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Karma is a bich

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Ben is a lead giturist of Asking Alexandria.His life gets complicated when he cheats on his wife on the tour.The afair results in pregnancy ,and his wife cheats on him. The drama , and turbulence in Bens life doesnt stop there. Read to find out more.

Romance / Erotica
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Was it all a lie

Some things should be sacred, some promises should be kept.But, after all we are all humans prone to mistakes.

Lets not fool ourself you can't build you happiness over someone else downfall. The laws of this universe simply don't work that way.

Ciara didn't know that ,or simply didn't care.Instead she spent her time fucking Samanta's husband in the back lounge of AA tour bus.

As far as her concern she hit the jackpot.
She is a instagram star, and he is a lead gituarist of rock band.

Meanwhile, Samantha is at their house packing things frantically. Crying , she cought them readheanded.Which is the worst way to findout someone was cheating you.

Making her way downstairs, she finds herself in the living room. On the left its the fireplace , with the shelf containing all their pictures in frames. Moust of them from the weeding , they were happy together.

Where , is the keyword. At the sight of a new wawe of tears floods her cheaks. Thought lingered in her head.

"Was it all just a lie"

Walking to the front door ,she exits to the front yard.Taxi that she ordered is already here. Driver gets out , and takes her suitcases.She takes a one last glance at the house they lived happily in love for 7 years.

She enters the car , and driver makes a b line for the airport. In a wierd state she goes from now.One you can call it, Nirvana . You know that peace when you cry so much. And you are sort of there ,but not there .

She watches all the building go by .With her head against the window, as the rain starts to fall.

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