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Hungry Love | Book 1

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Romance / Mystery
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Welcome to Hungry Love.

Vampires have walked on Earth for thousands of years in secret, until a man figured out a way for humans and vampires to live together, in peace. It had been a dream for generations, but also a terrible fear. The transformed vampires and the pure ones - the ones born from a vampire mother and father - both promised to never bite humans, because of their hallucinogenic poison, hidden in their fangs. Half-vampires, because of their pleasurable poison, promised to help humans overcome pain when needed.

Earth was then ruled by the two councils - the Red one, and the Blue one. Their leaders always kept their promises, they formed PIP, Peace Intervative Police, to assure a pacific existent of the two species. And so their legacy lived on.

Every town had humans and vampires, a vampire family was sent by the Red Council to a specific town, and that would be their territory. It worked out for thousands of years, the peace was real, the happiness was real. But to assure the peace would last, the Councils had to satisfy each other, and that was when they started creating secrets, hiding dangerous things.

Not everything is what is seems.

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