Destined For You (Destiny Series Book 1)

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Precious Time Spent Together

"I may not get to see you as often as I like.
I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night
But deep in my heart I truly know
You're the one I want, I can't let you go."

Chapter 3
Stefan's POV

After craving Rosy for four years, I finally saw her. Although the circumstances under which we met were heartbreaking, yet the happiness I felt right now could not be compared to anything else I felt ever since the day I broke her heart four years ago. I was only surviving because of Arielle and her unconditional love. I didn't have any hopes of a happy life after my bitter experiences. I didn't know how to face Rosy after so many years.

Loneliness and thoughts of Rosy filled my days after my divorce from Claudia although my family supported me immensely. I had distanced myself from everyone though and immersed myself in work. I had lost all hopes of ever seeing Rosy, the thought caused me so much pain in my heart. I knew that I could never feel for anyone else what I felt for Rosy. She didn't wish to have anything to do with me and I respected her wish.

As I sat in front of the OT, waiting for the door to open, I said a heartfelt prayer for gran, it was because of her that I saw Rosy again. Hopefully, the operation would be a success and gran would get back to her normal life. After my mom's death, I had become very close to gran. The thought of anything happening to her was too much to bear. I felt guilty for neglecting her a little for the last few years after Arielle's birth and my divorce.

Although Audrey was my stepmom, she had always loved me the moment she came into my life. Claire, my twin sister, and I were three when she came into our lives. My relationship with my half brothers was very close, we were always there for each other. They had helped me recover in the last four years, supporting me through thick and thin, standing by me like a rock. I love them unconditionally and they love me back. They were just like Claire was to me and looked up to me as their own older brother.

Rosy came and quietly sat by my side. I couldn't look at her, out of guilt. I knew she wanted to ask me a million questions, but I was not in the mood to answer her. Maybe I would later but currently no. I was extremely tired as I had come directly to the hospital from a business tour in Sydney. After yesterday's late-night client interaction, I woke up to Rosy's voicemail, and immediately took a flight here. There was no time to rest. I did not get a wink of sleep. Her distressed tone echoed in my mind. Now that I saw her again and got an update about my gran's health, I was feeling the exhaustion, cloud my senses.

The door of the OT opened and Dr. Williams, who was in charge of gran came out. Rosy and I got up from our seats and immediately rushed to him to get an update about gran's condition.

"The operation went well. We would be observing Mrs. Henderson in the ICU for a 24 hour period and then shift her to a room in our in-house rehab department. Therapy will start there and if all goes well, she would be released in 3 days, but therapy and follow-ups would continue." Said Dr. Williams with a smile.

"When could we see her doctor," asked Stefan, relaxing a bit since gran's operation went well.

"Once she is shifted to the ICU, you can see her, but she will be sleeping for some time due to the painkillers and anesthesia." Dr. Williams said. " I will be in my chamber if you need me," he added and left with a friendly wave.

"Thank God gran is fine, I wouldn't have forgiven myself if anything happened to her," Rosy's voice shook with emotion. I was surprised that she blamed herself for gran's fall. I had to comfort her.

"It's not your fault at all Rosy. On the contrary, it was because of you that gran's condition has improved. None of us were available, yet you didn't lose your presence of mind. You did the best for gran and now she's fine. We're all really proud of you," I appreciated as I took her soft hands in mine and squeezed. They had become softer than before. I was glad that she'd relaxed in my presence and allowed me to hold her hands.

She looked up at me, her green mesmerizing eyes full of raw emotion. I drowned in them like a man in the vast ocean. I couldn't help the urge to pull her to my chest in a tight hug. She felt so good and warm and fitted into me perfectly, her strawberry and vanilla smell tingling my senses.

Strawberry and vanilla instantly became my favorite scent in the whole world.

She held onto my torso accepting my hug. I didn't want to let her go. The embrace felt so right. I had wanted to hold her for so long. Now at last I could hold her, it stirred a longing deep in my soul. I wanted more of her. I was glad that she allowed me to hold her and accepted my hug. I closed my eyes to feel the contentment seeping through me, as I molded her body to mine. A sigh of pure content escaped me as I drowned in the feel of her body against mine. Bliss.

A throat cleared behind my back. I looked around to find gran's nurse, Ellie, grinning at us. Rosy released me immediately, her cheeks red as a tomato. I smiled too, happy at last to have held my Rosy to myself, although for a brief moment.

"Gran has been shifted to the ICU, she is groggy but conscious. Come and meet her before she goes off to sleep." Ellie said, smiling widely.

