Destined For You (Destiny Series Book 1)

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You And I

"I wish I could explain your eyes
And how the sound of your voice gives me butterflies
How your smile makes my heart skip a beat
And how every time I'm with you, I feel so complete." -by Cristo Draken /

Chapter 4
Annabelle's POV

His lips were so soft and warm. The kiss was passionate, wild, hungry, and intense, full of desire. It had me breathless. He bit onto my lower lip and I eagerly opened my mouth for him. He deepened the kiss, his tongue entering my mouth and playing with mine, probing and exploring, tasting my mouth in a rough kiss. He sucked my tongue and explored every recess inside my mouth. I kissed him back too shyly. I didn't have any experience but I couldn't help myself. I had wanted this for so long.

He groaned and kissed me more and a moan escaped my mouth. We kissed till we were totally breathless. He broke the kiss and we came apart for breaths. My inner core throbbed with longing. I had never imagined my first kiss would feel so good and passionate. It seemed that my body had a mind of its own when it came to Stefan. It was the first time that I had such an intense reaction to a man. In fact, I was too busy with my work and I never had time to explore such feelings with any other man. My heart desired Stefan and I had been unable to move on.

I looked into Stefan's electric blue eyes, they were dark with desire. "Rosy, I want you. I have always wanted you ever since I first saw you," he said in a husky voice, his eyes exploring my face for my reaction to his confession. His hot glance taking in my lips again and again.

His words brought me back to my senses. Did he want me? It was news to me. But I wasn't his type, my mind reasoned. Then why did he want me all of a sudden? Maybe because he was now divorced and maybe I was a rebound for him. Someone who he thought was easily available for a brief fling, to satisfy his needs. I was furious at the thought and forced myself away from his embrace. After my bitter past, I couldn't trust people easily, even if I wanted to. My mind had a will of its own and it always ruled over my heart.

He was taken aback by my reactions to his confession, I could see. "What's wrong Rosy?" He asked trying to pull me back again into his embrace. I resisted his attempts although my heart wanted it the most. I wanted to belong to him but I wanted my answers first.

"Stefan, I am not your type, remember?" I reminded him, sarcastically. "Please leave me alone. I can't be what you want me to be. I am not that type of woman. I'm sorry if I had led you on but it was totally unintentional. I want you to know that you are just gran's grandson for me, nothing more. I would have left the moment I turned 18, but gran's condition worsened and I couldn't leave her. She had done so much for me and I don't have anyone else in the world but her," I told him in a broken voice, trying to control the tears choking my throat. He listened to me intently but I could see the clenched fists as he tried to control his reaction to my confession. He was upset and I felt a little guilty.

I controlled the sob that tried to escape my mouth. I didn't want him to see my tears. I wasn't so weak. I tried to lessen the pain I felt as I spoke to Stefan.

"What do you think I want you to be?" He asked softly. He only caught that out of my lengthy speech? Seriously? I didn't know how to answer that. So I told him the truth. True, I loved him, but my self-respect came first.

"A rebound maybe after your divorce? A brief fling maybe? " I answered avoiding his eyes. Why didn't he take the hint and leave me alone? I hadn't forgotten what he said to me, but for gran's sake, I was interacting with him normally. I might be overreacting, but I didn't care. He had hurt me and I wasn't letting it go so easily.

His jaws clenched, his hands formed tight fists. "You are none of all those Rosy. You know nothing at all about my marriage, about my divorce," He said with brows knitted together in a scowl.

"Then tell me," I whispered. I was dying to know everything about him.

"I can't Rosy. I haven't talked about it in four years. It's too painful. I was stuck with an evil woman in a forced marriage. The only good thing out of it is Arielle," He said looking away from my probing eyes.

My jaw dropped to the floor hearing his words. He might have suffered a lot to make him so bitter. But still, it didn't answer my question. What did he want from me?

"I'm sorry for hurting you Rosy. I had no choice, I couldn't lead you or gran into hoping for a future with me. You were just seventeen, and I was married for God's sake. What could I do? I know what I said was untrue. It was just to make gran lose interest in us. I have stayed away from you for so long. I can't anymore. Please believe me,'' he said, earnestly.

I believed him but still, I was hurt. He could have told me the truth. I was dumbfounded, I couldn't think of a retort.

"I think we should get dressed and go down for lunch," I said, to escape the topic.

"Alright, but we're not done. We will continue this talk, " he said, turning and leaving, closing the door behind him. I locked it and changed into a pair of denim shorts and a white tank top, brushed my half-dried hair in a ponytail, and went down for lunch.

