What goes around comes around.

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We Are Really Doing This


I raced from the parking lot , and I 'am inside .The sourounding is amazing .I picked this studio because of the whole midle eastern vibe.

It reminds me of time spent of my time spent in Dubai.When i was a child everything was colorful , everything was simpler back then.

My wawe of thoughts gets interupted by Danny.

Danny:C'mon dude , no time for daydreaming.

So we enter the studio part , where the mixtape is being done.Me and Cam start to jam, and Danny bases his lyrics on our melody.

Sam tries to stay in between by bridging between lead gituar and rhytm. James our drummer is always out of tune.We give him shit, but hey what's the use.

Can't figure out ,why i hired him in the first place? He is a lousy drummer.

Time go by , and so fast we are tired. It was already 8pm, and we were exhausted.So we decided to give it a rest. Everyone else went home , only me and Danny ended up in a bar again.

Drinking and casual litle talk.Until Danny dragged my atention with something very interesting.

Danny: You know how you said you had to pay Samantha.

Ben: Yeah and!?

Danny: I have a briliant idea!

Ben: We are not doing porn, I already told you, i have a small dick , everyone goona laugh at me.

Danny:There is music festival bands come to compete. If we win , we get half a mill as prize. But, there is a rule. We have to bring dancers with us from this institute that promotes it.

Danny: I already contacted this girl i know, and she is goona bring som her friends.
Theonly problem is we gotta go all the way to Bosnia to pick them up.

Ben: Dude, are you out of your mind , that's like half away across the world. Plus they hate us , remember the Jugoslavian war 1992.

Danny:Yes, those were Dutch.They love us. Ben: Ooh, yeah we are cool like that!
Drunk ans and barely walkingthey exit the bar holding eachother .

"We should call an Uber"

They say in unison. As rain started to fall , they drove off. Time passed and driver stopped infront of Danny's apartment.

Danny:See you tomorrow ,you think about it, ok!
He said poiting his finger in his dorection Ben just nodeed ,to hangover to talk. The taxi moves on, and Ben falls asleep.

Moment latter, the driver stops ,gets out and opens the back door, wakes Ben.

Taxi driver: Hey wake up, this is the adress.

Ben: Hmmm, okay

He stumbles of, and miraculously manages to the front door.

Ciara:Where were you?You know I'am not a single mother , this kid needs a father.

Ben motioned with his hand that she talks to much.

You know the move

Yap,yap,yap, you borring,my head hurts,goodnight!

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