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Aliya zaffer

On a Saturday evening i was reading a book and saw the weather being cloudy as sun was setting I thought to make tea for everyone as I head towards kitchen i saw mom making tea I smile that how mom know's us very will (may be this is called momtelepathy) as I was talking to mom I see shifa running after ali (my cute and crazy siblings ) as they enter kitchen and ali hide behind mom saying ammi mujhe is chudail se bachalo (mom save me from this witch) I laugh as shifa says that aaj tumhen mujhse koee bhi nahi bacha sakata (no one can save you today from me), Mom asked shifa that what he did now and she told us that he called her moti (fat) and saw mom getting angry and said tum dono ka kuch nai hoskta (you both are good for nothing) to stop there fight I told them to get ready so we will go for ice cream parlour.

Affan waheed

I was in office working on a foreign delegation as it was an important project for my company I was in a meeting with my team and I got a call which shows Amma (mom) so i excuse myself and went out to answer my call as people say I am rude and arrogant yes I am towords my work but when it comes to my family i would prefer my family first .

I answer her call and hear a loud voice saying khaho tum affan ( where are you )i laugh and say salaam to you too amma I hear asigh and I continue saying that I am in office and will be reaching home in 10min and then went back to my team and wrap up everything and went back to home.

Waheed family

Mr waheed

Mrs waheed

They had two sons

Affan waheed (Mr&Mrs waheed's elder son 30yrs)

Murad waheed(Mr&Mrs waheed's younger son 21yrs)

Zaffer family

Mr zaffer (baba as in Aliya's father)

Mrs zaffer (ammi as in Aliya's mom)

They both had two daughters and a son

Aliya zaffer(Mr& Mrs zaffer's elder daughter 24yrs)

ALI zaffer (Mr& Mrs zaffer's elder son 21 yrs)

Shifa zaffer(Mr& Mrs zaffer's younger daughter 20yrs)

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