Building Castles

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Quiet, obedient and gracious that is what a Mafia woman should be, traits that Mafia women should have. Matteo Genovese heir to the huge Genovese empire, he only wants one woman, he only wants the girl he loved in high school, and what Matteo wants Matteo gets. It was a good thing Gianna loved him too. Gianna wanted everything in the fairytale, a king, a queen the castle and of course the little prince and princess, but an event on one fateful night was about to change everything forever. The event that night will change their lives forever, it will test their love, loyalty and the bonds that bind them. Loving Matteo was going to be a broken fairytale, with evil Kings, twisted Queens and tumbled down castles. Quiet, obedient and Gracious, Gianna was soon going to be none of those things. *This is a mature story with adult themes of violence, sex and abuse.* *This is a standalone book, but it is the Gianna and Matteo from the Marcello series spinoff. Cover made by the amazing @Malak--

Romance / Drama
Belle Dowson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1- The Arms Dealers Daughter

“Well,” she ripped the latex gloves from her hands and looked at her brother who was doing exactly the same thing, “that is that shipment packed up.”

Gianna tucked a stray strand of dark brown hair, that had escaped the tight ballet bun that she had in her hair, behind her ear.

“Well done,” Fabio Alfonsi chimed in as he approached the huge sealed crate that Gianna and Dante had spent the past half an hour packing up. “This one isn’t going far, just to Genovese.”

Gianna couldn’t help but smile when she heard the surname Genovese and it hadn’t gone unnoticed from her older brother who nudged her playfully.

“They want another shipment sending out to their family territory in Italy, so that is our priority above all other orders,” Fabio spoke making his two children nod in unison, they knew the importance of the Genovese contract in their family.

Fabio Alfonsi was an international arms dealer, he made and distributed weapons all over the world. They mainly shipped outside of America, but their biggest and most important client was right in the city they lived in, and that client was Antonio Genovese, head of the Genovese mob.

Gianna was part of this huge corporation, much to her father Fabio’s protest, she did what her brother Dante did, she made weapons, packed them up and did all the jobs the boys in the warehouse could do.

She had grown up in this world, she understood the dangers and the issues that flooded New York between the five families. Yet, she still wanted to be by her families side, she still wanted to be involved.

The Alfonsi family grew up in what was the Marcello Mafia territory, but their warehouse was hidden and protected on Genovese Mafia land.

“Okay then,” Gianna smiled pulling out a fresh pair of gloves from her back pocket. “I’m going to start on-”

“Gianna,” Fabio’s voice was firm as his dark eyes glared at his young daughter. “You have school.”


“Work will still be here at 4 pm, now thank you for helping this morning but go to school, we will see you later.”

Gianna sighed violently as she threw the unused gloves on the crate before she turned on the heels of her knee-high boots and storming out of the building.

“Have fun at school sweetheart!” Fabio called out with a chuckle in his voice, Gianna just waved her arm lazily to give her Dad a goodbye, before she left the warehouse to begrudgingly head to school.

She wanted to stay with the guys, she wanted to work. School held little interest, but she might get to see one person which was the reason she raced to the bleak old, school building.

The school to the outside world was a hellhole, scruffy and no sane person would send their child here. However, it was right in between three of the five families; The Borroni’s, The Marcello’s and of course the infamous Genovese.

Fights were constant between the children of these big families, drugs weren’t uncommon and neither was the odd weaponry.

Most people didn’t understand why the big, rich mob bosses didn’t pay to have their child educated, keep them out of the state schools. But getting educated wasn’t the point of the Mafia children, they didn’t need an education their fathers would teach them what they needed to know.

No, the point of sending their children here was to help recruit new men, boys that would pledge to a family and help strengthen a family. In this school, it was a majority of Italian-American kids, kids whose families were linked to one or more of the mob families so this was a prime place to find kids to make into street soldiers.

Gianna hated school, she applied her deep red lipstick to her full pouty lips in the rear-view mirror outside the worn building, and let the bun out of her hair allowing her bouncy curls to fall loosely.

The thunderous roar of his car made her look up, he arrived everywhere in style, like the king of the castle.

Matteo Genovese, the son of the mob boss, the next one to run the empire and the one that was constantly on Gianna’s mind.

“Gia!” She heard a female voice behind her, it was hard but Gianna pulled her eyes from Matteo Genovese and turned to face her friend.

