Great One

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Chapter Nine

I never stopped loving you

I never stopped loving you

I never stopped loving you

“Adeya!? Hello are you listening?” Ryan snaps his fingers in front of my face, bringing me back to the recording room. “You’re spacy today,” he says.

“Long week,” I say.

“Wasn’t it supposed to be a vacation?” he asks.

“Yes, but plans changed,” I say.

“Details,” Kailey demands, but we’re interrupted by a bell signaling us to continue working. “Details later,” we continue rehearsal, and I’m forced to push out everything that was bouncing around in my head. Now Bo, Demetra, and Braum know about Lorelei, they all swore they wouldn’t say anything to anybody, but Zahara said prepare for the worse. Now we’re in full album making mode, my first stadium world tour was starting in the spring of next year, and I had to release my Album before then. It was hard to focus with all the things happening in the background.

After our session was finished, I meet May, Lorelei, and Zahara in the studio lobby. May looks worried, and Zahara looks like she is going to rip someone’s head off.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Someone released information to the tabloids about Lorelei, pictures and everything,” Zahara says, I could hear the anger quiver in her voice. “I want the name god dammit,” Zahara shouts into the phone.

“Take her to the studio, Ryan and Kailey are still there,” I say, pushing May towards the elevator. Zahara slams her phone to the ground.

“I told you inviting those people to that barbeque was a mistake,” she says.

“Who released?”

“They won’t give me a name, but if they release anything, we’re going to wrap them in so many legal fees,” Zahara says, scooping her phone off of the floor. “Wait in the studio, Jacob is sending cars for us,” she says, before stalking away. I don’t let out the worried sigh until she is gone, if I showed any emotion, she would just feed off of it. I immediately pull out my phone and I’m flooded with texts, missed calls, but only one mattered.

He answers after two rings. “Adeya,” Braum says.

“Was it Bo, or Demetra?” I say.

“Adeya,” he starts.

“God dammit Braum do you even know what is going to happen? Do you know what this is going to stir?” I say, squeezing my phone so hard it hurt my knuckles.

“I’m sorry Deya, let me explain,” I hang up the phone before I could give him the chance. I shove my phone in my pocket, moving quickly back into the studio. Lorelei sits with Kailey behind the drums and May and Ryan are talking in the corner.

“Is everything okay Deya?” Ryan asks.

“Zahara has it covered,” I say, dropping on the couch and nervously biting my nails. Sometime passes and Zahara pushes her way into the studio.

“Let’s get a move on,” Zahara asks.

“What’s the news?” I say.

“We have to go now, come on,” she says, I stand scooping Lorelei from Kailey leaving with Zahara, May close behind. We take the elevator all the way down to the private basement garage where two SUV trucks wait for us. Zahara opens the trucks first door allowing me to step in followed by May and Lorelei.

“I’ll be in the car behind you,” Zahara says, closing the door. May helps me buckle Lorelei into the seat in between us.

“What’s happening mama?” Lorelei asks.

“Nothing baby, nothing,” I say, caressing her face. We pull out of the private garage and it’s nothing but flashing lights and screaming fans. Nobody can see me in the tinted windows, and I couldn’t see anybody else. My phone buzzes in my pocket, to the point where I can’t ignore, and I’m forced to pull it out. Laila’s face on my screen, I answer and both her and Geo pop up.

“What is going on?” Laila says.

“Zahara has it handled,” I whisper into the phone.

“Who said it? Was it Bo? I swear to god I’m going to kick-” Geo growls, but I turn the phone towards Lorelei and his words evaporate. “Hi Sunshine!”

“Hi Gigi!” Lorelei says. I turn the phone back towards me.

“I’ll talk to you guys when I know more okay? Tell my mom I’m okay I just really need to figure this all out,” I say.

“We understand,” Laila says, before blowing a kiss and hanging up the phone. I shove my phone in my pocket sinking back in my seat, my heart thudding in my chest and the only thing racing through my head is what the media was thinking, what Jacob was thinking. America’s sweetheart, has a three-year-old child? A secret child to be specific.

I could hear the bloggers now.

Why didn’t she tell the truth?

What else is hiding?

Who’s the father.

Lorelei’s privacy was down the drain. The car stops and we’re in another underground parking garage, when the door opens Zahara is standing with three guards.

“May, please go with Tony,” Zahara says, May nods unbuckling Lorelei from her seat. “Adeya with me, quickly,” Zahara and I take a different elevator, up to the meeting floor where Jacob waits with the head of marketing, and half of his lawyers.