"When did you return?" Rosy asked nurse Ellie.

"When you were in the cafeteria," answered nurse, Ellie.

We followed her to the ICU. Gran looked so frail, weak, and helpless that my heart went out to her. I had always seen her active, full of life, and smiling. I felt guilty for not being there for her when she needed me the most. Rosy sat beside gran and held her limp hands while I stood near her bedside. Gran smiled at us. Her face brightened when she looked at me. Her eyes shone with love and happiness when they met mine. I couldn't help but feel thankful to God that she was better.

"Everything is fine gran. We are so glad that you are well. Soon you will be better and we will take you home. Now you need to rest, okay?" Rosy comforted.

Gran smiled and nodded. She looked up at me and said feebly, "Stefan, you've come sweetheart? I'm so glad to see you here. Please don't leave without informing," she said. Her eyes started drooping, as the effects of medicines started to show.

"I'm not going anywhere, gran. We will take you home. Rest now, and we will come back when you wake up,'' I said, leaning down towards her and stroking her cheeks.

Gran closed her eyes and dozed into a blissful sleep with a smile on her face. I felt so happy that I could make it just on time to support gran and Rosy. They needed me and I could help them.

"Rosy, let's go home and freshen up, we could come back later when gran wakes up," I coaxed Rosy.

"Hmm, okay, let's go," agreed Rosy, leading the way out of gran's room. I followed her out.

We left the hospital and took a Uber home. Martha opened the door and was glad to see us. We updated her about gran. We had to leave nurse Ellie at the hospital. She settled in gran's room and promised to call us when gran woke up.

"Stefan dear, please freshen up, I will serve lunch in 10 minutes." Said Martha happily, "Anna, you too."

I rushed up the stairs to my room at the end of the corridor and went straight to the bathroom. I was feeling dirty, exhausted, and sticky and couldn't wait to get under the shower. Maybe a cold shower would get rid of the fatigue that I was currently feeling. After a refreshing shower, I felt human again. I dried myself and wrapping a towel around myself, came out to my bedroom. A sudden crash got my attention. The sound came from the room beside mine. I was worried. No one was on my floor, as far as I knew. Gran, Ellie, Rosy, and Martha had bedrooms downstairs. So I decided to go and check.

The bedroom next to mine was where the sound came from. So I tried to open the door. Thankfully it wasn't locked. Opening the door wide I went inside. My eyes went to the hairdryer on the floor with Rosy standing beside it, freshly showered, wrapped in a towel.

The crash must have been from the hairdryer falling from her hands. But what caught me in a spell was Rosy's soft, curvy, beautiful body.

I stared at her, my eyes glued to her, taking her in from her head to her toes. She had grown up and matured beautifully with her delicious curves drawing me to her like a drug. Tiny water droplets dripped from her hair all the way to her shoulders and down her soft swell of breasts covered partly by the towel. Her long creamy never-ending legs looked so soft and inviting, I longed to touch their smooth creamy length. I was so aroused, I could feel my bulge extremely aroused and throbbing, so excited for the first time in its entire lifetime. Her dewy skin attracted me like a bee to its honey, like a lion to its prey, as I strode towards her. She saw me and her green eyes widened with surprise. Her eyes swept over my body, from down upwards, till her eyes rested on my huge arousal. She blushed crimson and looked up into my eyes.

I smirked and reached her in two strides, caught her wrist, and pulled her flush against my hard chest. She was too stunned to react by the suddenness of it all. Having her this close to me, in my arms made me forget everything and be lost in the feel of her.

"W what are y you d doing?" She stammered avoiding my eyes and trying to extricate herself from my grasp.

"What do you think?" I whispered in her ear. I was on the verge of losing my self-control. Her intoxicating smell was driving me crazy. I had kissed her in my dreams, a million times in the last four years, but this felt like heaven. Only her nearness had this effect on me, I couldn't imagine my state when I would make love to her.

She shivered and goosebumps erupted on her bare arms. My one arm clamped her by the waist hard against my chest, with no space between us. Her soft warm breasts were crushed against my chest as my eyes devoured her. I caught her hips and molded her to my hard arousal. With my other hand, I caressed her soft creamy cheeks. She closed her eyes and leaned onto my hand. That's when I lost control and crashed my lips to hers.


Thanks for reading. That's my first attempt at writing an intimate scene. There's more to come. I hope I've done justice to it. Please voice your thoughts, only then I can judge my work.

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