming out on top runs in her veins. Along the way she falls for her self proclaimed enemy, Ashton Waller. But what happens when she runs into him two years later after he brutally cut her out from his life? Are second chances just a myth or could this be the beginning of something special?

Romance / Humor
Demi McQueen
4.0 2 reviews
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Meet The Characters

*A/n: Hello dear reader and welcome to my first fic ever. Thank you for choosing to read it and hope you enjoy it. Cheers!*

Year: 2016

Dana :
15 yr old
Goes to an all girls school
Super Loud
Super Confident
Very much into braniac stuff
Loves attention
A busy body

Ashton (Ash):
15 yr old
Goes to Dana’s rival school
Shy guy
Kinda into brainiac stuff as well
Keeps to his friends only

15 yr old
Goes to same school as Dana
Very shy person
Dana’s Best Friend
Anti-thesis of Dana
Plays basketball
A secret genius
Has very few friends

15 yr old
Goes to Ash’s school
Amber’s childhood friend
Lives in her building
Busy body

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