Great One

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Chapter One

“Can you call him again?” I say, for the hundredth time. Laila sighs tapping something on her phone before pressing her phone to her ear, I begin biting my nails continue to pace in front of the building.

“Abraham?” Laila says. I stomp over to her grabbing her phone.

“Where are you? And why aren’t you answering me?!” I snap.

“Baby, baby calm down!” He says, his voice only adding fuel to the fire that was burning inside of me. “Something came up, I’m sorry baby,”

“Came up? Something came up. You know what tonight is Braum!” I say.

“I know, I know, and I’ll make it up to you! I promise!”

“Where are you? What are you doing? This night has been in our calendars for months and something came up?” I snap. The doors to recreational center open and the Host of the award show waves for me to come inside.

“I’ll tell you when I see you, please baby,” he says, but I hang up before he can continue the apology shoving the phone in Laila’s hand.

“Come on girl! You’re on in 5 minutes,” the host says, leading me inside. We walk back to the main stage, Laila scrambling back to her seat. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes,” I lie, grabbing my guitar. “Everything is fine,”

Tonight, was the Finals for the Open Crest Song / Song-Writer Competition I worked tirelessly for 4 months, writing a song recording it, and making a music video for it. I made the top 5, and tonight I was performing my song live for the first time in front of all my friends and family, and the judges, everyone was here, even my Aunt Fiona was here and she lived in Denver. Who wasn’t here? My boyfriend, the person I made the song for, the whole reason I pushed myself so hard.

“And coming next on stage, is our last finalist of the night, Miss Adeya Waterson!” The Host says in the microphone, everyone begins clapping and cheering and I step on the stage walking out to the microphone. The lights are bright, so I can barely see the crowd, but I just smile gripping my guitar tightly.

“Good evening everyone, my name is Adeya and this is my song name Your Song,” I say, before I begin playing. When I finish everyone claps and cheers, I bow and step off the stage.

“You did amazing sweetie!” The host says, before going back up on stage. I didn’t feel great though, I felt like something opened up and swallowed me inside. I set my guitar in the case, zipping it up. Waiting for the judges to deliberate. Then 5 finalists walk together on stage and they announce the winner. “In fifth place, we have Dylan Jimenez! Fourth Place with have Haley Smalls, Third Place is Caleb Aikman, second place with have Laura Lensman, and in First place with her song Your Song, Adeya Waterson,”

The crowd goes wild, as I’m given a trophy and my song plays in the background. I walk off the stage and I’m nearly crushed in a hug by Laila and my mother.

“You did amazing! My little jellybean!” my mom says, squeezing me.

“You did amazing sweetheart,” my dad says, ruffling my hair. We take a gazillion pictures before leaving for our dinner at Tilly’s an Italian restaurant. We share bread sticks and I tell my parents how I write my songs. When dinner is finished, my parents drive Laila home before we return home, Braum sitting on his car when we make it.

“How did it go?” he asks, I walk across the room holding out my award. “You won?” he says, sliding off his car pulling me into a hug, “Congratulations!?” spinning me around.

“Where were you B? the one night I needed you to be there,” I say, he sets me down.

“I’m sorry Deya,” he says. “I got the interview with Professor Hogan; I got the internship for the summer!” he says.

“Oh really?” I say.

“Yes! And he said we had to do the interview tonight, you know I would haven’t missed it for the world baby girl,” he says, pulling me into a hug. “Please forgive me,”

“They’ll be other award shows,” I say, he smiles pulling me into a kiss. “My little winner, do you have a video,” I pull out my phone, showing off the video of me singing. “You sound amazing,”

“Thanks,” I whisper. When he finishes watching, I have to go inside to finish my homework, and get ready for school the next day. The next morning, I meet Laila and Geo, Laila’s boyfriend for the drive to school. We stop at Otis’s the best diner in the world, getting breakfast before going to school. When I make it, I’m showered with compliments, everyone congratulating me about my win. I go straight to my first period making it just before the bell rings, rushing to my seat where I find a girl I’d never seen before sitting down.

“Hello,” she says, with a short wave. “Is this your seat, I’m sorry,” she asks.

“Uh, yeah it is,”

“Hey baby, this is Demetra she’s a new girl,” Braum says turning in his seat.

“It’s nice to meet you,”

“Likewise,” I say, before moving back towards an empty seat near Geo’s seat. I sit down dropping my bag at my feet.

“New girl?” Geo asks.

“Apparently,” I say, leaning back in my seat.

“Everything okay?” he asks.

“Everything is just perfect,”

I wasn’t paying attention to the class, not that I had to. I was already 3 chapters ahead of everyone else. I could pay attention to be the new girl flirting with Braum as if she hadn’t just met me. And Braum was just letting her. He has never even looked at another girl, let along flirted with another girl in front of me. When the bell rang, I was the first to leave. I didn’t have a 5th or 6th period so I usually just hung around the library. Until Braum was done with soccer practice but after he has been acting the last few days, I didn’t want to be anywhere near him. I didn’t see him for the entire school day, and the only class we have together he gives me seat away to some pretty girl batting her eye lashes.

“Aye Deya! Deya!” Braum shouts running after me, he scoops me in his arms before I can move any further. “Where are you going?”

“Home,” I say, pulling away.

“Whoa,” he jumps in front of me. “What’s happening?”

“I just… I’m tired okay?” I say, attempting to move pass him, but he steps in front of me.

“Baby,” I cross my arms.

“Did you have fun? Flirting with Demetra? She seemed nice,” his shoulders slack, and he sighs.

“It wasn’t like that, I was just being polite baby,” he says.

“I just want to get some rest B,” I say.

“Then we can get some rest together, what are you going to walk?” he says, wrapping his arms around me.

“You have soccer practice and a science test you can’t miss” I turn around looking at him.

“And suddenly I feel like throwing up, everything can wait,” he says. He catches up to me wrapping his arms around me.

“Everything comes after you” he whispers, kissing my cheek.

“Hey, Braum!” Bo stands down the hall waiting for Braum.

“I’m taking Deya home,” he says, before turning back to me. “Okay?” he says.

“Okay” I whisper, he pulls me into a kiss before pulling me along.

It was rare when Braum and I fought, we naturally agreed on almost everything. We liked the same food, tv shows, and movie genre’s I didn’t mind being his muse for his photography portfolio and he didn’t mind listening to my music. Everything flowed, everything worked and when things started getting wobbly Braum always came and fixed things up, and never really let me stay mad. I was grateful for that; I was grateful for him. My dad was at work, and my mother was probably out buying groceries or at Pilates.

“You know I love you right Deya?” Braum says.

“Yes” he wraps his arms around me kissing the back of my neck, I turn around.

“Until the end of the time,” I whisper.

“And long after that,” he says, pressing his lips to mine.

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