“Rose, you look happy for a girl whose boyfriend got kicked out of school, for coming to school naked.”

“Yeah well we never expected Frankie to stay in school, he was on his last warning, besides he was wrongly punished.” Rose defended her boyfriend, as the pair walked through the busy hallway to their homeroom.

“He came to school naked!" Gianna laughed as a bell sounded somewhere and people began to walk faster, apart from them.

“Yeah, it was pyjama day and he sleeps naked.” Rose laughed.

“Yep, and you would know.”

Gianna watched as Rose blushed before they reached their homeroom and walked in on the chaotic class and the most disinterested teacher in the history of teachers.

“So are we going out tonight?” Rose was keen to let her down, she had been studying too hard recently, but getting to med school was the dream.

“I said I would work.” Gianna shrugged.

“C’mon, we both need to get out.”

“Fine,” It didn’t take much to persuade Gianna having a girls night with Rose was always welcomed. “Where are we going?”

“Silly question Gia, the only place that will accept our ID’s without question, club Poison.” Rose beamed, as she turned to the two girls behind them.

School for Gia was boring, she went to the classes she was told to attend and skipped the ones she could. She only found happiness in our class art, but even then it was on her terms, she doodled dresses but wasn’t interested in learning about Van Gogh or Picasso.

However, she loved the socialisation that came with school at lunch she sat with Rose and a group of girls. They discussed boys, make-up and music, it let Gianna relish having people to talk girl stuff.

“Fuck you Borroni!” She heard his familiar voice and her heart pounded as she like everyone looked to see where the voice was coming from.

There was a chorus of chants as a fight broke out.

“Oh fuck.” Rose could see Lorenzo Borroni in a headlock by Matteo Genovese.

Gianna and the other girls ran to the crowds, where she pushed through past a smug-looking Luca Marcello, who at first grabbed her.

Luca Marcello had piercing chocolate eyes, eyes that she was familiar with, but eyes she knew had wickedness behind them.

“Don’t get involved Gia.” He felt her struggle in his grip, she glared at him.

“Get off me, or you will be sorry!” But he just chuckled at her words and with that, she used the block heel of her shoes to stamp hard on his foot causing him to curse loudly before letting her go.

“Matt!” She cried out as Lorenzo seemed to be having the upper hand, Matteo was normally the calmer of the three Mafia heirs, so Borroni must have really pissed him off today.

Lorenzo Borroni was a crazy bastard, he was twisted and dramatic unlike the two other mob children Matteo and Luca.

Just as she approached she saw Matteo pull out a switchblade. However, the sound of bellowing voices causing the students to part like the red sea made her panic, teachers were headed this way.

Gia ran up to Matteo, who held on to the knife, and as the teacher grabbed the pair she snatched the knife and put it quickly in her back pocket.

“Out the way Miss Alfonsi!” A teacher barked, her eyes caught Matteo’s he knew what she had done and smiled at her as she watched Borroni and Matteo get dragged away by teachers.

“Why do you always get involved Gia?” Luca hobbled towards her, she shrugged as she watched Matteo totally disappear from sight and the possibility of her and him meeting up before the end of the lunch break was now slim to none.

“Give me the knife,” Luca spoke lowly, she just looked at him with a blank expression.

“What knife?” She shrugged, but Luca knew her too well, the downside of her family living in Marcello territory herself and her family would play and grew up alongside Luca.

“If you get caught it will be expulsion for you.” He reminded her of the school rules.

“And if you have it, it will be jail for you.” She reminded him before walking away from Luca and his quiet cousin Nic.

“There goes your lunchtime make-out session, let’s hope they don’t end up like Frankie and are out for good.” Rose linked Gia’s arm.

“I know, knowing Matt he will talk his way out of it.” Gia smiled as a bell sounded somewhere and the pair walked to their next classes.

Gia waited for Matteo after school like normal, but his car was gone, it was obvious he had been sent home or expelled. Disheartened Gia drove to Rose’s house to get dressed for the night.

The other girls were all in high spirits, as they all passed around the cheap wine and sang along to the music that was playing. Gianna joined in as she applied her smokey dark eyeshadows and Rose did her hair in glamorous waves.

“Every girl needs a little black dress.” Gianna twirled as she re-entered the bedroom wearing a tight-fitting black dress.

“Why are all your clothes black?” Beth, one of the group asked as Gianna looked at herself in the mirror.

