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Chapter 6


As he sat and they continued with the interview and at the last MR Waheed asked me a question to which I answered it in a different way as that was a simple question as I completed I saw a satisfied smile on Mr. Waheed to which he covered it very quick, Mr walied said to wait outside as they will announce the result in a few minutes then I went outside and waited for the announcement after 20 min the results were posted on the board and I went to check whether my name was in the list or not. when I was seeing from last as I was going up my name was on the top and I was shocked was an understatement than I quickly went to the room where we were asked to gather where 9 others were also waiting with me then Mr walied and there was some lady with him entered the room then he congratulated us and assigned us with the companies rules and on which department and with whom we will work so everyone was assigned except me at last Mr walied told me that I would be assisting him and Mr. Waheed and my eyes were like open as in the size of a soccer ball and everyone started murmuring then Mr walied said that the lady who is miss kate who is his secretary will explain my work and all the other details to me...


After the interview I got busy with my work and at lunchtime, I was having a meeting and around 10 I went back home as expected amma was waiting for me I told her many times not to wait for me even though she doesn't listen to me, I said my salaam to her and she said she will warm the dishes and told me to fresh up, as got fresh and went to eat the dinner as I was eating mom started the same topic which I hate the most which are #affankishaadi😍😍 I said her many times that I am not ready for marriage so she started showing me pictures of girls...

Assalamualaikum readers !

Hi guys! After a very long break I am back, So how are you all let me know in the comment section😊

So what do you think whom will Affan will select as miss Affan......

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