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Siren Omega

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Violet is sure of only one thing: she wants Zachary Sweeting. He's not nice, does whatever he wants, and he's so incredibly handsome. And yet, despite what everyone says, she can't not want him. He's her mate, you see. Zachary is sure of only one thing: he needs to get away from this crazy omega-wolf-siren-whatever chick! That's easier said than done. She pushes all the right buttons and against his last shred of chivalry, she makes him want to ruin her in the most beautiful of ways

Romance / Fantasy
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“We were named after the mythological sirens of the sea,” Freya said.

“You lure men to their deaths?” her mate asked.

Freya ignored him. She continued to speak in a quiet voice.

“Back then, when we still lived in Siren packs, we were revered by the rest of the wolves. We’d even pick our mates like normal wolves do. Then they turned against us and decided we didn’t deserve that right.” Freya shrugged. “I know the rest of the wolf shifters say we grew vain, but it’s obvious what truly happened.

“The alphas grew greedy. They started to hunt us down. Most Siren wolves chose to die than allow themselves to be alpha trphies. And when the Sirens were much fewer than before, the Alphas started to fight over us.” She looked up at him. “It’s their deaths you speak of. That’s when they started to call us ‘Sirens’.”

“I don’t understand,” their other mate said. “Why this obsession with Sirens? What’s the big deal? No offense,” he added quickly.

“Alphas wanted us –and still want us- us so that they could use us start new packs. Any wolf would desire to join a pack where a Siren wolf has been claimed by its Alpha. That's the only way those idiots know. ”

“Claim?” the first mate asked. “Like mate?”

“Yes and no,” she answered. “Mate bonds are permanent. Siren bonds are not. They can be severed by the next mate, and the next. They’re also a forceful bond. The alpha asks for half your soul, and if you know what’s good for you, you hand it over.”

“That’s horrible,” the second mate said. “Why don’t the other wolves stop them? I mean the ones that aren’t Alphas?”

“Because a Siren mate for your alpha strengthens the pack. Like an Omega, but so much more.” She chewed on her upper lip. “When mated, Siren wolves develop special abilities.”

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