What goes around comes around.

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Ben Pov: I wake up with enormous headeache . I shouldn't have drink so much last night. It was one more, one more , one more. And then it was to much of more.

I gather strenght to get up. When i finally do , the room starts to spin.I let my feet touch the black oak wood floor. And emidiatly regret the colness that shocks me.

Sitong on my bed , i.try to get my shit toghether.Thinking ,maybe i am to old for this lifestyle.

What did Dany talk about lastnight.Something about the trip , i try but fail to remember. Nah! It will probably get back to me latter. I get up ,and stumble across the room. To the bedroom door , and just as i was about to exit.

I stumble against Ciara's vanity. I yell "fuck " very loud, after that i hear Fea cry.

Ciara:Really, i just put her to bed Ben!

Ben: Sorry

Ciara:Yeah right!

Ben's Pov: I sight and exit the room, down the stairs.And poor myself some coffee. Make my.way to the dining table. I get my phone out of the pocket , o shit its 3 p.m

I have twenty missed calls from guys, and drinked so much coffee to wake up souber up as a litle bit. I grab my car keys, and hurry outside. Speeding up , i get to the studio in 20 minutes.

James: O look his highness decided to show up , even Danny got here before you.

Danny raised a hand towards him , in a way saying "hi" non verbaly. The look of guilt writen across his face. Like its only his fault they got waisted lastnight.

Danny : So i wrote this song "Moving on" i say we play it in drop D.

James: I think someone should help Ben, he is to dumb to tune his guitar.

Ben: You know how people become droomers (faking James acent ) , because they suck at gituar.

They started practicing the song, and they get to the midle.When Danny says.

"Ben i want you to hear it , it's 80s like solo"

Ben: You know i hate gituar solos!

Danny :It will be great , trust me

Ben: Arghhh! I'm to much hangover to do this stuff.

And then,they all go in unison.

"Gituar solo, gituar solo, gituar solo.

Ben: Ok, ok, stop yeling my head hurts.

Then goes ahead , and does it

Ben: There i hope it sounded shitty, you know i hate this Danny

Danny : It was awsome , i like it !

Ben: Fuck you Danny!

As their time in the studio aproached to end Danny mentioned again.

"Hey man, did you thought about the thing i mentioned you lastnight".

Ben was trying to remember , and with the small efort he did.

"That crazy trip to Southeastern Europe, i don'tknow girls on stage man, sounds very Glam Rock man. You know i dont like it .I like this straight edge metalcore. I guess we can still pick them up for after show program."

Danny : Look at it this way, we do the show , we get the money you pay the.bitch. And we have some fun ,while doing it.

Sam: Why all this, not that i mind girls on the bus.But just what kind of a event is this.

Danny:You compete with other bands for 500.000 prize.

Cameron:I'm in

James:I'm not

Ben: What's the matter Christian boy? Afraid there gonna lead you to temptation.

James : Could you stop with religius jokes, they gone stale. Beside, that's not the reason , girls man , they take long showers.
Leave their stuff everywhere .

Ben:You are goona die alone, get some cats.

Everyone turned to Sam now, i guess his word was a verdict.

Sam: I'm with you if you wanna go Ben.

Ben: Then it's setled, me and Danny are leaving early in the morning to pick them up.

Next day

Ben scoufed , it was 5 am, and he was not an early riser. With his eyes closed , he was still searching for the.
phone to turn the alarm of.

Ciara turned over and asked

"Leaving already"?

Ben:uhuhh, you gonna miss me?

Ben leaned over , and gave her a small kiss.He left her room , and went next.door room which was Fei's . He kissed her on the forhead . She moved a litle , but kepton sleeping with the tumb in her mouth.

Then he went downstairs , and made himself a coffee. He dranked it while cheking social media , and email. It was time to get a move on .

His ride already there, the other not so
morning type person

Danny: Get a move on!

Ben just gave him a midlefinger in protest.

