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I woke up for fajr namaz and did my wudu(ablution)after reading namaz I head down and said my salaam to Ammi and started making breakfast for everyone with Ammi as Shifa was setting the table baba and Ali came back from masjid and said there salaam and we started eating our breakfast as it was Sunday Ali went to his friend's house and I went to ask permission from baba about the party and he said to go and I went to get dressed it was around 11 am now when I reached the café where Usman Bhai had booked the café for the party when I enter the café I meet with Maya, Hoor and Usman Bhai after my arrival Bilal came and he is one of my crime partner and Maya's fiancee then we took few pictures and enjoyed a lot then around zuhr (noon) time we went to pray after praying we went back and had our lunch and went back to our homes.


I woke up for fajr namaz then did my wudu and head down and went to the masjid with baba and Murad after returning from namaz we did our breakfast them I amma asked me whether I am going to the party which Usman had kept for his marriage as in bachelorette (Usman is my cousin and childhood friend though he is younger than me though we are very close so he is getting married in 3 weeks ) I said to amma that I have a meeting then I will go so she just nodded at me then I went to my room and got ready for my office n went to attend the meeting, after completing my meeting it was zuhr time I went to the masjid and offer my prayer there I mat with Usman and said my sorry for not coming to his party and from there I went to eat lunch with them n met his fiancee hoor and said my salaam then we ate and went back to our houses

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