Great One

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Chapter Sixteen

“And that was Adeya’s new song Not Over You, on 98.7 West Hollywood!” the station cuts to commercial, and Zahara turns down the music happily clapping.

“That’s the seventh station in California! #NotOverYouRadioPlay is trending!” she exclaims. “The invites for the listening party are being sent soon, are you positive you want Braum and his new fling there?”

“Lorelei really wants him to be there, and I can’t think of any reasons why he shouldn’t” I say.

“Reason one, Raphael is going to be there, awkward city, Hello?” Zahara says.

“It’s going to be fine,” I say. We arrive at the café where we’re meeting Alec and Calum for lunch. When we walk inside, we immediately find them in an intense deep conversation, only when we sit down at the table do, they realize our presence. “Good afternoon boys,”

“Well isn’t it the number one trending artist on twitter, we’re glad you could grace us with your presence,” Alec says, with a smile.

“How are my favorite boys?” I ask.

“We’re still the favorite? I thought Raphael defiantly took that spot,” Calum says, nudging his friend. “We’re doing just fine, planning a wedding is a lot of work,”

“That’s why they have me,” Alec winks in Zahara’s direction.

“If you want to hire a professional, we can I’ve already told you this,” Zahara says.

“That’s so impersonal, I want every detail to be perfect and you know you do too, even if you’re not thinking about it,” Calum says.

“I am so thinking about it, but Adeya’s album is being released,”

“Don’t pin this on me,” I say, leaning back in my seat.

“My point is, next year my books will be open the only thing I’ll have to worry about is radio interviews, and TV show appearances,” Zahara says. “And then all my attention is going to be on us,” Zahara says, reaching across the table and squeezing Calum’s cheek.

“Speaking of the tour, will Firefighter boy be joining us?” Alec questions.

“He can’t take off that many days, but he said he’d come to the first and last show,” I say.

“Cute, and Braum?” he asks.

“He won’t be attending either, only for a few shows but that’s only because May can’t stay for all shows,” I say. “But I won’t be focusing on him, and he won’t be focusing on me”

“Let’s hope it stays that way,” Zahara says, before waving over the waitress to take our orders. After lunch, Alec drives me home so that Zahara and Calum could have some well needed alone time. When we make it to my house, May is in the kitchen making a fruit bowl, and Braum is sitting in the living room with Lorelei, and his new girlfriend, Carson.

“Mama!” Lorelei squeals, running to greet me and I scoop her into my arms.

“Hi Honey bear,” I say, peppering her face with kisses.

“Hi Adeya, Alec,” Braum says.

“Abraham,” Alec says, with a tight smile. “And, your friend? I don’t believe we’ve met,”

“I’m Carson,” she says, standing with her hands out. “Pleasure,” she says.

“You’re a real looker,” Alec smiles, before turning and walking back towards the kitchen.

“Sorry I didn’t tell you, May said you were busy,” he says.

“It’s cool, nice to see you again Carson,” I say.

“It’s good to see you too,” she says, with a tight smile. I didn’t believe her, no one would want to willing hang out with their new boyfriend’s ex-fling. Especially if they’re celebrity and you’re not allowed to take any pictures, videos, or make phone calls while you’re hanging around them. I had seen Carson’s feed, Laila and I had stalked it together one night, she was a total Instagram model, she posted anything and everything, so I knew keeping this part of her life was hard, but Braum told me she was a good person. That she wasn’t like Demetra and had morals and knew why I wanted things to stay a secret, things would get to messy if the truth got out.

People already knew about Lorelei, and of course everyone had questions about who her Father was. I never planned on announcing it, because with announcing also brought the extra attention on him and everyone in his life. Things could be released and found out, and I just didn’t need any of that extra drama. My label was already doing damage control about Lorelei, the whole “Good Girl” image was gone. I was no longer the innocent girl people probably perceived me to be. I had a child, I felt like Jamie Lynn Spears.

“We were just going; we’ll see you later?” Braum says.

“It was nice seeing the both of you,” I say, I walk them to the door and watch them walk to the car, before releasing Lorelei. She runs back into the living room and I join May and Alec in the kitchen. “From now on May, please warn me when Braum is going to be here? I don’t want to be blindsided like that again,”

“She’s a total looker,” Alec says, “Like wow,”

“Thanks Alec, for the brilliant observation,” I say.

“You’re hotter,” he adds with a wink. “By a long mile,” I fall into the seat beside him. “And of course Braum had to choose a model to date, his ex is a multi-award winning recording artist, and his other ex was cheating on him with his best friend stole all his money and basically scammed his entire college and ran off with her lover, he had to do that or he’d be losing,”

“Losing what?”

“The game of life sweetie, a game you’re currently winning, I mean this is your third album your first stadium tour which is going to sell out by the way, and you live here like I would regret leaving you too,” Alec says.

“Thanks Alec,”

“Either way, we downgraded major,”

“Period,” May adds.


“I want to first thank my very great production team, for helping me day and night with all of the sounds and everything, I want to especially shout my band and of course Zahara without them this album wouldn’t be possible at all” I say. The crowd cheers and I want until it calms down until I continue. “These songs are super personal to me, and I feel like this is the best direction my music has taken,” I say, before standing and plugging the microphone into the stand. “I hope you enjoy the album and the fun, feel free to roam the museum and take a lot of pictures, and hashtag it, Unforgettable Heart!”

I spend the next 30 minutes, I spend taking pictures, and videos with my fans. Before joining Raphael, Calum, and Alec.

