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"Life is a test, and tests are never supposed to be easy." This is the only mantra he has known all his life. Maybe because life was really unfair to him. A lot of things were snatched away from him, one of them being his mother, creating a void in his heart forever. And after all the pain, he built walls around his heart and not letting anyone in, safeguarding his daggers. All this while he was unaware of Allah's plans for him to give away the dagger to someone special, putting all of his trust in her. ×××××× Heavy breaths, sheets crumpled, legs tangled, naked bodies intertwined, her head on top of his chest, listening to his quick heartbeats, his rough hands around her bare back, hugging her tightly to him. She lifted her head and shyly looked at him under her eyelashes and blushed. And quietly whispered, trying not to disturb the silence of the night, "Once More" ××××××××

Romance / Drama
Libra Lass
5.0 1 review
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Why 'Trust & Daggers'?

Sharing your vulnerabilities is giving a special dagger to the other person...
A dagger that can only stab your heart.

Yet, trusting them not to do that.
If they are not giving their dagger to you...

They are not worth your daggers too.

- prathmesh

This is what inspired this title and the whole story. I stumbled upon this really amazing short poem which is written by prathmesh.

This story shows the vulnerabilities of people and how they learn to trust others with them.

Giving away your daggers disguised as your vulnerabilities, is the most courageous act you can do.

I hope you won't be disappointed.


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