The Siren

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Sirens are known to be males and females but mostly female. Sirens lure their prey with their singing. Ames Garcia is not that kind of siren. One summer, she miraculously became a siren for some reason she could not remember. Nicolai is her first love and her world. When Nicolai did something horrific, Ames must find out why he had done it. Can the love between a Siren and a Human be okay.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The voice lures me to the surface of the ocean, my black hair hanging around loosely around my face. My brown eyes glance from one direction to another, seeking this mystical sound. My body drops back under the surface as I zoom through the water, fish swimming past me in an aesthetic pattern. I feel astonished.

Once again protruding my head above the surface, ripples endlessly move in all directions. I went silent to try and hear any sounds, then my eyes fell upon a boy sitting on a rock, staring at me with a dull expression on his palish face while his coal-black hair flaps in the wind. I freeze, my body stiffens while I slowly look at him with an inquisitive but also cautious look. I remain a siren. I’m not supposed to be discovered by any humans.They are deleterious to my kind. I am a myth made up by them. The boy gets up from the rock and walks into the water, almost close to me. My body screams to move away. I am in danger. It is intuitive.

The boy continues walking towards me as my body stays glued in place, refusing to obey my commands. He stopped in front of me, and I noticed he had the nicest red, dark eyes. It’s asking for trouble. I swallow and continue to stay in place. When he extends his hand out and strokes my hair, shifting it to the side to cast my face, I shiver slightly under his touch when I am fraught with electricity running through me. It felt like warm honey oozing on your skin. It was pleasant for some reason. I look at him as he looks at me, our gazes locked in place, as his hand is still on the side of my face. At that time, it struck me. I recognize this boy. It’s Nicolai, the boy I fell in love with that one summer before I became a siren. Nicolai’s eyes flicked with remembrance as

he moved closer to my face, his breath affecting my skin. I hitched in a breath when he employed his hand again to carcass my cheek. His lips brushed against mine; my whole body trembled under the sensation. I emitted a humming sound in the back of my throat when he moved in closer to fully kiss me. I felt warm all over as my arms were found gripping his arms while his was on my waist. Nicolai ultimately breaks the kiss as his eyes bore into mine. He shifts his head back and over to my ear as he whispers, “I miss this, Ames.” It was silent for a moment. Nicolai moves his head back and gives me his affectionate smile. My insides then felt like they melt from the warmth he gives.

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