Riding to Lax was a hastle.L.A traffic is always a hastle , anytime in a day .

But guns were blasting ( short four Guns 'n' Roses) from the radio. And sun was showing up, so everything for a moment , was right in the world.

They cut the time by reminsencing about past stupid stuff they did as tenagers. In meantime traffic started to move on, so they arived to Lax in no time.

The big Grey sind at a plain sight with adorning flowers of red color around it.

And right across the white building, with dome arhitecture on the right side of it.

They enter the waiting room, and sit next to eachother.Having only twenty minutes to a flight. Ben takes picture of him and Danny.Posts it on a Instagram with captation " Trip around the world with this clown right here"

Soon enough their flight is called , and they procced to the exit. They enter the plain and sitting right next to them is a married couple with a kid

They hold the baby up , in hope they are gonna calm it down. Its not working so Ben makes faces, and baby starts to gigle.

Mother leans over to see, what makes her baby giggle ?
And it bring a smile to her face.

She mouts

"Thank you"

Ben just nods, smilling as flight.continues.Danny falls asleep on Ben's shoulder, drooling like a Rottweiler.

Ben shocks him, but he just starts to snore.
Stewardes passes by with blankets and pilows. Ben snatches one pillow.Rolls Danny's head on it.

Looks at his shoulder.

"I swear Danny,you are worser than any todler".


Finnaly next day 16 p.m we landed, and my whole body hurts. As we exit the plain, stewardes tells us the usuall shit.

" We hope you had a nice flight with our company".

"Yeah right"

We catch a taxi ride ,and venture for all famous .

"Holiday in"

Brown and yelow painted hotel with a olympic sind drawn on it.

It was a big thing everybody coming for Olimpyc games here 1984. We check at the desk, and get keys for our room.

I nearly judt throw myself at the bed. And wake-up realizing its night.Someone knokcs, who else it's Danny.

Danny: You ready wanker!

Ben: As i ever will be! Just a second i will call my wife, short convo.

Danny :Pusy!!!

Ben just rools his eyes, and calls his wife.

"Hey love , how are you, how is Fei doing?

Ciara: I'am good , a litle tired, missing you so bad already. When are you coming home.

Ben: Well in two days , I hope. Miss my girls so much.

Ciara: Well your girl Fei, misses her dady very much.

Ben: Really!!!

Ciara: Well l could barely put her to sleep , she cried alot.

Ben: Oooh , Daddy's litle princess

Danny: We have to go , right now!!!

Ben: Sorry , i have to go, Danny is on my case. Love you.

Ciara: Ok, bye babe


Ben: We exit the hotel , and get a taxi. Driving around , we finnaly get infront this fence.Beside it were guards Danny gets out, shows some accreditations. Metal doors open.Taxi drives us in what seems a large driweway, with enormous mansion , painted simply white.

"That's it"

I said with a note of admiration.

Danny:This is it, cmon.

We aproach the double ended doors, and they open from inside, by a readhead girl with piercing green eyes. And other one that Danny refered as "Leny".

Leny herself was blond, tomboyish,small girl.

Danny:Leny, can you take us to see the girls , that will come on tour with us.We got to talk about this, clear some stuff. Early tomorow , we have to be on the our flight back.

Leny:Sure thing , they are at the "Pit" follow me.

They take the elavator to the ground floor.

Lift stops , and they desent further down via stairs. They enter the room with bar on left and separeis on the right. Behind them was a glass kind of wall, where you could see girls dancing.

And if there was not for the house lights, there would be complete darkness. Hence the name "Pit" fited perfectly.

Ben aproached the glass wall. A curvy girl, with chocolate brown , straight hair , and blue was behind it.

She noticed him , and got closer .Her eyes watching him intently. Her hands on the surface wall. Ben was watching her to, with the same amount of interest.

They kindof smilled to eachother , like they know one an other for years.

And then "Ragdoll" from Aerosmith started to play.

