What goes around comes around.

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You will pay the price for betraying me

Its 9am ,Ben is up drinking coffee getting ready to head up to studio. The band has alot of things to do, new album is coming up by the end of the year.

Ciara: Ben she pooped , and she is all yours!

Ben: I did it the last time,you do the honours!

Ciara : I'cant believe this, you would do anything to avoid diaper changing.

Ben just laughs , and slams the front door on his way out. It's a sunny spring day sound of lawn movers , smell of grass, but not so beautiful mail.

Ben shuffles the envelopes bills, bills ,bills, more bills, and a blue envelope from the court.

He knew what this means. She doesn't care for him no more.Can't blame her, he was a terrible husband. Takes two for love , and takes two for war. He knew before inspecting the content , she won the second one.

Its only fair, he caused her emotional pain,but so did she.As the year passed she was more and more distant. He was lonely at the tour . Just to come back home to his wife ,and be lonely again.

But, did judge wanted to know that . He didn't , it was like highschool all over again. When his girlfriend back then and him had sex in school coridor. Only for him to get expelled , and her getting away with it.

Anyway you turn its always a man's fault.His dad fault, his fault, all man's fault simply for being mens.

He got into the house, and sat into the dinning chair , sighting.

Ciara:What now ?

Ben: Court verdict, i gotta pay her 100.000

Ciara:That leach!

Ben:Dont talk about her like that!

Ciara:Why? Do you still have feelings for her!
Ben:Ciara! Just drop it , alright. I don't want to discuss it.

Ciara: I kindof want to! I wanna know where we at? What is it? . We have a baby together . I don't want for it to grow up beside mum and dad who dont love eachother! I don't want that kind of unhealthy environment, ok.

Ben: Look ! I have to go to studio , I'am late as it is.

Ben kisses his 6 months old daughter Fea, she smilles at him.Reaches to kiss Ciara, but she turns away vividly mad.

Ben shrugs his shoulders

"Ok bye"

He speeds up , still late as it is .And now Danny calls him.

Danny: Your late wanker, even i got here on time

(laughs histericaly)

Ben:Almost there, had some isuess

Danny: Get your ass in here, we are all waiting for you!

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