Martha served lunch and I took a plate and heaped food onto it. I was very hungry and had a healthy appetite. My hectic morning dance classes didn't allow me to put on extra weight, so I loved my food and food loved me. It was a simple spaghetti and meatballs dunked in a gooey sauce, Caesar salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Stefan came down and picked up a plate, served himself, and sat opposite me, wordlessly. He was on a work-related call with Tristan, so we ate without saying a word to each other. He finished his food and with a nod towards me, left for his room still talking to Tristan over the phone. I helped Martha clear up lunch and clean the table. We did the dishes together as we chatted.

"Martha let's vacuum gran's room in her absence and have it ready for gran. What do you say?" I asked her.

"That's a good idea, Anna. Let's get started with it in an hour. " she beamed at me appreciating my help.

I went to my dance studio to check the paperwork and also decide on the next morning's classes. I didn't have anyone to help me currently but soon I would have to as the work had become too much for me to handle all on my own. I was too busy to notice that an hour had gone by. I suddenly remembered my offer to help Martha clean up gran's room. Wrapping up, I rushed into the house to help Martha.

She was waiting for me with two vacuum cleaners in her hands. Stefan had gone back to the hospital and it was 4 o'clock already. We vacuumed the curtains, walls, moved furniture, and cleaned till everything was sparkling clean. Exhausted, we took a coffee break, satisfied with our handiwork. Gran's room looked clean and fresh, ready to welcome her back. We sipped coffee as we relaxed and waited for Stefan to return with an update about gran's health.

"Thank you, Anna. Now I can relax. This work was pending for a long time," said Martha, sipping her coffee.

"You could have told me before Martha. I would have helped you. Promise me that you will always ask me for help in the future?" I asked her.

"Sure Anna. Next time onwards, I'll ask you whenever I'd need your help," Martha promised.

We discussed the other pending work that we had to complete as we finished our coffee.

Suddenly the main door flew open and in walked the two brothers, Stefan and Tristan as Martha and I stared at them with surprise.

Stefan's POV

I couldn't forget the kiss. It stirred a fire in my soul and I felt the urge to kiss her again and again. I knew I had to answer her questions but I was not in the mood at the moment. I didn't know how to face her without wanting to kiss her again and again.

Thankfully Tristan called to discuss the upcoming Clark project for our hotel construction venture and I extended the call throughout my lunch with Rosy.

Tristan was arriving here as he needed help with the Clark project reports and the presentation. I was not happy with this situation as I wanted to spend a few days alone with Rosy and try to win her over but I couldn't say no to him. He needed my help and I would help him always.

After lunch, Nurse Ellie called to inform me that gran had gained consciousness. Her bone density report had also arrived and the doctors wanted to discuss her treatment with me.

I quickly got ready and left for the hospital. Rosy was busy at her dance school and I didn't disturb her.

Gran looked better after her rest. She talked to me a lot, asking about Arielle. She had never seen Arielle. I tried to coax her to shift to New York with us. She agreed only if Rosy too accompanied her. I knew then what I would have to do. I would have to work hard and convince Rosy to shift with us. She was stubborn and I would have a tough time convincing her but it was worth the effort.

Tristan joined us and we spoke to the doctor about gran's health. She would be released a day later but her fracture would take a few months to heal completely at her age.

Gran went off to sleep and we headed home. "How's Annabelle, bro? Is she talking to you?" Asked Tristan. He knew everything about my past encounters with Annabelle from gran and really wanted to see me happy.

"Just talking. She hasn't forgiven me yet," I explained to Tristan.

"Don't worry bro. She'll come around," he reassured me.

"Hope she agrees to shift to New York with us else gran won't go," I confessed.

"Reason it out with her. I'm sure she'll agree," he reassured.

I drove back, crossing my fingers that Rosy saw my reasons and agreed to shift with us. I would take her to my new home in New York.


- Finally they kissed. How was it? Hope I have conveyed their feelings well? I'm not a writer by profession. I'm a software/web developer actually. This is my first attempt at writing and I hope I've done justice to it.

- This is a sweet love story where both characters are sweet-natured and have a deep connection with each other. Their attachment was at an emotional level when they had first met, 4 years back. Read on to find out how it transforms gradually.

- Everyone has different characteristics and personality traits. Please do not judge my characters negatively.

Thanks for reading everyone. Please do vote if you like it so far. I'm waiting for your positive feedback.



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