And she was back to dancing , swaying her curves.Ben not taking his eyes of her.As the song was coming to an end, you could hear Leny shouting.

"Cm'on guys , we have to talk this tour stuff upstairs ".

The girl with the brown hair opens the doors.Ben nerveously outstreaches his hand.

"Nice to meet you , I am Ben"

"Emilia , nice to meet you to"

She hesitantly reaches with her hand,her cheaks red.

He gestures her with hand , and says .

"After you"

As she climbs the stairs , Ben can't lkeep his eyes of her ass.

Damit, he mouths as he bites his downer lip. If someone would mention Ben's qualities, loyalty wouldn't be one of them for sure.

Ben: Where are we going ,anyway

Danny: To see the queen

Ben: So back to Uk,i guess

Danny rooled his eyes, and started to explain how every ten years the queen per say is picked. And she is in charge of everything.

You brake the rules , you get kicked out. And we have to ask her premision , to take the girls on tour.

Meanwhile Ben couldn't take his eyes of Emilia. She wore this black dress, thigh0 lenght, with orange like belt, straps.

The dress was hugging her curves, which were a must have in institute. If you would just slightly lose some weight , you would have to gain it back any means possible.

Ben was thinking how he would like to "Ragdoll" her. He was glad he was wearing a long teashirt. Cose he was getting a hard on , just by thinking of it.

They enter the elavator , while Ben is trying to hide his bulge. Just wishing they would desend ,so he can go to bathroom.

When they do , he asks for the bathroom. And Leny points out to the hallway ,left , second door on the right.

Ofcourse, he fantasizes about Emilia , all naked and on the floor , giving him a blowjob. Trying to contain his moans , he cums all over the toilet seat.

So he gets out the toilet paper ,and wipes it down. Just by exiting the bathroom he find himself one on one with his fantasy girl.

Ooh shit, he thinks hoping she didn't hear him.

The rest were in the saloon , with Ben and Emila left behind. Ben didnt know the way ,so he was waiting for her to come out and lead the way.

After what seemed like five minutes,you could hear the bathroom door. She reapeared,and walked towards Ben in catwalk mode.

They smileed politely, and she interwined her hand underneath his. They proceeded to climb the neverending stairs.

Emilia gestured to the top of stairs ,were there was a balcony.

"There we dance during big festivities"

Ben: It's realy high, your stilleto must be killing you climbing upstairs.

Emilia:They.do right now

Ben: In that case!

Emilia was screaming and laughing at the same time.Ben was carrying her in bridal style.

Emilia: What are you doing? I 'am heavy!

Ben:You are just the right size love!

Emilia melted to that , nothing makes you feel nice, like a man complimenting you. Making you feel comfortable in your body.

Ben: You have to open the doors , i can't

Saloon was a big place , that consisted of throne, and seats on the both side. Everyone else was already sitting.

They aproached , and joined the lady everyone else referred as queen.

She was inher early twenties , brown hair ,olive skin and blue eyes.

She turned to Ben.

"I take you are the band leader,so I'am told.Iwant you to know , that i demand my girls to be treated with respect. I know the reputation your band has, i know all the image you guys are representing. And i dont care , as long as it doesent bother me. As long as my girls are not the ones you mess with.Watchout because i have a thing for cuting dicks, and yours is in the line.

Ben: I 'am.pretty sure , that is ilegal

Alina(the queen): I 'am pretty sure i don't care

Danny : Feisty ! I like it.

Alina: Promision granted, they can leave . And girls their bus call is 11 pm , for those of you who were not here .

She glanced at Emilia.

Everyone turnes to go, so does Emilia.But she gets stopped by Alina.

Alina: You know i worked hard to justify why i took you under my wing, and protected you. Do not mess with him. He has a wife and a kid. And you are not goona get anything from it, but pain.Dont become his toy.

Emilia: I didn't do anything

Alina: You did, and he is doing it.

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