What goes around comes around.

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They Call it couple goals

SAMANTA POV 3 years have passed since i walked away ,and left Ben.In so many ways he was a good loving husband.In others he was to much to handle.

Constant touring, meant drinking ,and drug abuse. Add to this the constant cheating.All that i could handle,and i did.But seing that woman behind my back for so long ,was to much.

I think about what went so wrong.Was it his absence?
Cose he would come home from tour, but he would not come home. Instead he would spend moust of the days in studio.Coming home late at night drunk.

Trying to have sex ,and i would refuse. Its time to get this thing over with.One final check in the mirror before i leave.

So i arive at the court, and guess who i see next to Ben.

Its that homewrecking bitch? O no way he knocked up the bitch!

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