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Assalamualaikum (Hi) readers I am back and i hope you enjoy this chapter and do comment,vote and share my story .


The next day I went to the comsats university of Islamabad to let the students know about our company and its requirements as we were there to visit the campus, as we will be starting interviews form next week and I found most of the students especially girls were interested in me rather than my company as I get that a lot as I am handsome and all but I don't care what these girls are saying so I continue my lecturer.

Days passed by and it was the day we have conducted the Aptitude test in cui and I was in office when my secretary has sent me the selected candidate's and their documents for their interview and I was going through the paper's and I was impressed with one off the candidates answer's and I was looking forward to that candidate's interview .


After dinner, I went to sleep as I was going to college as tomorrow Waheed internationals were visiting our college so I was excited as there was only one week for my university to end and as Hoor and Usman Bhai are busy with their marriage preparations so they are not going to attend the class tomorrow.

As I enter the university I found Bilal and Maya waiting for me I smiled and went near them and we head towards our classes and after a few minutes the people from the company had come and started the class and at the end, the CEO of the company had come to give us a lecture and I found all the girls were very excited seeing him I found all the girls like some puppies and I mentally rolled my eyes and with his speech, our classes ended and the Aptitude test was after a week so I started preparing for the test.

And the days passed by and it was the day we have Aptitude test and it went very well and Thursday was an interview with the people who are selected and we will be notified by evening and I was in my room it was Maghrib(after sunset ) time I did my wudu and offered my prayer and then I went to check my mails and I found a mail from Waheed internationally as I open it and read the content and I jumped and went toward my family and announced the news and baba hugged me and everyone where happy, Ali and Shifa had

asked me for a party and I said I will give them when I clear my interview rounds and everyone as inshallah (by Allah's will)and I went to my room and offer nafill (to give my thank you to Allah)namaz and then went back to sleep as I need to prepare for the interview as it was on Thursday.

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