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After all the mayhem, heartbreak, and pain he caused her, Lord Orion Cristos of the High House of Cristos has finally decided to devote his eternal life to the one lady he swore would never taste his blood, but she now the only one that he'd ever allow to be intimately close to it. Vampire society and politics threaten to rip them apart, but he will stop at nothing to make her see the truth. Caramia Valient was very close to death's door, but the one vampire that swore would never save her from death shuts death's door indefinitely. Understanding his high position in society, she attempts to free him of the responsibility of caring for her, but Orion refuses to allow her to hide from him and the society that still hates her. ~~~ Lady Persephone Cristos, Orion's sister, has loved only one vampire, Lord Caleb Valient of the House of Valient, but after a misunderstanding and sacrifices, they separate leaving both in a state of neverending heartbreak. Feeling unwanted by Caleb, she moves into a loveless union with Lord Reginald Camberia of the High House of Camberia. One choice sets her free from a matebond, but can she handle the consequences of her actions and what they stir up from the past. Caleb has to make a choice -- to finally set Persephone free or remind her who she had always belonged to.

Romance / Fantasy
Mae M.G.
4.8 4 reviews
Age Rating:

On Her Deathbed

She’s a frail human. A sick, frail human. Her blood reeked of decay and disease. Orion’s thoughts swirled in his mind as he gazed down at her unconscious body. Her skin was paler than the...

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