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How will you react when a stranger comes and say that you are his wife... that's what happens to Kiyara, What will she do? will she be able to accept a stranger as her husband? what will happen to her ? How will she cope with this situation. Join her journey to know more.

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A pastry Chef, passionate professional, A workaholic.

Unlike her profession, she isn’t a sweetheart but a rather logical and rational thinker with a blunt tongue. But a caring friend. Had Erika Luis as a best friend. Single child. Too busy for a relationship.

Father-Mr.Raghu Mishra, Software engineer by profession. A Strict man but a loving father Who always supported his daughter.

Mother- Mrs. Alka Mishra, A house wife. A sweet caring woman by nature.


A devilishly handsome businessman, A heir of Goyal Groups (president of goyal groups). He gets what he wants. Well built, sweet only for his family.

Father- Mr. Girish Goyal, Ceo of Goyal group, a strict father.

Mother- Mrs. Sandhya Goyal, an independent socialist. A loving mother, bubbly persoanality.

Sister-Niharika Goyal, A college student.

ERIKA LUIS (best friend of Kiyara)

A sweet bubbly girl working in a MNC company as a legal advisor. Loves to reply sarcastically. Soon to be married to her long time love of her life Charles . A loving friend with a deadly personaity when angry.

CHARLES HARDZBUG(best friend of shreyash)

A serious man with a sense of responsibility,a business partner with Goyal group. Heir of Hardzbug co. I kind hearted person. Hated when people double crosses him. Well settled in US.

Soon to be Ceo of Hardzbug Co.

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