“Because Elena, it matches my soul,” Gianna spoke making all the girls laugh.

The music in the club was pounding, club Poison was brand new on the New York scene, but it was the place to be.

“Here!” Rose thrust a green shot into her hand, Gianna wasted no time throwing the disgusting liquid to the back of her throat.

“I wanna dance.” Gianna dragged Rose to the dancefloor where the revellers were dancing close to one another as the music blasted through the system and the lights flashed around the room.

Gianna danced as if it was just her in the room, letting the rhythm of the music control her body. She knew a pair of eyes were watching her and it only made her heart race and her movements get bigger.

He watched her like a hawk watched his prey, he made sure no one went into her space, he made sure no one touched her. He couldn’t help but smile as dipped her hips low, as she let her hands run through her beautiful hair.

He could see her dancing with strangers, laughing and singing to the music that banged out of the speakers. He admired her beauty the way she could mingle with anyone, but that was something he also wished she wasn’t able to do. Gianna Alfonsi was too beautiful, too confident and far too far out of his league.

“You shouldn’t be in here.” A voice spoke into her ear as she danced, he stood close behind her.

She bit her bottom lip as her skin tingled at his breath on her neck, she danced closer to him, knowing full well he was supposed to be working.

“Then,” she turned to let her eyes catch his silver ones, his eyes were so unique they caught her every time. “Kick me out.” She challenged.

Matteo smiled as he took her hand and led her through the masses, Gianna’s feet barely hit the floor. Matteo forced his way until he found the door leading to the staff area.

Gianna’s heart pounded as he led her up the staircase towards the office, letting her through the door first Matteo closed it behind them locking it.

“Gia-” He began as he turned to face her but her lips soon found his. Matteo smiled as he let his hand touched her face lightly.

“I have missed you.” She whispered as she pulled away from him, and he gently stroked her face.

“Me too, baby, me too.” He sighed as he took in his beautiful girl.

“Are you leaving school?” Gia asked as looked at his handsome face, the face that she shamelessly dreamt about.

“No, neither myself nor Lorenzo was found with a weapon I will be back on Monday.”

“Then are you going to thank me?” Gianna teased, which only made him laugh.

“Why do you always get involved Gia?” He asked as he held his hand out. “Give me the knife.”

“You are not the first to say that to me Matt.” She laughed.

“Give me the knife, Gia.” He spoke lowly.

“When did you boss me around Mr Genovese?”

“Since I don’t want my girl carrying a weapon.”

Gia sighed and reached into her little bag and took out the knife she took from Matteo and handed it back to him.

“A knife Matt really? You know I can get bigger things than that, I’m an arm’s dealers daughter?” She reminded him, he took the knife and tossed it to the table before he took her into his arms.

“It’s hard to forget, baby. I love you.” He murmured between the kisses, his hands moved into his hair as she pulled herself closer to him.

“I love you too.” She did love him, he was perfect in her eyes, regardless of what he was so easily capable of.

There was a harsh bang on the door and the voice of Antonio Genovese telling Matteo to open the door. Matt reluctantly pulled away from Gia and let Antonio in.

“Gianna, I should have known.” Antonio looked the young girl up and down as he stepped into his office.

“Mr Genovese, I was just leaving.” Antonio Genovese scared the hell out of her and she had every reason to be scared of him, he was violent, cold and capable of hurting anyone he wanted to.

“So soon? Oh well, tell your Daddy thanks for the package and I expect the next one to Italy soon.”

Gianna could only nod her eyes spying Matt who stood ridge to the side of his father.

“I’ll tell him.” She said before she left the room.

“You know son,” Antonio walked to his desk and sat in the big chair. “She is not a bad choice, we need to keep the Alfonsi in line, give a man too much power and they will rebel.”

“I’m not-”

“I know, she is the one blah blah, but you need a wife and I need to keep Fabio under the thumb marry the daughter and we have Fabio by the balls. You see Fabio is cunning but also powerful, we need to keep his power. Fabio loves that girl, so maybe we need to have the girl to gain that control.”

"Padre-” Matteo tried to speak but his father cut him off again. Matteo despised how his father thought he needed to control every aspect of his house. However, he knew this asshole was his Padre.

“I’m not saying marry her tomorrow Matteo, eighteen is no age, but keep her close my boy.”

Matteo planned on doing just that, but not because his father told him to, but because Gianna Alfonsi was his girl and no one could take her from him.

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