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When I reached home I saw amma and baba sitting in the lawn as I reached them and said my salaam and sat with them and amma had asked Rashida aapi (maid) to bring tea for me as I was discussing about office work with baba mom started the topic which I hate the most ,affan tum habhi shaadi kab karo ge(whenwill you get married) I sighed and said amma main shaadee nahin karana chaahata (momI don't want to )and she said mujhe ek wajah bathado tum(letme know one good reason for your not getting married),amma mujahe abhi nahi karni hai shaadi(I justdon't want to marry now),toh phir kab karni hai tumaye jab tum maye marjaungi tab (thenwhen,when I died )and she started crying I went and huged amma and told esa toh na kaheye acha aap kya chati hai ( don'tsay like that mom, ok so what you want me to do) so she said I want to see you happy and settled so I agreed to her as I can't see her sad and baba smiled looking at us then all of a sudden Muradh came and started singing mere bhai ki shadi hai ayehoye(yay my brother is getting married) he started dance and pulled me with him I laugh seeing everyone so happy.


As we came back I went to ammi and baba's room to give her ice cream when I enter her room I saw amma reciding quran I smiled and sat near her and lesson to her melodious voice after few minutes ammi had completed her reciting andshe said lets eat dinner told me call everyone as I was setting the dinner so I went and called baba,ali and shifa after eating we all went to hall as it was weekend so baba and ali were seeing foodball match and shifa went to make get sweet dishe for everyone I went and sat beside ammi and she made me laye in her lap and caressed my hair then amma asked me beta tumhari tayari hogayi Hoor ki shadi ke leye(have you decided what are you wearing on hoor's wedding) ji ammi hogayi hai may naye aur Maya ne jake twining wale dresses la aaya hai (i and maya had brought twining dresses for the wedding )she smiled and nodded at me . just then I got a call from Hoor those who don't know who is Hoor she is my childhood bestfriend and now she is getting married to usman bhai who is y friend as we have studied in same collage, I smile and excused myself and head towards my room to answered my call, AssalamualaIkum dulhan ji kya hal hai, aap naye hamaye kayese yaad kiya(how are you bride-to-be and you thoughtto call me) she laughed on my statement and said her salaam we catched up about her wedding preparation and all, she called me to invite to a get together party as in #bacheloretteparty I said ok I will be there and we endded the call as it was esha time so I went to do Wudu (Ablution) to offer my namaz (prayer)and after praying i went to sleep .

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