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Aubrey Stephanie Woods, had everything she could ever wish for, wealth, friends, popularity, even her own make up brand (Beauty's Touch)!!!! And very supportive parents. But then there's this guy................ Archie Finn Maisel, this dude is legit drop dead hot!! He's a billionaire, simple yet sexy, no one would ever believe he was the nerd at Aubrey's high school (It's called her high school because she literally ruled the school). He's the CEO of Maisel industries which he inherited from his father. Well stuff happened, blah, blah, blah, they get married, seems to be a happily ever after, but it's not- Aubrey stays out really late at night and Archie's caught at lunch with his ex- high school sweetheart, BOOM!! Stuff happen and next up they both agree to get a divorce, the court disagrees to endorse their divorce papers and they're given six months to make their marriage work, will it be successful or will the six months be six more months to make their lives worse, you'll only find out if you read the book. Want some more......... come get it!!!!! With love, Your favorite Author.

Romance / Drama
Pretty Savage
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“Babe, all work and no fun makes Aubrey a doll chic, take a break honey, and let’s go have lunch” Eleanor exclaimed convincing Aubrey Maisel to go out with her.

“Says who, I have to deal with this, it’s important” Aubrey states firmly.

“Work can always wait, look at how you look so lean and hungry, not even a thousand layers of foundation can hide your inner yearn for food, come on let’s go and eat?” she persuaded dragging Aubrey from the chair.

“Ugh!” Aubrey groans unwillingly complying.

“So, at which restaurant are we dinning?” Aubrey asks scrolling through the G.P.S in her Rolls Royce.

“Taco Bell?” Eleanor asks on her phone.

“Okay, Taco Bell here we come!!!” Aubrey announces and is interrupted by Eleanor who increases the volume of the car radio when Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea starts playing.

“Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulder” Eleanor shrieks and Aubrey erupts in fits of giggles and muffled laughter.

“Sir, you’ve got a meeting with Miss Marisela” Donna, Mr. Maisel’s assistant pops up at his door.

“Where and when?” he asks, eyes glued on his monitor.

“At Taco Bells sir, right now” she says meekly re-checking his schedule on her IPad.

“Okay, prepare the car in three minutes” he answers.

“Yes sir” she replies.

“Thanks Donna” he smiles as she shuts the door behind her, getting up and smoothening his three piece Armani suit jacket, Archie’s prepared to see his first love, once again after seven years.

In no time he’s at Taco Bell and spots a familiar figure at a corner of the restaurant reading a menu.

“You’ve already decided to order huh? Am I that late?” Archie smirks sitting down across Miss Marisela.

“Archie Finn Maisel, wow! Look at yourself, long time no see” she exclaims shaking his rather larger hand.

“Like what you see” he smirks and she giggles.

“I heard you’re married, you don’t look older than twenty two to me” she winked shifting uncomfortably in her seat.

“Yep married with a kid- Arthur” he adds grinning widely.

“I’m sure he must be a dazzling thing” She remarks

“Yep, he picked after his father” he winks.

“What about your wife, I never really got to see her” Tia asked thoughtfully.

“She’s Aubrey Woods, the diva from high school” he replies awkwardly.

“Hmm never knew you were interested in those kinda girls” Tia mutters but Archie hears it anyways.

“It was an Arranged Marriage” he says in defense.

“You could’ve declined if you weren’t happy with your spouse” she replies convincingly.

Then there was awkward silence.

“Okay, so about the contract” Archie pipes up and she looks up to face him and they talk intensely about business.


I am legit holding my breath right now….I can’t believe yesterday’s idea is reality, Pinch me please to make sure this ain’t a dream.


Okay, a 100% real!

What’s your thought on the characters?

I’ll really appreciate your feedback.

Love y’all so much.


Your favorite author.

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