“There she is, one of my favorite recording artists,” Jacob says, standing and pulling me into a hug.

“Jacob, I am-”

“Take a seat lovebug,” he says, pointing to the chair. Zahara and I drop into the only seats available. “Now, let’s get straight to business,” he says, taking his seat again. “If I’m clear last week you visited home?”

“Yes sir,”

“And you did the performance at the bar, which did get a lot of good coverage and hype for your upcoming album,” he says.

“Yes sir,” I reply.

“And you informed your former boyfriend, about Lorelei?” he asks, I look over at Zahara and she’s staring down at the table, I return my gaze to Jacob.

“Yes sir,”

“Was he aware of Lorelei’s lack of publicity? Or that she wasn’t in the public eye for good reason,” he says.

“He was aware sir, I informed him of everything,”

“And who else know Adeya, I need names first and last names,” Jacob says. “Someone gave away that secret, even released a few pictures of the lovely barbeque party at your parents’ house, so I want all the names of the people who were there” One of the lawyers, slides a paper across the table and gives me a pen. I write out every name of every attendee, not including Geo, Laila, and my parents who were already sworn into secrecy. “Now Adeya, you understand the backlash you might be facing because of this secret,”


“We’re already coming up with some press releases, we’re going to try and make this disappear but if we can’t, we have to think proactively,” Jacob says.

“We understand,” I say.

“Now I’m not angry at you, things like this happen trust me you’re not the first scandal I had to deal with, this would be better if you would have told Lorelei’s Father before her birth like I told you but we have to focus on the future,” he says, and I just nod. “For now, I want you to post on social media, something about the truth being revealed in due time, post it now before the blogs think you’re ignoring the situation,”

“On it already sir,” Zahara says.

“Good, now you’re going straight home, and I want you to work on the album at home until everything is all cleared up okay?” he says.

“Yes sir,”


“How are you feeling?” Zahara asks, I pull myself into a barstool at my kitchen island. Surrounding me are my very concerned friends, Alec pouring drinks and Calum still trying to talk Zahara off the edge.

“Lorelei is asleep,” I respond, resting my head on the counter. “I knew this was going to happen,”

“Everything is going to be fine,” Alec says, setting down a glass beside me. I sit up taking the cup and downing it sliding towards him.

“Keep it coming,”

“Have you talked to Abraham?” Zahara asks, I set my phone on the counter missed calls from Mrs. Clifford, Abraham, & My mother.

“I don’t know what to say to him,” I admit, Alec slides me another drink and I sip it this time. “I can’t comprehend why anyone would do this,” I say, gripping the glass tighter in my hand.

“Money, it’s always money,” Calum says.

“And once we figure out who did this, they won’t be able to spend any of it,” Zahara says. My phone lights up again, Braum’s name popping up on the screen. I grab my phone, answering it pressing the phone to my ear.

“Adeya?” he says, I just want to melt. “Please don’t hang up on me,”

“Do you want to know why I kept her a secret Braum? It’s not because I didn’t want you finding out, I mean that was one of the reasons but because I wanted her privacy, she still doesn’t fully comprehend my life, she is terrified of cameras and people screaming and I didn’t want that happening to her every time she left the house….Now that’s gone,” I say.

“And I’m so sorry,” he says.

“Sorry can’t turn back time Abraham,” I say, the words pushing out of me. I never called Braum by his real name, even when we fought, he was always Braum to me. “Someone took pictures of her at the barbeque and sent them to every news source they can find, her name is on the front of websites,”

“It was my Father,” Braum says, I nearly break the glass dropping it on the counter. “And he regretted doing it right when he did! He didn’t want this to happen!”

“Why, why would he do this?” I ask. Zahara, Calum, and Alec all turn their attention to me.

“He was upset that you hadn’t told me, he was mad that you were keeping her a secret, like you felt ashamed,”

“He had no right,”

“I know that, I know that and I’m sorry my mom can’t feel worse right now,” Braum says.

“Shit!” I scream, slamming my phone down.

“What happened? What did he say?” Zahara grabs my phone ending the call. “What happened?”

“It was his Father, his father did it,”

“Are you sure?” Alec says.

“I don’t know,” I say, running my fingers through my hair. “He could be lying to cover Demetra’s ass, maybe even Bo,” I slide out of the chair. “I need rest,” I leave before anyone can say anything else, I go upstairs, stopping at Lorelei’s room where she slept quietly. I walk into the room, slowly crawling into bed, curling up beside her. “I’m going to protect you, no matter what,”

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