“The album already sounds amazing,” Raphael says, pulling me into a hug. “I know what I’ll be listening to all week,”

“How sweet,” Alec nudges him. “The girls seem to be having fun,” Alec says, directing our attention to Olivia guiding Lorelei around the party.

“Olivia really loves hanging out with Lorelei,” Raphael admits. “She’s really loved this whole thing, thank you for inviting us,” Raphael says, kissing the back of my neck.

“It’s nothing really,” I say.

“Let’s enjoy the party guys, or Zahara is going to kill us,” Calum says before moving away from the table, we all stand and start moving through the museum. There are a bunch of pictures of me while I’m writing, and in the studio. There are others of me on vacation, me with my family, and even showing my album to my family.

“Everything is so beautiful,” Raphael whispers. When we arrive back at the center stage, my album nearing the end of its track list. I find Lorelei with Braum and Carson.

“Enjoying the festivities?” I ask.

“It’s amazing! My friends are going to die!” Carson gushes. “We also have an announcement,”

“Carson,” Braum says.

“We were going to wait to announce but, Braum and I are engaged!” Carson says excitedly, Alec starts choking on his drink. I lean against Raphael before catching my breath.

“Congratulations,” I spit out. “That’s exciting, 2 months?” I say.

“3 but who’s counting when you’re in love,” Carson says, pulling Braum into a hug. “He asked me yesterday,” she says, showing off her ring.

“Wow whose counting,” I say, before stepping away. “Won’t you look at that pictures,” I say, gesturing towards the picture booth, moving off. I make my way through the crowd, taking pictures and signing album covers, before I push myself outside. It’s windy and I can breathe again, stumbling towards the guard rail.



It felt like the walls were closing in, even though I was outside.

“Adeya?” Raphael says, I turn around and I have to catch my breath. “Are you okay?”

“I’m so sorry,” I say, turning away.

“Is everything alright?” he asks, walking up behind me.

“I slept with Braum, a month ago,” I whisper. “I thought it didn’t mean anything but,” I grip the rail. “I’m so sorry Raphael,”

“Oh,” I turn around and something I couldn’t read was on his face.

“I’m sorry,” I say again.

“And you’re still in love with him?” he asks, I only can nod staring down at the floor. “You’re truly a different kind of amazing Adeya,” he says, stepping forward pecking my cheek. “And maybe one day we’ll be right for each other,”

“I wish things could be different,” I say.

“I’m a patient boy, and plus if I quit now Olivia will never forgive me,” he says, with a small smile. “You take your time,”

“I’m sorry,” I say, and he just pulls me into a hug, pecking me on the cheek. When he’s gone, I’m stuck alone, with only the rush of traffic to drown out the noise. When I walk back inside, Carson is showing off her ring to anyone who’ll watch. I join Alec at the main stage, who is gulping down his flask.

“Raphael left in a hurry,” Alec says.

“I told him the truth,” I say.

“About?” he asks.

“Braum and I,”

“You and Braum?” he questions. “What are you talking about?”

“We slept together,” I say.

“Oh my god, when?” Alec says.

“A month ago, when he first moved back… It just happened and…” I grab the flask. “And now he’s getting married,”

After the party is finished, it’s just me, Lorelei, Zahara, and Calum in the car. Lorelei snoring in my arms, as we drive in silence. Neither talking about the elephant in the room. When we arrive at my house I part with a kiss, before going inside tucking Lorelei into bed. I end the night lying in bed, in the darkness thinking of only Braum getting married, to someone that wasn’t me.

In the morning I wake up to the raving review of my album. When I go downstairs Alec is cooking breakfast, and Zahara is sitting with Lorelei working in coloring books.

“Good morning!” Alec sings, holding out my coffee mug. “How did you sleep,”

“Well enough,” I say, grabbing the mug from him, and sitting down beside Lorelei. “Anything on the books today?”

“You little mama are free for the day, tomorrow we start the press for the album and start promoting the tour,” Zahara says.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, do you want to go to the fair today honey?” I ask.

“Can Olivia come?” Lorelei asks.

“I can I ask Raphael, but I’m sure she’d love to come,” I say.

“I’ll get everything set,” Zahara says, picking up her phone.

“And Daddy and Mama Carson can come?” I snort, nearly choking on her words.

“You don’t have to call her Mama Carson, bug,” I say. “But of course, they can come, Zahara can you call everyone?” I ask, pushing out of my seats.

“Of course,”

After breakfast, I get Lorelei ready for the day. When she’s ready I get ready myself, talking through my head everything that has been happening recently. I sleep with Braum, he announces this new girl he’s talking too, a month later, BAM they’re getting married. Suddenly I’m back in high school standing outside of Laila’s house again, I just found out I’m pregnant and the love of my life, my other half of the puzzle piece is leaving me for the new girl.

“How are you feeling champ?” Zahara asks, I look over at the doorway where she stands. “Alec told me about Raphael, his Aunt and Uncle said Olivia would love to spend the day with us,”

“I feel like such an idiot, I should have kept my mouth closed,” I say, she walks into the room sitting down on my bed behind me. “Then I wouldn’t have to pretend,”

“You made a mistake, everyone makes a mistake, and with everything going on right now I’m not surprised at what happened,” Zahara says. “You guys did use protection?”

“I got my period last week,” I say.

“Can never be too sure,” she says, with a weak smile “Think it like this, now things will really be over,”

“Right,” I say.

“I’m really sorry this is happening Deya, if I would have guessed something like this would have happened, you would have called me crazy,” she says. “But you’re going to make it through this, you always make it through,”

“Yes, as I’m constantly reminded,” I say.

“You can do this,”

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