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Liliana Johnson is a 20 year old girl who has been through some awful things. When she was 17 her parents passed away, and she also dealt with an abusive boyfriend. While she's trying to get her life together, she stumbles across a fighter named Parker. Follow Liliana in her journey to fight away all of life's obstacles. LITERALLY. Warning: Mentions of self harm, drugs, alcohol, sexual, and physical abuse. Could be triggering to readers.

Romance / Action
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Chapter One

"When it comes to the rape of Liliana Johnson, we find the defendant not guilty." That's it, my whole world just came crumbling down. I know that after being raped my life would never be the same, but Josh going to jail could've been the only thing to give me the closure I needed to get through it.

Excuse me, I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself. My name is Liliana Johnson, I'm 20 years old, and I work at a coffee shop in Clearwater Rapids, Virginia named Ora Coffee. You're probably wondering who Josh is, right? Josh Robinson is my ex-boyfriend who I thought I was in love with. We did everything together, and he was even there for me after I lost my parents.

When I was 17, my parents passed away. I started to struggle with depression because I felt alone even though I had Josh. I started to drink, I started to smoke, and I was basically killing myself every night except the bad part was, I kept living. I remember thinking every night how much I wanted to die and Josh would always be there to comfort me until one night it was over.

I decided to tell Josh that I couldn't be with him anymore because I was too messed up. He got really mad and he told me that I couldn't leave him, but I didn't listen. I walked away from him and he pulled me back into his house just to start beating on me. I cried out, but no one could hear me and suddenly I wished I had died in that car accident with my parents. I know it sounds crazy, but I wish the only thing Josh did to me that day was beat on me.

When Josh was holding me down, hitting me, he raped me. I yelled for my parents, but of course, they couldn't help me because I was yelling to ghost, to people who are no longer on this Earth. Josh has no idea how much that day ruined my life, and now he could possibly do it to another girl because Josh only received 6 months' probation because he was only charged for hitting me. Josh Robinson is the star of the football team at the school owned by his dad, who has a net worth of $20 Million dollars. Josh knows that no one can touch a pretty little hair on his scalp. Now that I know he'll still be roaming the same streets as I do, I have no idea what I am going to do.

There were so many thoughts running through my head when I ran into my best friends Cierra and Giovanna in the courthouse bathroom. "Lili! Are you okay? I'm so sorry that happened to you.", Cierra said. "Hey Cierra, hey Gigi, I'm okay." I said. Both of my friends are super gorgeous. Gigi is Hispanic with beautiful long hair and brown eyes. Cierra is black and white with beautiful curly hair that almost matches mine. I'm completely jealous of both of my friends.

Gigi turned me to face the bathroom mirror and said, "You don't look like you're okay Lili." She was right, my mascara was running and I looked like I was just hit by a bus. Cierra looked at Gigi, "Way to break it to her nicely Gigi, damn." "I'm sorry Lili.", Gigi frowned at me. "Guys, I'm seriously okay. Karma is going to come back and it's going to bite Josh in the ass. I just don't understand him, he would never be okay with someone doing that to his little sister, Jessica.", I said. "Well, we know that Josh is a double douchebag.", Cierra laughed. "That's definitely obvious.", I laughed with her.

"I'm glad you guys can laugh after something like that just happened, but I'm extremely worried about you Lil", Gigi said with concern. "I'll be alright. It's a process and laughing never hurt anyone.", I said staring at her. "Well do you guys want to go to Ora's and get coffee before our 5 PM class?", Cierra asked. I groaned, "Ugh sure, but next time we're going somewhere else. I'm getting sick of you two always wanting to go to the place I work at. The coffee is average at best unless I make it of course" "Sure, you cleaning bathroom's and crushing coffee beans helps the place so much.", Gigi laughed sarcastically. "Actually Giovanna, I'll have you know that I actually blend lemons too.", I said and we all laughed.

We started walking out of the courthouse bathroom, so we could head over to Ora's. When I was going towards my Honda Civic, so I could get my phone to call my brother, who is working today in Philadelphia, Josh stopped us. "Hey, Liliana. How are you?", he asked. I jumped back, "Josh you need to get away from me, now." "Yeah Josh, you got away with raping her. Leave her alone you dick.", Cierra said angrily. He looked at Cierra, then looked at me. "Sure I'll leave her alone. Lil, I just want you to know that I know you're probably feeling down because you lost, but I'm feeling great because I won.", he smirked then walked away.

"I can't believe I ever dated that creep.", I cried, pulling into Ora's parking lot. "Lil it's okay. Nothing that's going on is your fault.", Cierra said. "She's right Lili.", Gigi said. "Maybe we should just get our coffee to go, so I can just go home. I'm not feeling up to being out anymore.", I said. Cierra looked at me, "Lil, I don't want you to stop talking to everyone again." "I'm not, I just don't think I'm up to sitting through a psychology lecture when I don't even have my own psychological issues taken care of.", I lightly laughed. "We get it, just know we're here for you okay?", Gigi said. "Of course, I love you guys.", I said.

We all got our coffee then went our separate ways. I was walking into my apartment complex when I noticed that someone new was moving in. He had black hair, blue eyes and had tattoos all over his arms. I can't deny the fact that he's attractive, but I could never date again after what happened to me.

He waved to me. "Hi, how are you?", I asked him. "I'm good love, mind helping me with these boxes here?", he asked. "Oh, sure! I'll definitely help. I'm skipping class today anyway, so sure.", I laughed. "Awesome, thank you! What's your name? Are you from around here?" , he questioned. "I'm Liliana, but you can call me Lili with an "I" and yes I am from here.", I replied. "Well Lili with an "I", I'm Parker, and I'm from Venice, California.", he chuckled lightly. I was laughing with him, but I couldn't help but read his tattoos. One of them, on his right arm, said "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." That's a quote from my dad's favorite boxer, Muhammad Ali.

"Muhammad Ali", I said aloud while looking at Parker's tattoo. He quickly glanced at me, shocked and asked, "Do you box too?" "No, I don't. I'm sorry, I just saw your tattoo and thought about my dad. He was a huge Muhammad Ali fan. He boxed as well growing up!", I said. "Was?", he questioned. "Yeah, both of my parents passed away in a car accident a few years ago.", I stated. He instantly regretted asking, "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to – " I cut him off immediately, "It's okay. You didn't know!"

He smiled at me, "Well maybe you have the muscles to box yourself, you don't seem to be struggling while carrying those crates.", he noticed. "Hey thanks, I pull 18 wheelers every day to stay in shape", I laughed. He stopped and looked at me with shock. I giggled at him, "I'm just joking Parker." "I definitely believed you for a second.", he chuckled while staring into my eyes.

We walked to his apartment door and I started sitting the boxes down outside of his door instead of going in. He stared at me, "You know you can come in right? I don't bite.", he stated. "I'm okay! I actually have to start heading home!" , I thanked him. "Alright well, we should definitely hang out sometime soon. I'd love to get to know you more!", he said. "For sure, I'll see you later!", I waved bye to him.

All of my thoughts started overcrowding my brain. He probably thinks I'm a weirdo for not going into his apartment. Maybe he thinks I'm a lesbian? "Cierra would be so proud of me.", I said laughing to myself.

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